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Monday, December 15, 2008

Holland Township man names son after Adolf Hitler -

Holland Township man names son after Adolf Hitler -

Look I have often made the observation that the Name Hitler was so bad that no one in Germany even has it any more. For instance O.J. Simpson is a bad name but kids are still called O.J. and the last name Simpson is very popular. But, no one runs around with the name least no one smart!

Meet these idiots! This to me is already cruelty to your children. But PLEASE PLEASE note their source of income. They are too good to mix with my race, but they are damn sure not too good for my taxes to support their ignorant lifestyle.

Bloody scum!

Thanks to Assassin for providing the link. I was feeling sluggish today but something like this got the blood roiling and gave me energy to get things done!

If this keeps up we may have to follow the lead of other countries and force name-approval.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chilean cardinal: Madonna rouses 'impure thoughts' - Yahoo! News

Chilean cardinal: Madonna rouses 'impure thoughts' - Yahoo! News

How small minded can you get? He is going after Madonna while Praising PINOCHET? Seriously! This is a twisted world we live in, but there is no way Pinochet should be honored. Hell even if you do not believe half of what he did he was still a DICTATOR!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


(I really wish I knew who to credit with this, I googled it but could not find an original poster)

US Ranked 4th

After determining the Big-12 championship game participants, the BCS computers were put to work on other major contests and today the BCS declared Germany to be the winner of World War II.

"Germany put together an incredible number of victories beginning with the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland and continuing on into conference play with defeats of Poland, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their only losses came against the US and Russia; however considering their entire body of work--including an incredibly tough Strength of Schedule--our computers deemed them worthy of the #1 ranking."

Questioned about the #4 ranking of the United States the BCS commissioner stated "The US only had two major victories--Japan and Germany. The computer models, unlike humans, aren't influenced by head-to-head contests--they consider each contest to be only a single, equally-weighted event."

German Chancellor Adolf Hitler said "Yes, we lost to the US; but we defeated #2 ranked France in only 6 weeks." Herr Hitler has been criticized for seeking dramatic victories to earn 'style points' to enhance Germany's rankings. Hitler protested "Our contest with Poland was in doubt until the final day and the conditions in Norway were incredibly challenging and demanded the application of additional forces."

The French ranking has also come under scrutiny. The BCS commented " France had a single loss against Germany and following a preseason #1 ranking they only fell to #2."

Japan was ranked #3 with victories including Manchuria, Borneo and the Philippines.

---bloody funny stuff, whomever came up with it, is right on target and bloody funny!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Teacher sorry for binding girls in slavery lesson - Yahoo! News

Teacher sorry for binding girls in slavery lesson - Yahoo! News

BLOODY BAD IDEA! What I am even more shocked at is (if true) the Teacher did not give a full apology. Look we all make mistakes (some should get us fired) but once the mistake is made, you have to HAVE TO own up to them.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A millie, a millie: Lil Wayne leads Grammy noms with 8, Coldplay 7 - Yahoo! News

Lil Wayne leads Grammy noms with 8, Coldplay 7 - Yahoo! News

I loved the Carter III glad to hear that the academy seems to have liked it too. I know many of you were probably really tired of hearing Wayne songs on the radio, but trust me listen to the whole album, the thing is Fire.

I also like the nod to Ne-Yo for Album of the year. Of course Leona Lewis and M.I.A. got noms for their tracks, I do not even have to list which of their songs they were nominated for, since they are clearly only going to be nominated for the tracks that you heard every day on your radio.

This paragraph amused me: "Some surprising omissions: Katy Perry, who had one of the year's biggest hits with "I Kissed a Girl," was shut out of the top categories, including record of the year and best new artist." -Really? So many peeps I know hated that song, just because something is catchy does not make it good, if you doubt me, go punch in Britney's 'Womanizer' into your mp3 player. I hate that song, but damn is it catchy!

Kanye 'only' had six nominations, they might want to pat him down when he enters the hall at the awards!

I think Estelle might bitch slap someone if Adele ends up winning more awards than she does...for my money Estelle is the much better artist and I suspect the better fighter too! Oh who am I kidding, no need to be PC, Adele is bloody over-rated!

Let me throw in a plug here for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, I watched it loved it, and now want you to see it!

A funny take on Prop 8!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Just something for peeps to think about!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Roman Polanski requests dismissal of sex charge - Yahoo! News

Roman Polanski requests dismissal of sex charge - Yahoo! News

Polanski's lawyer has some HUGE stones! I have always been surprised with how calmly Hollywood treats this issue. I mean damn it was a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD girl, if he were not one of their own would they have screamed bloody murder? Imagine hearing that someone had sex with a 13 year old, wouldn't it immediately sicken you?

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