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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A pregnant man? That can NEVER be right!

Oh Pacific northwest you strike again! Now you provide to the rest of the rational world, a pregnant man! Is there no end to what you will push on us. I remember a few years ago blogging about your sex with animals laws, and now THIS!

Can this person really be called a man? What on earth is going to be the delivery method? Can someone who has lived this long as a man, carry a baby to term? Can they breast feed? I mean seriously WTH?

I try not to push my morals in this blog...but this is JUST WRONG!

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The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I would assume that since he's had top surgery, his milk gland (is that what they are?) were removed. And since he didn't have his girly bits removed, I guess the lower half is good to go on the carrying the baby part.

What is crazy is that at some point in this child's life, it will find out that Daddy is really Mommy. Poor kid. I hope they are putting aside some money for therapy.

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