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Monday, November 03, 2008

Go out and Vote!

Not telling you who to vote for...(that should be obvious, look into your heart). And I really should not have to give you incentives to vote, so how about some rewards?

Ben and Jerry Ice cream for voting, follow link

For the coffee crowd, and I know a tonne of you are addicts there is Free Starbucks!

And because I love expanding then attacking my waistline I have to add the Krispy Kreme stuff!

Now go out and vote have fun and let us make some CHANGES...oh wait did I let slip a leaning on my part?

(edit) Had to add this one, the funniest give-away I have seen for Election day is the Free Vibrator give-away in NYC. I am not linking to it, but I did like what one commenter said..."at least you can release some stress until results come out"

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