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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BREAKING: John Forte One Of 16 Pardoned By George Bush | Hip Hop News >

BREAKING: John Forte One Of 16 Pardoned By George Bush | Hip Hop News >
I would not have believed this if I had not read it. I did not expect this. When John Forte initially was convicted I was shocked. Not shocked at the conviction, because they had him cold, it was clear he was guilty, but, I was shocked at the A. length of time he got and B. the fact that with a career that seemed about to be on the rise he got caught doing something so dumb as shifting weight (to the slang impaired; moving significant quantities of drugs); though it should be noted that many believe he was set up/was an innocent if naive go-between.
"Yo, yo hustle big hustle small all ya'll relate to this
I'ma culture power baby, when I run right through it"---John Forte, let us see if he gets back on his hustle

By the way, while I still believe him guilty, I firmly disagree with MANDATORY MINIMUMS, I think they undermine our justice system.

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Oh and in case you do not know Forte's big hit I include the video, watching it, you might think he was on drugs to get this concept

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Abilene Christian scores record 93 points in win - College Football -

Abilene Christian scores record 93 points in win - College Football -
The article has it right, these are basketball scores. The yardage total is insane too. I LOVE football in the state of Texas. That game must have been bloody fun to watch

Friday, November 21, 2008

Utah studio wants pole dancing in Olympics - Other sports-

Utah studio wants pole dancing in Olympics - Other sports-

Look I know it has been awhile since I blogged, been putting my creative juices into something else plus mentally distraught at the break up of a friendship. But anyway, never fear your boy Cali J is still here and something as crappy as the topic in the Title brought me back.

If they even get past the first level of scrutiny with this crap and get on the road towards becoming an olympic sport I think I will never watch the olympics for any sport not containing a Jamaican athlete at that point. (sorry that sentence is confusing, but I am tired and cranky)
BOTTOM LINE. This crap would end the Olympics for me for ever!
The fact that this was even on my local news lets me know for the 1353464th time that San Diego NEEDS better news

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 more reason to hate the Aggies, their stadium is full of #$#%

Apparently Texas A & M has a bat problem. And that problem comes with the added bonus of the bats relieving themselves all over the stadium. Apparently it is not enough that their opponents dump on them (see the scoreboard of their last 5 home games if you doubt me) now nature has made her feelings known!

You have to love when this quote can be made about your stadium: "The primary concern is making sure bat guano doesn't get in vendors' food. Official have also taken steps to protect unsuspecting fans from droppings."
---The Wiz of Odds

The HORNS will get their revenge this year, I hope we hang 60 on those bastards!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Go out and Vote!

Not telling you who to vote for...(that should be obvious, look into your heart). And I really should not have to give you incentives to vote, so how about some rewards?

Ben and Jerry Ice cream for voting, follow link

For the coffee crowd, and I know a tonne of you are addicts there is Free Starbucks!

And because I love expanding then attacking my waistline I have to add the Krispy Kreme stuff!

Now go out and vote have fun and let us make some CHANGES...oh wait did I let slip a leaning on my part?

(edit) Had to add this one, the funniest give-away I have seen for Election day is the Free Vibrator give-away in NYC. I am not linking to it, but I did like what one commenter said..."at least you can release some stress until results come out"

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