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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bad lyrics for a bad day

So one of my boys thinks that I have gone soft re chics and that there is cause for concern. Well let me use Da entourage’s lyrics to dispel that fear:
All the hoes with your drawz in your ass,And you got blue beads fallin' out your glass. …They say you actin' kinda funny I heard you boppin' for that money You say you lookin' for a ballerGirl, then let me spoil ya …I'm so glad I got my own,I ain't worried about Josephine.My life's a natural hop.Won't you bunny hop with me?…You gotta make sure both hands on the floor.When you wobble wobble, pop ya ass on the floor.You bounce it, then you pick it back up.Now, you can tell that I want to fuck.You look and you say "Nah nah,"But after while, my boy's goin' down.How your nipples and your titties start to sweat.Girl, I know that fire pussy's starting to get wet.…Get your shine on 'cause I'm getting mine on.I ain't worried about you.If you like to party hard, then I like to party too.
--Da Entourage “Bunny Hop”

It was a hot song for about 2 mins in the South. So I don’t exactly agree with the whole text of the song but I assure you my Iranian friend that I have no worries, there is no love for some crazy chic, the Cali J is still rolling through and meeting new peeps.


Maria Elisa said...

Hear that ladies?

Good to know.

aarond said...

So before this gets out of hand...Please take note of the title of the post. Also before anyone starts accusing me of anything whether female bashing or lack of emotion or cold heartedness or whatever crap that might come to mind: Let me put the post in context...I am nervous about tomorrow I am on a tonne of vicodin, I had a rather sour look on my face due to the combination of pain and the boredom of my class. The IM message I received was along the lines of "Wow a chic made you look so sad" there was more stuff about sexy 1ls etc but that doesn't need to be added. Because I was listening to Da Entourage and happen to like that song I used its lyrics. I should have seen what this could cause but quite frankly blogging in class leads to a major I don't care attitude when throwing posts up. If anyone is offended by the post...then so be it.

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