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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick blurbs ...ugly girls etc

Is Wednesday special nudie bar night in SD? Driving by the ‘World famous’ Body Shop tonight the line of cars to get into that place at 9.30pm was ridiculous!!!! Is there something I don’t know about that place? I thought nudie bars in SD were supposed to suck.

Since when do bath poufs cost the same price as gold? I had to purchase a new one because the current one is a bit tattered and the ridiculous price they are charging made me pause. I mean come on its just some plastic or nylon crap attached to a bit of rope!

There are some ugly chics in the library tonight…serves me right for being in the library tonight! This place is severely depressing.

Seriously there are some UGLY chics in the LRC 2nite there is no way that, the girl I am currently looking at goes to school here, I would have noticed her by now. (Yes, yes before I get called out, I know this is not the nicest thing to say but I am in the LRC depressed and I am sure that beauty is only skin deep etc but how deep do I have to look?)

In 2 days I will have completed a ¼ century of life on this planet and I have loved it.

2 years ago I had never ever, ever, ever tried Sushi, now I have sushi cravings. Strange how once you taste somethings you just can’t get enough of them. (insert lewd remark here etc…)

Is it just me or as the price of gas rises the pumps pump slower?

Target is a special place: Anywhere that allows you to buy everything for the house in one spot and still somehow manage to pretend that it's higher class than Wal-Mart is a special place.

K back to reading I have procrastinated long enough.


aarond said...

Point of Clarification: After talking to one of my friends...I would like to point out that the girls I normally view in the LRC are cute, dare I say hot. I just got caught on a bad night. And I am not in any way mean.

Shotta M said...

suppose that girl who was sitting from you was reading your blog as you wrote this? Just a crazy thought, but perhaps not twilight zone crazy or as crazy as your birthday in two days will be.

aarond said...

I guess I should add that part of what makes her so ugly is the ugly attitude she displayed. I do not believe that an ugly woman can look beautiful, but I am a firm believer that an ugly attitude can make a pretty girl look ugly.

spreadlove said...

and an ugly attitude can make a good-looking man seems you are really in to how people look. why? it is because of your own insecurities...

aarond said...

I must admit that ugliness can be brought out by an ugly to my insecurities yes deep deep insecurities

spreadlove said...

well, i must admit it surprises me to always read your comments about "ugly women" and women lookin' haggard, etc...who cares? everyone can't look like a supermodel ALL the time! but it's not just's me, it's our entire society. all anybody cares about these days is looks...outer beauty. sigh, it's become quite annoying. then we raise our kids this way...but enough of that. i think you have a cool personality aaron...let it shine!! i hope you have a really fun b-day!!

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