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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The new definition of Paranoia...

The irrational fear that everything you have written for your take home final will suddenly disappear from your computer screen, despite repeatedly pressing the save button every 5 minutes. Signs of paranoia: irrationally emailing yourself copies of the paper via attachments and cut and pastes into the body of an email; not trusting one email service to be a safe depository and thus having to email to 3 accounts every half hour a fresh copy of the paper even if the only new addition is a single word. Further signs of paranoia: recognizing that your actions are crazy but still logging into a backup computer so that you can IM a copy of your paper to the back up computer; cackling every time the file transfer goes through; wondering how it is that the 3 pages of notes that you took for the entire semester still somehow manage to be more than the notes of 2 of your classmates combined are they just more efficient than you are or do they care less?


The Monkey Attack Victim said...

When did you find time to actually write? It seems like saving was taking up all of your time.

But I know what you mean. During college, I spent a torturous night trying to write and save a paper. I managed to crash 4 computers and two printers. I didn't know printers could crash, but I was blamed just the same. And mind you, I took out both PC's and Macs. Now, I am a bit fanatical about saving my writing. I wish I would extend this paranoia to my work. I can't tell you how many DAYS of work I have lost.

Anonymous said...


smallislandgirl said...

this is too funny but Iknow what you mean been there done that.

Dr. D. said...

Inna my days it had to be written down...worst fear was that you cyaan find it..or wata wet it up!

Different era.

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