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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Of fire alarms and new friends...

So some asshole decided to pull my complex’s fire alarm at 1am: Which of course led me to the discovery that we have a central alarm system that is so piercing it could wake the dead. In the middle of watching Morales get his ass kicked by Raheem in a shocking boxing match the alarm went off and I like all the other residents of our complex had to leave our apartments because the noise was ear splitting and impossible to handle inside an apartment. But every cloud has a silver lining, I ended up meeting a tonne of my neighbors and we all kicked it (if you are a savvy reader you will note the time of this post) till 4am so I guess the alarm going off was not the worst thing in the world and it allowed me to meet some new friends.


Maria Elisa said...

s'pose you want another apology? I might have to start taking this personally. :) Hope your jaw feels better sweets.

aarond said...

Haha. No, to the apology; no, to taking it personally and; yes, the jaw feels better though I have not taken a pain killer since thursday night.

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