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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I hate Dentists!

I have oral surgery tomorrow morning and I am so nervous. Or maybe I should fess up and just admit that I am afraid of the dentist. As a kid I remember crying, crying and crying some more at the dentist. Because I hated the feeling of getting a filling so much I have taken great care of my teeth, brushing 3xs a day, flossing (occasionally) constantly using Listerine and yet I now have to have oral surgery? It just doesn’t seem fair, but oh well. So I scheduled my appt for 8.30am which of itself is painful and you may wonder why I would do that to myself, but, the thing is that I know I would not be able to make it through the day if I had to deal both with the pain of an exposed nerve in my jaw and the thought of having to go in for an appt. Even now in class I have completely stopped listening to my prof and just started thinking about the damn chair. I know I know American dentists are supposed to be relatively painless but…screw that I am the one whose jaw they are digging into and I am the one whose tooth they are taking, so call me a baby all you want: I am the baby who HATES THE BLOODY DENTIST.

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