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Monday, September 26, 2005

A few TV moments

Martha Stewart rapping with Diddy was probably one of the worst moments in the history of television.

So I watched the season premiere of both Desperate H and Grey’s Anatomy: I wasn’t that impressed with DH, it did not appear as witty as last year’s episodes; I did like GA and found it shocking that a new member of the cast looks exactly like a tall 1L young lady that now attends our school. The resemblance was so striking that I actually for a moment thought that I was looking at my school mate on television. Always good to realize that you go to a school with such strikingly beautiful girls that they could be on TV (yes Kathryn I threw that part in for you) - I do think the girls at our school are beautiful even when they are looking their most haggard. Let’s keep it real we could have been stuck going to school in the mid-west but we all lucked out and got Southern California.

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Angry Dog said...

Dude, Martha Stewart rapping is just a little bit too much for my innocent little Jamaican mentality to take!

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