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Monday, August 30, 2004

Street scene...

I enjoyed the acts but the set up was in a word WEAK. Ludacris was crazy so was wyclef. I know alot of you are fans of Jack Johnson, but lets be real his performance could not even hold a flickering candle to Wyclef's performance. Clef had the crowd jumping and he brought some entertainment value. The JJ show was basically like everyother tape he releases. Dont get me wrong he's talented and he can make a record or too but the clef show was the joint. Hell a mini fire in the crowd is always a good thing right?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Bit the bullet

I finally switched my license plates from texas to cali. The decision was made for me when the cop tailed me from my appt complex all the way to USD. Dont you hate that feeling when u have to keep looking back in the mirror but pretending that your being all casual? Oh wait u prolly dont know that feeling.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Bar review is sick

It was awesome, cant believe I sent girls home rather than leave with them, am I ok? Someone help me whats wrong with the D?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kid needs a shaking

Yo I just listened carefully to that JoJO song "Leave get out": The kid needs a shaking and who ever wrote that song for her and let her sing that needs to be strung up: Lyrics such as "late at night I hold on to my pillow tight...never thought that anyone could make me feel this way...cause I know about her...said tha you would treat me right but you were just a waste of time" should NEVER come out of a 13 year old's mouth. Now I grant u my mind was filthy as a 13 yr old but I had the decency to never appear in public and utter what swirled in the dark cauldron that was my mind. Between Jojo and Trading Spouses no wonder people think we are a crazy immoral country. Oh well they are just mad they havent made it here yet!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


My people we need an intervention. One of our friends has acquired himself a friend w/o benefits. Marriage w/o the love. A girlfriend w/o the bonus. We must as a group of super freinds band together and save him before he becomes a wonder-twin.

Class is killing me!

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

Class is killing me

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

Class is killing me

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

School is crazy

"I got a sick reputation for handlin broads
All I need is me a few seconds or more."

"Baby this is what I'm lookin' for:
Sexy, independent, down to spend it type that's gettin' his dough
I'm not bein too dramatic that's the way I gotta have it.
I bet you want the goodies.
Bet you thought about it.
Got you all hot and bothered.
Mayb' cuz I talk about it.
Lookin for the goodies
Keep on lookin' cuz they stay in the jar
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh"

Interesting song...So yo school is mad crazy and the fashion show/parade of honies continues

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Little kids arent the only ones to ask "Why?"

Why do I suddenly want her so much or so badly? Why is it all of a sudden she seems so damn sexy? Why? Why does she mess with my head? Or is it my heart?

Monday, August 16, 2004

I hate flakes

I dont like people who flake, I dont like corn flakes, snow flakes, dandruff flakes, hell I dont like some kind of pastry cause it can flake. Dont make plans if your going to flake. On a happier note, the women in the club are putting smiles on my face. So amusing to get grabbed, tell the person that they have grabbed you and have them grab you again. For those who have kept up u know there is a hottie that I see often in the bar, well I saw her again on friday.
But no matter I have found a new hottie, one that I can actually talk to, she intrigues me. Plus her letting me pinch her didnt hurt my interest.
SORRY ABOUT THE ANKLE MARYAM...hope you heal soon. I feel bad that I hit the ball towards you that took u out. My next game is dedicated to you.

Can I lead...

So much responsibility, the incoming kiddies have already started sending me emails and asking me questions etc. Its crazy to think that peeps are now looking to me for advice. Seriously though some of the stuff that peeps list I really think we are going to have an intriguing class this year. Some of the girls seem positively liberated so the pickings look good.

Wait a min...I cant do that Im the VP I cannot be seen skeezing on the young ladies, oh wait the SBA office has blinds. Hahah maybe I can abuse my power. Will keep you updated.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

East coast baby

Of to philly this should be crazy/fun/sadistic?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Spending time w/ the supreme ct

Is it cos I'm cool? Is it cuz Im hot? So check out my luck: I get to meet my 3rd Supreme Court justice in under a year. Cmon now how cool is that? Often lawyers spend their entire lives just hoping to glimpse a Sup Ct justice I now get to meet 3. Just watch I will prolly never ever be in a sup ct justices presence after this. I have peeked too early. Oh well at least I will look good next week.

Wow my city is tite

So I am watching world's wildest police chases and I think a good 50% are in Cali and 20% in Texas. But damn San Diego has a lot of car chases and I dont remember seeing this many on the news. What have I been missing I am going to start stalking the highways late at night. I love a good chase. (hint to the ladies!)

Bit of Funny news: LONDON - A police sniffer dog died of a suspected overdose whilst out hunting for drugs, British police said on Monday.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Of Boys and Toys

No this is not a Michael Jackson post. I just had to comment on the fact that I was watching a VH1 "I love the 80s" special and saw the Fischer Price toy medical kit that I used to use as a kid. I always wondered if my parents were trying to force me into medicine. Y R there no toys for kids who want to become lawyers?

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