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Monday, December 15, 2008

Holland Township man names son after Adolf Hitler -

Holland Township man names son after Adolf Hitler -

Look I have often made the observation that the Name Hitler was so bad that no one in Germany even has it any more. For instance O.J. Simpson is a bad name but kids are still called O.J. and the last name Simpson is very popular. But, no one runs around with the name least no one smart!

Meet these idiots! This to me is already cruelty to your children. But PLEASE PLEASE note their source of income. They are too good to mix with my race, but they are damn sure not too good for my taxes to support their ignorant lifestyle.

Bloody scum!

Thanks to Assassin for providing the link. I was feeling sluggish today but something like this got the blood roiling and gave me energy to get things done!

If this keeps up we may have to follow the lead of other countries and force name-approval.


Crankyputz said...

I heard about this, ahh the silliness of the world!

Abeni said...

Why not just say Adolf? I am assuming hitler is the middle name so the cake should just read Adolf

Anonymous said... pay taxes?

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