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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Is Chris Brown in a Car Chase?" answer, nope its DJ answer; neither of them

Those were the words everyone was uttering as my bro and I entered the gym tonight around 11pm (well at least up till the question mark the answer came later). A lot of peeps were gathered around a single TV, no one was working out particularly hard and we were all staring at this image:

At the time, everyone was convinced it was Chris Brown in the car and even the TV anchors were hinting at that...turns out it was Mr. "We the Best" D.J. Khaled or at least someone who looks a lot like him. If the news had earlier been able to get this Image, the whole thing would have been put to rest! No offense to Khaled, but people just do not care as much about him as they do about Brown especially right now.

(update...the driver was taken away in an ambulance, some blogs are claiming he shot himself, some are even claiming...death)

On to Brown for a second (and for once it is not Bobby when we are talking about domestic issues) it is clear this kid is in trouble and went ridiculously too far. I can never condone what he did, but damn if even half of the rumors of what might have triggered his rage are true, I would have been pretty pissed too...but I would have been a man and NOT HIT A WOMAN!

Anyway, let the Cali J slip into gossip-blog mode for a second. I have sources (yes it is true, I really do, and I love being able to say that) in the industry who swear that Ri Ri gave him Herpes and stepped out on him with Kanye...again man if only one of those things is true I would be LIVID, if both are true, I would be flying to Jamaica to take some time off from the same country as the gyal. Not that citing another blog is definitive proof but I know some of you will want to read it elsewhere to give you a secondary source so here you go...

I cannot help it, sorry, but some peeps have claimed there was an umbrella in the car...draw your own conclusions

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