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Friday, September 30, 2005

Mini horror story.

No not Shaq acting in Kazaam. To those who work, this wont seem that bad, but to law students like myself this is a terrible thing. I woke up early today (scary by itself) to work with hurricane Katrina evacuees (I am making a conscious effort not to say victims) however after getting all dressed up and expecting to feel good about myself the clinic was called off and now I am up early on a Friday wondering what the hell to do with myself! Could be worse though I could be stuck in evidence right now! Shout out to Sandra!

No way, no Wayans?

So the showbiz show w/ David Spade pointed something out tonight: With the cancellation of My Wife and Kids and the fact that In living Color doesn’t hit syndication till next week, for the first time in years America is Wayans free for a little while.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The reason everyone laughs at Texas A and M!

Thanks Lyoness for the pic.

Time to nap?

I guess it’s officially time to take a nap when you start misspelling words as simple as conclusion. I have been at the law school since 8pm I think it's time my home sees me.

The new definition of Paranoia...

The irrational fear that everything you have written for your take home final will suddenly disappear from your computer screen, despite repeatedly pressing the save button every 5 minutes. Signs of paranoia: irrationally emailing yourself copies of the paper via attachments and cut and pastes into the body of an email; not trusting one email service to be a safe depository and thus having to email to 3 accounts every half hour a fresh copy of the paper even if the only new addition is a single word. Further signs of paranoia: recognizing that your actions are crazy but still logging into a backup computer so that you can IM a copy of your paper to the back up computer; cackling every time the file transfer goes through; wondering how it is that the 3 pages of notes that you took for the entire semester still somehow manage to be more than the notes of 2 of your classmates combined are they just more efficient than you are or do they care less?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Synopsis of the weekend

This has it cut but if you looks closely enough you can see Robin laughing at me on the left!

Quick blurbs

Shotta thanks for the love…I need to book a ticket to Jamaica wi a guh run di place dis year! Last free xmas fi bruk wild backa yard. Weh dem seh? “Fashion ova style”

This man is probably the world’s worst shot. Why would you shoot people just because you got fired?

Lets not forget to continue to give to the Katrina relief effort!

Just read that CBS’ made for TV movie “Martha Behind Bars” was a big bust last night. Really? Who would have thought that a movie about an over privileged woman whom most of the population cannot relate to and whom became richer while not doing hard time in prison would be a bust? After all Cybill Shepard was the lead that alone should have guaranteed at least 10 or 20 viewers.

Seems like one of the more dangerous jobs in sports currently is to be the starting QB for Memphis: That school is having the worst luck…losing 2 starting QBs to broken legs. That is rough on any program but it’s rougher on the kids: I always feel bad for college kids when they get injured no matter what program they are from (even OU).

Bar review!

A rival bar review: What's up with that? I thought everyone knew that if they wanted to throw a bar review just ask and I will gladly give that week away.


Texas has had the 3# scoring team since 2000. If you account for the fact that Boise state plays crappy competition, then the only team that scores more than us is The U (aka Miami University).

A few TV moments

Martha Stewart rapping with Diddy was probably one of the worst moments in the history of television.

So I watched the season premiere of both Desperate H and Grey’s Anatomy: I wasn’t that impressed with DH, it did not appear as witty as last year’s episodes; I did like GA and found it shocking that a new member of the cast looks exactly like a tall 1L young lady that now attends our school. The resemblance was so striking that I actually for a moment thought that I was looking at my school mate on television. Always good to realize that you go to a school with such strikingly beautiful girls that they could be on TV (yes Kathryn I threw that part in for you) - I do think the girls at our school are beautiful even when they are looking their most haggard. Let’s keep it real we could have been stuck going to school in the mid-west but we all lucked out and got Southern California.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here come those Desperate HOs!

Tonight it’s the return of those “Desperate Housewives” it should be an interesting night. Not ashamed to say that I watch the show, after all I have noticed quite a few peeps who claim that they would never watch a show like that spouting knowledge about the characters etc. A good show is a good show no matter what it’s billed as and no matter what its core audience is (by the way its audience is not as skewed as peeps might think – 45 percent of viewers are male)! Guess I should probably watch Grey’s Anatomy too!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Finally the actual big day has arrived. SO far I have been chilling and watching a great Saturday of college football. Sorry to all those who called and I have not yet returned your calls, but in my defense: Come on you called before noon on a Saturday. To all my friends not in the immediate Cali area please remember that I am on the West Coast 3 hours behind the East 2 behind Central, if my phone was not off I would have received calls at 7AM...definitely not the way to start my birthday. Gotta throw a college football jab: The big 10 (11) is the most over-rated conference this year.

Happy birthday to sleeping pills tonight it aint safe!

Much props and mad love to all the peeps that wished me Happy Birthday: Thanks for all the well wishes, phone calls, hugs kisses, drinks etc. --a portion of this post has been edited on the advice of counsel-- (something about admitting to bad behavior on the web etc) Thanks JT for the call. Thanks R for the drinks. Thanks God for the tolerance. Blessed!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Bush don't like black people" REMIX!

Props to Shotta for letting me know about this. So most peeps know about the Kanye West “Bush doesn’t care about black people comment”: Well here is a ridiculously funny video remixing the song “Gold-digger” with Kanye’s comment and using video footage of Bush and hurricane devastation:
I beg all the overly preach types to just watch the video with an open mind before bashing me or it etc…who am I kidding say whatever you damn feel.

I know it's wrong, but have a quick laugh...

Thanks Ash for the picture. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Birthday Bar Review!

L.I.T. Promotions and the birthday boy Present
Bar Review
420 E St
Friday Sept 23rd
(Come celebrate Aaron’s birthday)
From 9.30pm till they kick you out

“Go, go, go shorty it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday, and you know we don’t give a…cause it’s your birthday”
$3 Domestics
$5 House martini Drinks
Cover: $5 w/ USD ID
T. J. and C.W. Law schools will be there also

September is the month for babies; so you are sure to know a birthday kid at the event…
Red Circle's boasts a multicolored wall of more than 100 varieties of vodka -- from 18 countries.

A Cali-Jamaican birthday event…jot that down!

Quick blurbs ...ugly girls etc

Is Wednesday special nudie bar night in SD? Driving by the ‘World famous’ Body Shop tonight the line of cars to get into that place at 9.30pm was ridiculous!!!! Is there something I don’t know about that place? I thought nudie bars in SD were supposed to suck.

Since when do bath poufs cost the same price as gold? I had to purchase a new one because the current one is a bit tattered and the ridiculous price they are charging made me pause. I mean come on its just some plastic or nylon crap attached to a bit of rope!

There are some ugly chics in the library tonight…serves me right for being in the library tonight! This place is severely depressing.

Seriously there are some UGLY chics in the LRC 2nite there is no way that, the girl I am currently looking at goes to school here, I would have noticed her by now. (Yes, yes before I get called out, I know this is not the nicest thing to say but I am in the LRC depressed and I am sure that beauty is only skin deep etc but how deep do I have to look?)

In 2 days I will have completed a ¼ century of life on this planet and I have loved it.

2 years ago I had never ever, ever, ever tried Sushi, now I have sushi cravings. Strange how once you taste somethings you just can’t get enough of them. (insert lewd remark here etc…)

Is it just me or as the price of gas rises the pumps pump slower?

Target is a special place: Anywhere that allows you to buy everything for the house in one spot and still somehow manage to pretend that it's higher class than Wal-Mart is a special place.

K back to reading I have procrastinated long enough.

Fav Chappele quotes (warning explicit language)

Again I warn you this post will have foul language
My roomies copy of Chappelle season 2 is back in the house and of course I immediately lost 2 hours of my life to watching a show that I have seen so many times. Of course no blog about favorite Chappelle quotes can start without…Real Rick James: Cocaine is a helluva drug.
Of course I am way too lazy to type these quotes out so I copied them you can click on the links to see more quotes I just copied some of the ones that I love.

Businessman: I'll have a Samuel Jackson. Samuel Jackson: [shouts] Good motherfucking choice, motherfucker! Samuel Jackson! Made painstakingly by me, Samuel L. Jackson! It'll get ya drunk! You'll be fucking fat girls in no time! You might even fight a nigga or two! Mmmm-mmm, bitch! [Jackson walks up to the businessman] Samuel Jackson: [shouts] How's it taste, motherfucker? Businessman: Could you please stop yelling at me? Samuel Jackson: [shouts] No, I can't stop yelling, 'cause that's how I talk! Haven't you seen my movies? "Juice" That was a good one! "Deep Blue Sea" They ate me! A motherfucking shark ate me! Drink up, bitch!

Yes, they deserve to die! And I hope they burn in hell!

Wayne Brady: [introducing his prostitutes] Hoes, Dave. Dave, hoes. Dave Chappelle: Good evening, bitches.

Wayne Brady: I make Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X, huh motherfucker? Dave Chappelle: That was MOONEY!

Audience Member: Negrodamus, why is President Bush convinced there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Negrodamus: Because he has the receipt.

[on "Making the Band"] Dylan: I mean, who are da five greatest rappers of all time? [counting on his fingers] Dylan: Dylan... Dylan... Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan.

Dave Chappelle: Look, man, look. Michael Jackson has many faces - none of them look guilty to me. You gotta look in the eyes, not the noses.

Tron: Katie has some big ass tit-tays!

Dave Chappelle: R. Kelly was pissed. No punchline to that. Nigga was pissed. He was all, "How could you go and make a video about peeing on someone?" Nigga, how could YOU go making a video about peeing on somebody?

Gonerrhia: Oh, hello Dave Chappelle. Haven't seen you in a while. Dave Chappelle: ...Sick motherfucker...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy Birthday

Arman, any time any place, with my new tennis game your ass is grass!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Yeah I watched Clueless so what?

So I caught a cold this weekend, so hopped up on the drugs and the lack of vicodin (trying to not take it) I have consumed; a lot of television, 2 tubs of ice cream, a bag of popcorn, 6 cups of pudding, 5 cinabons (damn that crap is so good), and that is only the junk food. So clearly the body has been abused this weekend. Amusing that I am healthier when drinking! So anyway in my somewhat weakened state I caught some of clueless. I have only seen the full movie once and I confess that I liked it. Not liked it in the sense that “Damn this is a good movie” but more like “Huh this is amusing and a decent waste of a couple of hours”.

So watching it today I remembered how back then Alicia Silverstone was the next “it” actress. She was supposed to blow up and then…nothing. What happened to her? Her career tanked faster than Bush’s approval rating. <An aside and I will probably ask this again: Is it an approval rating if it drops below 50% isn’t it then a disapproval rating?> But anyway back to Clueless amazing that Brittany Murphy currently has the best career of the ladies from that movie. I guarantee that in 1995: 9/10 peeps would have picked Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash or Elisa Donovan (damn she was snotty on Sabrina the teenage witch [type-cast]) to have the bigger careers, but not the girl who had a difficult time dancing to “Rolling with the Homies”

So though I know it’s not the most macho movie to watch (In my defense I also watched Demolition Man this wknd not a great movie but definitely macho and who didn’t like the Peroxide hair of Wesley Snipes) and guys always laugh at the guy that brings it up some how guys always know scenes from that movie. If you don’t believe me test out your boys (unless of course they read the blog and will then lie to save face), most guys have watched and liked Clueless. Hell many guys can even quote from that movie, though that is not the best thing to do if trying to show that you are a man among boys etc.

Plus we all know that, that movie gives you a true insight into the lives of California kids!

My Birthday Dinner!

K so I have decided to go to Harney Sushi. If you have not received an evite it could be a bunch of reasons; my innate laziness and inability to type in too many email addies at once; I cannot remember your email addie; I sent the email to the wrong addie; I don't know you so Y did you expect an invite?; or I need you to actually give me your email so that I can send you an invite.
Harney sushi
Saturday September the 24th at 7pm.

Happy Birthday

Dan, you have been a great go fetch my laundry damn it.

Raw fish for my birthday

Ok so my birthday is this Saturday. So of course I have a big bar review planned for the Friday night. But, this Saturday I would like to go out to Sushi for my birthday dinner and would like to go with some friends so if anyone can suggest somewhere good to go for sushi that could fit at least 5-20 people please tell me.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good day

TEXAS wins and OU and Notre Dame both lose!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Congratulations Ms. Chen!

Knew you could win!

Of fire alarms and new friends...

So some asshole decided to pull my complex’s fire alarm at 1am: Which of course led me to the discovery that we have a central alarm system that is so piercing it could wake the dead. In the middle of watching Morales get his ass kicked by Raheem in a shocking boxing match the alarm went off and I like all the other residents of our complex had to leave our apartments because the noise was ear splitting and impossible to handle inside an apartment. But every cloud has a silver lining, I ended up meeting a tonne of my neighbors and we all kicked it (if you are a savvy reader you will note the time of this post) till 4am so I guess the alarm going off was not the worst thing in the world and it allowed me to meet some new friends.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Picture Share!

Good luck gwen!

A few pics

Let's start the night with some Twinkies
Let's move to the body guards
And Now I have gotten too lazy to create funny taglines so create your own for the rest

Brief Toga Party recap!

So the Toga party was fun last night really took me back to the undergrad days. Sadly I couldn’t drink so could not partake in that social aspect and my dancing was limited to the “trample” (it’s a Rasta thing) when the “Welcome to Jamrock” came on…I took a tonne of pictures but uhmm so many of them needed to be screened that I couldn’t post them last night. Not sure if my judgment should be trusted to post pics while I am on painkillers.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bloody day last part not for the squeamish

So I am in class cracking up and that is bad for a couple reasons: One because it leads to a bloody mouth and second because the professor is talking about slaves and animals.

So let’s recap the day of the cali-J:
Went to the dentist had oral surgery DID NOT CRY.
And thus the story begins, you might ask why I proudly display the words did not cry…but let me tell you that for a few hours last night I kept having this conversation with myself…
“Aaron you are a grown man you cannot cry at the dentist”
To which I responded “But damn it Aaron, that crap is going to hurt” Which led to the response “Aaron, seriously how is it going to look if you cry at the dentist” So at that moment I realized that I am so damn cocky that when I have conversations with myself I actually talk in the 3rd person to myself {an aside: Pierre did you see that, did you see what she just did in class Cot Damn that was Hot} So I being the none afraid able to handle anything pumped up person that I was at that point took my vicodin, took my penicillin, took a vitamin, swallowed some ibuprofen threw the sleeping pills across the room and went to bed. Woke up in the morning timed my arrival at the dentist office for exactly the time of my appt because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit there and listen to other peeps come in. Kids crying at the dentist just freaks me out.

Let me take a moment to let y’all know that I am not scared of normal medical procedures. But something about the dental process freaks me out…actually I know what it is the anesthesia never fully works on me I always feel some of the pain (and not imagined pain like others but actual pain) and when I was a kid the damn dentist pulled the wrong tooth so I had to go back in to get my tooth pulled again because of the dentists fault So forgive me if I have moments of fear

Anyway I get tired of typing rather quickly so let me cut this short…if you are squeamish do not read the rest of this.
So the doc gave me 3 shots of whatever that crap is that is supposed to numb you plus the application of the local anesthetic. Then attacked my tooth, shards of pain attacked my brain but since it was half way in I refused to complain but I did make an “Oh” exclamation. Then I heard the sound I had dreaded…CRACK…the bloody tooth broke at the root. Nothing like hearing your dentist say (though to his credit he kept his voice calm) “Oh no, it broke at the root get me an x-ray and lets see if we have to dig it out” Of course being my luck the x-ray showed that they needed to dig it out so of course they proceeded to do just that. And finally got it but it took me 2 more shots because I was actually feeling too much pain (It’s Novocain right?). So my day started with 5 injections one broken tooth, a sore gum and puffy lips and cheeks. And of course now I cant eat solid food, and I cannot drink…it’s like I am a baby all over again without the joy of being able to spit up whenever I want and be carried everywhere I need to go. Told you if you were squeamish to stop reading.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CaliJ loves the ladies

I love the wings at hooters! Plus they wear orange how can you go wrong there?

I hate Dentists!

I have oral surgery tomorrow morning and I am so nervous. Or maybe I should fess up and just admit that I am afraid of the dentist. As a kid I remember crying, crying and crying some more at the dentist. Because I hated the feeling of getting a filling so much I have taken great care of my teeth, brushing 3xs a day, flossing (occasionally) constantly using Listerine and yet I now have to have oral surgery? It just doesn’t seem fair, but oh well. So I scheduled my appt for 8.30am which of itself is painful and you may wonder why I would do that to myself, but, the thing is that I know I would not be able to make it through the day if I had to deal both with the pain of an exposed nerve in my jaw and the thought of having to go in for an appt. Even now in class I have completely stopped listening to my prof and just started thinking about the damn chair. I know I know American dentists are supposed to be relatively painless but…screw that I am the one whose jaw they are digging into and I am the one whose tooth they are taking, so call me a baby all you want: I am the baby who HATES THE BLOODY DENTIST.

Bad lyrics for a bad day

So one of my boys thinks that I have gone soft re chics and that there is cause for concern. Well let me use Da entourage’s lyrics to dispel that fear:
All the hoes with your drawz in your ass,And you got blue beads fallin' out your glass. …They say you actin' kinda funny I heard you boppin' for that money You say you lookin' for a ballerGirl, then let me spoil ya …I'm so glad I got my own,I ain't worried about Josephine.My life's a natural hop.Won't you bunny hop with me?…You gotta make sure both hands on the floor.When you wobble wobble, pop ya ass on the floor.You bounce it, then you pick it back up.Now, you can tell that I want to fuck.You look and you say "Nah nah,"But after while, my boy's goin' down.How your nipples and your titties start to sweat.Girl, I know that fire pussy's starting to get wet.…Get your shine on 'cause I'm getting mine on.I ain't worried about you.If you like to party hard, then I like to party too.
--Da Entourage “Bunny Hop”

It was a hot song for about 2 mins in the South. So I don’t exactly agree with the whole text of the song but I assure you my Iranian friend that I have no worries, there is no love for some crazy chic, the Cali J is still rolling through and meeting new peeps.

Happy Birthday

Damon... You still can't beat me in tennis!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vicodin Dreams!

Read at your own peril, I wrote this one because I am bored in class. So I fell asleep shortly after reading some Cal Civ Pro and I think that plus the Vicodin accounted for my dream…nothing major, just not the type of dream that I would expect. So in the middle of what I can only imagine was initially restful sleep since I delayed taking the vicodin till the last possible minute since GW screamed at me when I asked if it would be cool to take it with a sleeping pill sorry I digress…In the middle of just normal crappy dreams I suddenly found myself in a court room. I was looking damn good though nice dark suit had the fro in rows and the beard all trimmed up, sorry back to the story.

So I was representing someone bringing a suit of some kind I think it was a personal injury claim. We filed the suit with just one day left to get in under the statute of limitations but then the bastards raised a demurer, something about we missed the day because we filed late or some crap like that (it was dream so hard to lock down specifics).

Then out of nowhere in the dream my client snapped and screamed “I have your demurer right here” (even in my dreams I don’t curse) and charged the defendant and slapped the defendant square in the face. Then all of a sudden the bloody keebler elves swooped in and began kicking my ass and my client’s ass (that part I know occurred because I kept referencing the family guy line “Those freaking elves man, they came out of nowhere” so it was on my mind). Then all of a sudden the courtroom turned into a dentist’s office and my tooth was yanked out with some rusty ass pliers…then with a bloody mouth and a prominent gap I tried to hit on the nurse (that took care of me a the doctors office on Monday – had to get a shot…no one needs to worry about for what – it’s all good) because I thought she was cute and I thought she was feeling me but then she kissed me, bloody gap toothed mouth and all and it freaked me out so much that I woke up sweating and freaked out of my mind. Damn I thought blogging this would help the time pass in class but it only took me 3 minutes to type this crap damn it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Birthday

Mike...Told you the horns would prevail, oh well you old people can't always be trusted to get things right.

Happy Birthday


Lets play a game of Upside/Downside

Upside: I have a ton of Vicodin: Downside; I need it because I am losing a wisdom tooth.
Upside: I can now DD for Thursday night’s Toga party: Downside; I can now DD for Thursday night’s Toga party.
Upside: I get to see some of our school’s young ladies in a toga: Downside; We all get to see some of our school’s young men in a toga.
Upside: A black man gets to wear a white sheet with holes in it: Downside; I have to wear a sheet!
Upside: I don’t have to plan a bar review: Downside; I am still expected to help with the Toga party!
Upside: The new cute girls added to our schools population in the 1Ls: Downside; 2 weeks into the semester and many are already looking haggard.
Upside TEXAS BEAT OSU: Downside; NONE!

Projected Heisman Winner...

Vince Young is now hot on the heels of Matt Leinart in Espn’s Heisman Expert polling: only 3 points separate the two.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Loved that game...

I love that a crazy Ohio State linebacker ran his mouth and now has to sit at home watching Vince Young highlights on Sportscenter. Ramonce Taylor had prolly the craziest kickoff return I have ever seen: The kid nearly takes a knee in the end zone then decides at the last minute that, that was not a good idea, manages to avoid multiple safety tackles and scamper for 35 hard earned yards.

Vince Young running an offence is a beautiful sight. The Texas D was great holding them to 5 FGs when they could probably have scored 3 TDs when in the Texas territory.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Very good game Ohio State. I salute you!

A Picture Share!

Why i love texas. We cheer like wild animals! Cause we can!

Bloody Irish!

So I intended to sleep in since it was a long night and I expect tonight to be just as long. But I woke up to check on scores (A southern education means Saturdays are lost to football) intending to go back to sleep for another 2 hours but nope the Marshall game was too exciting and now Damn Michigan is losing to the Stinking Irish. I HATE NOTRE DAME!! But damn Charlie Weis can coach…oh well looks like the 2 top Big 10 teams are going to lose in one day. GO HORNS GO!

Thanks and watch...

Texas beat Ohio State later today at 5pm. I will be at Players Bar and Grill watching the game y’all should come out and share my joy. Of course if the unfathomable happens and Texas loses you may want to avoid me. Thanks to those who came out to bar review, I think a good time was had by all…the line at Santanas was bloody long, damn, nothing express about that.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Free Drinks 2nite

Free Drinks 2nite!

Exclusive to Cali-J readers…ok so granted it’s late in the night and only an hour b4 bar review but if any of my readers see this and step up to me 2nite I will give you a free drink as long as my drink tickets remain. I have a minimum of 25 free drinks lined up at the bar 2nite and though I could drink all 25 (and be irresponsible) I choose not to. Therefore I am giving away these tickets to whoever wants them.



Airbags on Bikes????

Hmm Honda has introduced a bike with an airbag!

Laura Bush v Kanye West! Round 2 to Laura

Laura Bush described as "disgusting" comments by rapper Kanye West. Good for her, nice to see her sticking up for her husband.

So I got accused earlier by a commenter about dropping the race card when responding to their post about white people having more money than black people…well so be it, if the race card is dropped what of it? How can someone throw out a racial claim like that (which is true by the way white peeps have more money than black peeps) when arguing about the misguided comments of one black man (Kanye) and then try to hide behind the veil of “When black people use race it’s the race card but when white people use it, it’s a social comment”?

When I posted the Kanye comment I posted it because I thought it was the funniest tv moment I had seen in a long damn time especially with all the hurricane coverage. Of course I was very, very naïve to think that I could post that and a racial issue not spark. Guess this hurricane tragedy just shows that we are not as harmonious as we may have thought we were, or well as some of you thought: I went to school in Texas, coming from a foreign country, trust me, I knew race relations were more tenuous than Hollywood would have you believe.

By the way in terms of Laura Bush v Kanye I am picking Laura…strong southern woman and we already know that she can kill a man (it was an accident).

Sorry to the SBA for my comments earlier, I am just frustrated by the tragedy.


Wow a fan is flying in from Paris, France just to see the game. Look at the price of tickets for the game. All to see OSU get their asses KICKED GO HORNS GO!!!!

Gotta stay close

Gotta stay close

So this is not a new rule, but…anyone who knows things that could keep you from running for president; needs to remain your friend or needs to die soon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are you ready for some football?

The professional season begins tonight. I bloody hate the Patriots and would be happy to see them lose every single game (but that wont happen). So here’s to Da Raiders may you go on to win tonight and beat the bloody Pats!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Amanda…now drink till you forget that you have a shorter twin in the law school!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
Suzanne…now show some respect to your elders!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane donations in the Writs!

So I guess now that I am not SBA I can critique? Actually I am dong it because this hurricane thing has just gotten to me and I think we can do more, more, more. Many of you USD peeps may have missed that the SBA is doing a drive for Katrina. In fact I missed it too, because they have chosen to couple it with the same table that they are selling t-shirts from and the flyer for the donations also contains the words t-shirt sale etc and is filled with so much damn writing that I have noticed peeps just pass over it and I even heard one SBA member state “I just passed it because there was so much writing”. I think this is something that we need to separate away from the t-shirt (flea market looking table) and allow peeps to come up to the table w/o feeling that at the same time they are making a donation they are being pressured to purchase a t-shirt.

By the way just because I posted here does not mean I will not directly mention it to an SBA member and try to get that resolved – I know Tiff reads this, so should I immediately forget to mention it to someone at least I know through this medium someone with authority will see this.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I need new friends

Or a major change in scenery or something...something just isn't right. Talking to my exes is like eating chain saws: Many of my 'friends' trample me: I have peeps who should have no control over me issuing deadlines and ultimatums: I get my head chewed of by peeps who I try to do nice things for; something just isn't right. I may have to take a flight home for a week and straighten my head out (as soon as I get a bloody passport [just one more thing helping to flush my life down the toilet])

Kanye: "Bush hates black people!"

So by now many of you have probably heard of Kanye West’s spontaneous outpouring of emotion during a hurricane relief effort culminating with the words “Bush hates Black People”. This is one of the best moments of live tv I have seen in awhile and so I had to incorporate the transcript from the show as well as a link to watch video of the incident.
Bear in mind that everything was supposed to be scripted and read from a teleprompter.

Myers: The landscape of the city has changed dramatically, tragically and perhaps irreversibly. There is now over 25 feet of water where there was once city streets and thriving neighborhoods.

West: I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, it says, "They're looting." You see a white family, it says, "They're looking for food." And, you know, it's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black. And even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give, and just to imagine if I was down there, and those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help -- with the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible. I mean, the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way -- and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!

(Kanye then turns to Mike Myers because I guess it was his turn on the teleprompter)

Myers: And subtle, but in many ways even more profoundly devastating, is the lasting damage to the survivors' will to rebuild and remain in the area. The destruction of the spirit of the people of southern Louisiana and Mississippi may end up being the most tragic loss of all.

(Crazily enough Mike Myers actually threw it back to Kanye or as the Washington post put it [“And, because Myers is apparently as dumb as his Alfalfa hair, he throws it back to West.”])

West: George Bush doesn't care about black people!

(they then cut to Chris Tucker with Myers in the back ground saying…)
Myers: Please call . . .

I love them at the end kicking it to Chris Tucker by cutting away abruptly from Kanye and Chris Tucker having that WTF somebody save me look on his face.

Video of the incident

Bar Review at Canes

L.I.T. Promotions returns to the beach (“Lord a Mercy”)
Bar Review
“Right near da beach”
Mission Beach
By the Roller Coaster

“If I wasn’t from Jamaica, why would I be wearing this hat?”

Friday Sept 9th  

FREE access to Upstairs rooftop deck from 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. 

Drink Specials
$3 Domestic drafts
$4 Sam Adams
$3 wells

Tickets to see the Dave Matthews Experience (cover band) in the club downstairs will be $5 for all USD Law students w/ law school ID.
A Cali-Jamaican endorsed event…jot that down!



Was a pretty amazing day:

  • OU LOST ‘boomer sooner’ that beyotches

  • The Chief Justice died…opening up his spot for Roberts

  • Texas crushed LA Lafayette (Doesn’t feel that great since there was never a doubt and those poor kids have gone through so much)

  • Cal looked better with their 3rd string than their heralded recruit

  • My heart aches for the starting QB that was a rough break – no pun intended: The kid is out indefinitely, a busted season b4 the first half that sucks.

  • Ted Guinn looked vulnerable and Ohio State looked beatable.

  • Oh and I slept a full 6 hours. All in all it was a good day.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane relief

So earlier I made a call for us all to pitch in and help with the hurricane relief. I received a call from the SBA prez that the SBA will be conducting a donation drive at some point this week. I do not have all the details but, once I receive the info I will be sure to post it here so that we can all pitch in.

Happy Birthday

Kimball...I know I know I didn't make it out.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Football begins...

I know Thursday was the official start but this is when the REAL season I care about begins. My family loyalties are as fractured as any family that grew up in the states (we are all American College educated...I held out for as long as possible). All the teams that I care about play today: TEXAS, CAL, USC, MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA...I need the first team to win (guaranteed) would like the 2nd to win would love USC to lose to HI (a man can dream) UM and NC are peripheral, when they are not playing UT or challenging our poll position I can cheer for them. I am tired of my bro (a USC grad) calling me to recap games, this is the year of the F.U.S.C. chants Go Cal! GO HORNS GO! Now onto a solid 14 hours of drinking...I love College football.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Birthday

Carlo, Sorry I didn't make it out.

Quick Blurbs

  • It’s sad when the mere act of filling up your car with gas doubles its value

  • The new Kanye album is sick or if you are Gwen Stefani and thug-lite it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  • 5 am should be reserved for sleep not blogging

  • Bar review was fun if a little empty…always fun to drink with a professor though

  • The 24th of September is the best day of the year.

  • September is a great month

  • Bar review will return to PB this week: Canes

  • The week after it’s a PAD event and the week after that is the CALI-J birthday celebration possibly at on broadway

  • CW has some cute girls!

  • USD has some cute girls (I know where my bread is buttered)

  • Texas will play for the national title: GO HORNS GO

  • Cal has a chance to beat USC…please do so

  • Watching friends break up sucks.

  • They might be cute but I hate having the undergrads back on campus.

  • Even walking past the library is depressing

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pic from New Orleans thanks to my sis!

I just posted these to share the horror with y'all. At the same time it's cool how we can bounce back and move on. Oh and the picture of the school buses tripped me out, without the caption (which doesn't show up here)I wouldn't have recognized them but you will figure what they are now that I told you.

Happy Birthday

Pierre, Ye ole Whore!!!

Can we give some money to New Orleans please?

Can we start a fund for the people in New Orleans? I am possible the worst person when it comes to organizing something compassion based…but in this case I will bite the bullet and start collecting funds. I would love other school groups to get in on this too. When the Tsunami hit last year it was the in thing to trumpet Tsunami causes etc. Well here we have our own natural disaster of magnificent proportions and I think if anything overseas was worthy of our money this local homeland disaster matches them all. Do not be fooled by the glitz and glamour of bourbon street New Orleans is horridly poor and I think it would be good for all of us to pitch in and send some money en masse from USD law to the Red Cross or some such similar group.

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