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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Latenight showtime

Woah how bad does a movie have to be to not even get a rating: even bad movies at least get a star; the current movie on at 2 am called well never mind what its called gets 0 stars and damn the acting is bad, and writing and plot and hmm nice scene...

Never said anything about Race

So When I said Jail Martha and mentioned my boys pooky and ray-ray dont jump to the race conclusion: I know its all about money and martha has a tonne of it thats Y she got off and thats Y OJ got off. No one can doubt that, if OJ was poor OJ would be on Death row right now...I just think there is no equality between the rich and the poor. And yes OJ did not do it...he could not have, u cant rush for 2000 yards in a season and then stab 2 peeps to death.... Seriously though Im tired of everyone boiling comments down to race...Martha can rot in jail for all I care. If OJ killed 2 then he should be in jail also...I dont think Tyson raped that girl when I look at the circumstances he was in...when I commented on his case I was commenting on the hate that he had gotten and the love that Martha pulls. I can see now that the comparison might have looked like a race comparison but that was not on my mind at the time. Once again in closing I hope someone gets Martha in jail the gall of that woman thinking she could pick her jail go rot in that West Virginia spot.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Jail Martha?

So Im fed up of the Martha Stewart trial fiasco. If pooky or ray-ray from around the way had done the same foolishness she had, his ass would have been languishing in jail by now. What is with this foolishness when she picked the time when she wants to enter jail and is now also able to request the location of her jail, because she wants to be closer to her home I always thought jail was supposed to be punishment and not a punishment that u could pick and finesse. Hell most peeps on their way to jail lose their jobs, she just had a new multimillion dollar contract handed to her post conviction. Dont waste time waving those free martha signs: where were the free Mike Tyson signs, his ass was convicted on less evidence than martha who pretty much admitted to her crime...its ridiculous. Big ups to my boy M coming through on taking the LSAT law school is fun and I will help u w/ everything I can.

Whats with these women?

"I need a ride or die groupie that can get dirty in Gucci
On the floor or the floor of the hoopty while she loving me up
I'm usually the instigator
But ain't nothing greater
Than a X-rater with a nickname like vibrator"
from Groupie love by 213. I have no clue how to explain or understand women: maybe I should stop laying out my thoughts for yall. I cant have peeps getting to know me, after all I tell no one anything as my boy pointed out to me yesterday when he thought I was dodging questions about a girl. Cmon yall my life is open...STONE COLD...according to some its not by choice.

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Grass is fake!

I received a shock today, what I thought was the lush GREEN fields of USD are fake. The tricky bastards paint the brown grass green giving that healthy well watered look. How shady is that: grass stains are literally grass stains at our school. I feel so cheap and used now. Oh well could be worse they could be charging me $30 grand to sit in a hot un airconditioned room - oh wait they are doing that..

Friday, September 24, 2004


Yeah yeah its my birthday. Gotta love it: age is a blessing I love that Im getting older; even on a happy day like this one must reflect on all the other peeps who didnt make it and take a moment for them. I will miss you all...Now come on out yall and celebrate with ME

Monday, September 20, 2004

Robin has been replaced

So Like the Batman comics I have had to step up to Robin2. Now anyone who read the comics back in the day will remember that Robin 1 was somewhat psychotic due to the lack of parents while Robin 2 was almost too calm to the point where sometimes Batman had to fly solo. Oh well all are welcome to the Batcave this Friday for a cave warming prior to bar review: Ist the 24th!

Crazy fans

So i was honored to get to go to my 1st NFL football game ever it was awesome: Anyway in the 4th quarter in the section over from us a Jets fan started to beat the ass of a Chargers fan; Now too me that was shocking and appalling; not that a charger fan was getting his ass handed to him, but, the fact that the other charger fans there were letting him get his ass beat. So I was the guy one section over screaming kick his ass. HOW THE HELL YALL GONNA LET HIM KICK A CHARGER FAN'S ASS. (Totalling 4getting the presence of lil kids around - I was screaming for them to kill that lil Jet rat)Seriously is there no pride in charger land. I cant imagine a US fan coming to a Jamaican stadium and kicking one of our fans ass. Then again I rarely see Americans in our stadium to begin with. I wonder Y? Hmm so I am going to cut down on drinking...sprite cause something is making me way too aggressive nowadays. It might be law school maybe I should take some more days of?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I hate Sooner bitches

I hate Sooners I hate Sooner red: I hate even the thought of you OU bastards. Yeah punk in the club, your boy should have let you try to fight me last night. (Granted I have been having a crappy week so anything could have set me of) But seriously man I made a basic comment about your school cause you were talking about the TX. If your going to pick a fight dont have your boy drag you out of the bar. If your talking smack about my school and trying to step to me then dont back down when you realise that Im willing to step up. Was it cause my entire damn school was there or was it because your boy had enough sense to grab you, that u backed down. DAMN I hate sooners!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lit will never back down Punks!

Is it bad that the president of LIT and the VP of the SBA has busted knuckles at the end of Bar review. The bar review unfortunately had to end early cause we had a big fight in the lower room. "Im innocent I swear" So I hand my drink to Johanna to hold while I try to break it up since we cant have a LIT party interfered with. I grab a chic to pull her out of the fracas and while I'm doing that some ass swings at me...while Im holding a GIRL I get swung on seriously G does that make u feel like a man? I bet the cracked jaw I left u with makes U feel like a man now though huh? So anyway while Im holding the chic, I get swung on by some drunk fool who completely misses, I then throw the girl to my left while swinging back at the dude, with an upper cut I crack him solid on the jaw, bust my middle knuckle (thankfully the skin is still there so I just folded it over in 2 days it will be golden) and then start pulling peeps out. The craziest part is that the bar got shut down and then the idiot bouncers released the guy that started it and kept the dudes that got jacked up. One of whom is a law review guy from Cal western who has interviews next week. I hope they stitch him up well since my boy Noli told me he was busted up completely. oh well glad to know we can shut a bar down. Next week we go NUTS for the 24th.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Even a hurricane cant take us out

So yeah the family made it through alive and well, thanks for all the well wishes and concerns that peeps shared.
- I have dropped out of the Torts moot ct competition so that I can better enjoy my life and slaughter peeps in mock trial. Now I cant wait to take on a certain kissing bandit in mock trial....kiss your trial future good bye, batman commeth.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Guerilla Black is Biggie back?

If you havent heard the song Compton by Guerilla Black f Beenie man you have to cop it. Its scary how much the cat sounds like Biggie, if you didnt know it was a new track u would swear its BIG. The track is hot they sample the old school Sister Nancy "bam bam" another track that no library is complete w/out. Cop both tracks you will thank me for it.
- Robin whats up holla at yo bwoy?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tax: slow slow decline into old age

Sad when the funniest moments of the class are when peeps ask dumb questions!

Fool dont make me see you

Bd if I see you I will hurt you. You have run your lip for the last time.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Fool U will Die

BD your BITCHASS is DEAD. Just let me catch you anywhere!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Relocation of the bat cave!

Thats right the bat cave has moved, I have finally gotten into my new appt and am doing what I did in my homeless days- Sleeping on a couch. THANK YOU SO MUCH Robin for putting up with me for almost a week. It is time that I now live with the new Robin. Now as everyone who used to read the ole school batman comics; Robin 1 was cool but a lil psychotic, Robin 2 was more even tempered but could be a lil on the overly plain side. Will this occur as my life transitions into living w/ Robin 2 or will the new Robin show the world that law school peeps know how to parteeee. Speaking of teeee: does anyone have a hookup on where I can purcahse good quality tea for cheap? I really am digging tea again after staying of it for so many years.
Holla at yo bwoy: the new secret location of the batcave is 13...whoo nearly gave it away. Aite Im tired of stealing peeps wireless net so Im of for the night to go spy on my neighbors. Peace and chicken grease and once again thanks robin!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Panda Porn

So San Diego really really needs to get better news. One of the big stories 2nite was about a panda giving birth. And yes while sitting on the couch in the bat cave Robin and I heard the reporter with a straight face say that the panda was induced to mate by showing her PANDA PORNOGRAPHY. By the way Robin is about to get b-slapped

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So Im homeless yet still I was able to find a wireless connection. I love technology, and hate being homeless and dependent. Thanks to the frat house and Greg D for allowing me to store my crap. Good looking out, will buy you a drink on friday. LIT Promotions takes care of its own. Thursday will mark the triumphant return of Aaron to tennis. Any dare to challenge?

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