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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 more reason to hate the Aggies, their stadium is full of #$#%

Apparently Texas A & M has a bat problem. And that problem comes with the added bonus of the bats relieving themselves all over the stadium. Apparently it is not enough that their opponents dump on them (see the scoreboard of their last 5 home games if you doubt me) now nature has made her feelings known!

You have to love when this quote can be made about your stadium: "The primary concern is making sure bat guano doesn't get in vendors' food. Official have also taken steps to protect unsuspecting fans from droppings."
---The Wiz of Odds

The HORNS will get their revenge this year, I hope we hang 60 on those bastards!


Stunner said...

LOL! They can rename it to Guano Stadium!

king~d said...

Texas is just not what it used to be! Hey how bout them GIANTS?

Cali J said...

Man hush your talk. First things first only one team in the whole of damn NY is any good and that is the giants and we all know they play in NEW JERSEY. Name a college football team? I am waiting? Syracuse? Still waiting. Hell even your college b-ball is going down.

But as to my State, THE HORNS, TEXAS TECH, Mavericks, Spurs, Rockets, Cowboys, hell even our bad teams are decent, the Texans...

Screw Eli Manning, our time will come again.

p.s. How married life?

Razib Ahmed said...

I was never a big fan of Agasi. Instead, I liked Samprus and Ivan Lendel.

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