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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Best way 2 forgive? FORGET

I dont know if I can ever forgive it?
Oh well on to the nights escapade: PAJAMA party at Aubergine: It was of the hook. So many beautiful ladies it was insane: I had to stare at some of the outfits. If thats what these ladies wear to bed then they might as well go naked. It was another expensive night though, all my cash is gone, u have to love those nights when u go with almost a hundred in cash and come home with lint in your pocket.

Im growing the beard to be ugly and yet peeps found it cute, I will never understand women.

Conversation I had tonight Me; Hey My boy says you go to USD. Her; Yeah but I dont know your name. Me; Have you ever seen the name Aaron D. Her; Oh my god, ARE YOU AARON D? I love that guy! Wierd huh. My name has become more of a celebrity than I have. Oh well I was able to use it for what I wanted to do and that was hook my boy up. As to myself it was not a wasted night but we all know Aaron D is still the STONE COLD.
Check out tonights pics Its the 7/30/04 pajama party link at Aubergine Im in pics 41-60.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Hustler baby

"Im a hustler baby, I just want you to know. It aint where I been, it's where I'm about to go"

Tonight was fun I took on a pool shark in the bar and actually won...Life; as bleak as my cloud is it has a silver lining even if its a patched rather than solid lining.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I hate peeps who dont honor commitments

Some punk who agreed to sell me a laptop seems to be flaking on the deal; wonder if the punk is trying to hold out for more money.

I think I am losing a friend, things just dont feel the same. It doesnt feel as cool as it used to be. There always seems to be tension between us when we talk. I dont think she is as honest with me as she used to be. Will she be there for me when I need her? That I no longer know. I hate this I hate not knowing what my friends are up to and who my friends are.

If we arent cool anymore just let me know. I want to kick it like we used to; but you dont seem to want that.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Ouch harsh treatment...

Man my friends are cold...yeah yeah, so maybe Im pretty damn cold myself but damn when u get a call respond to let me know whats up. To my Boy DAMN DOG THATS COLD.

I found this funny: 'R&B star R Kelly has developed such a huge fixation with Africa, he's turned his whole recording studio into a virtual jungle.'..."I know people out there might laugh, but we are in the jungle. We're on a serious mission, and just know that Charlie is out there to stop us, and you have to load up your guns. I know this all sounds crazy..." Anymore proof needed that R Kelly is going as mad as Jacko? First of all who wants to pretend to live in an African jungle, 2nd uhmm Mr. R, Mr Kelly sir the charlie were the peeps that the Americans fought in Vietnam, not in a comedian on VH1 said, "no wonder America couldnt win the war in Vietnam, we were fighting the enemy in the wrong damn country" Thanks Mr kelly for telling us what we did wrong.

Damn back to the 4am blogs: Oh well as to u Joe, I beat you in the 1st set and your still talking trash? I dont care if your leading in the 2nd set you will not win a game!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Buddies to play with your balls

So I taught a new person how to play tennis: I love converting people to the joys of tennis...Nothing better than playing tennis against a finely dressed young athletic woman; yes yes I know Im a bad person, but hey Im a politician. So my muscles are aching, maybe lifting and then playing tennis was not the smartest thing I have ever done.

Situps whoo hoo I am now up to 1034 situps...for the entire year ok so that number is exagerated by about 1000. But I swear Im going to start doing situps. Do u know what I read yesterday? Men lose a half inch for every 15 pounds gained over your ideal weight. ARGH. I have for the last 2 years said I had gotten smaller now I have found a scientific study that might prove that I am not crazy.

Nothing like having drunk friends over for drinks, I thought I could talk, but drunk friends that were already talkative can bend your ear...oh and dude when u call me on the phone and say "just a quick question" 5 mins later I shouldnt have to ask you what the question is that u wanted to ask me.

Beard growth going strong; the hair is getting long enough to actually start to feel soft to the kinnda!

I love u girl! Who ever responds to that it was meant for you.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Gym rats and place mats

Once again I had an awesome day of working out then spoiled it by eating enough food to support an african village for a week. Went out again 2nite went to Thrusters for those of you who never seem to be there on a good music night U missed a good one. Didnt travel alone; undergrads are amusing, seriously is that how diff I was 3 years ago.

Domination describes my tennis events: Todays game was awesome thanks Juan for playing. Game score: 4-6, 6-3 and 6-1. I apologise for my poor performance in the 1st set I was not warmed up. If you are going to play Tennis Juan is an awesome opponent he is speedy to no end and can cover a ct like grass on a field. ( like that tennis grass reference?)

Damn USD has a crappy, crowded gym. Can we get a larger space please: Oh by the way Im not saying that peeps should shower before going to the gym, but please shower at least sometime in the week before hitting the gym: seriously yo there was some funk in the gym.

Im still looking for a gym companion, taking applications now.
Its wierd to hear peeps describe me as "...I would like you to meet Aaron the VP of our law school"...and y is it that a dork like that can score such a hottie and take her to the gym seriously we need more hotties like that in law school she is wasted in the school of education. Dont get me wrong we have some bonafied hotties in the lawschool, I can think of one who hates me currently but will still read this post anyway.
--- A cheesy post is a cheesy post no doubt about it.
Damn 4 am once again
-- By the way Aaron D is making apple pie today: "Its like warm apple pie"

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Moments I miss: Granted going out everynight in SD is just as bad
Yardman represent

Day 7 of the beard growth, my new plan is to get as bushy as I can, before I have to get decent again. 2 weeks then its the trip into the dangerous world of companion travelling and meeting family. Thanks again! So let me tell u driving on the highway late at night at 105mph is awesome especially with the window down. So I was the Cat that decided to give blood on only 3 hours sleep and then go shopping and then to top the night of go drinking even though I had less blood than normal to control the alcohol, still didnt get drunk or buzzed; life is wierd. Oh have to big up the bar chic that hooked me up with the VIP wrist band nice of u. Now If I could only screw up courage to talk to the ladies. Oh and the hottie was there again diff bar diff night same girl. Same longing in my mind to step to the plate, same inability to deliver the pitch. Though she did smile at me. Im telling u 4 more meetings like that and I will say hi. Or do i know u or something equally lame like I would like you to snuggle up with me in front of my fireplace. Seriously whats up with fire places in SD; expecting snow?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Late night again

Went out once again though I said I would go to bed early 2nite: It was hilarious to see my peeps Mike, Kelsey, Lovi and Dru hammered to the point of pulverised.
   Memo to the hottie  I saw 2nite but was too shy to step to: It was nice of you to stare at me all night and then only wink at me when my boys are drunk and stumbling out the bar so I have to follow them
 Memo to Jess' roomie: thanks for spotting me in the bar and coming to talk to me right at the moment when it looked like hot girl was going to say hi...couldnt have left the bar alone w/o you.
  Man my tennis game has improved: So my lil Iranian counterpart what was that quote " I cant lose to a black guy"...well its on if you would stop ducking me I would kick your ass on the court.
  Does anyone want to go to the gym with me.  Oh and if anyone wants to run the stadium steps with me I would like the company.
Memo to the bouncers who tried to make us wait in line: The club is empty jackass let people in. No one is fooled by those fake lines that you guys create in Pacific Beach.
Memo to myself have to think of a pickup line so I can overcome this painful shyness
- Oh and when meeting australians its not cool to remind them that though both Jamaica and Australia are part of the common wealth, Jamaica is paradise and Australia is a penal colony. I thought it was funny they didnt.
       Serious topic: Can I screw up my life anymore? Girls have always controlled my hind brain, thankfully I have always had control of the frontal lobe: But now it seems like women are trying to control all aspects of my life. I lust after them, the ones that want me I dont want; the ones I want have difficulty with the ones that I have had, the ones I have had, worry about what we have done (nothing much u know stone cold virgin blah blah blah) and the ones I want to do things to in some cases have put me on hiatus: In so many cases all this is coupled in one girl.
    How can women be such complex creatures: How can yall want us, hate us, play with us, loathe us, set us up, and at the same time smile about it all. WOMAN IS STRESS!

Monday, July 05, 2004

My life is still spinning

So my cousin's wedding is coming up and I just checked her register: DAMN I didnt know sheets could cost that much...I was thinking of shopping at the 99C store for gifts after all is it not enough that Aaron D will be at the wedding + guest.
So cool that I wont be rolling to the wedding alone; this is y I love having friends, even though Im always astounded that peeps can stand me enough to be my friends anyway thanks to all those who have stood by me or at least near me.

If U havent already heard Europe was fun
I know I know my blog is jumbled but screw it so is my mind and my life

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