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Friday, September 02, 2005

Quick Blurbs

  • It’s sad when the mere act of filling up your car with gas doubles its value

  • The new Kanye album is sick or if you are Gwen Stefani and thug-lite it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  • 5 am should be reserved for sleep not blogging

  • Bar review was fun if a little empty…always fun to drink with a professor though

  • The 24th of September is the best day of the year.

  • September is a great month

  • Bar review will return to PB this week: Canes

  • The week after it’s a PAD event and the week after that is the CALI-J birthday celebration possibly at on broadway

  • CW has some cute girls!

  • USD has some cute girls (I know where my bread is buttered)

  • Texas will play for the national title: GO HORNS GO

  • Cal has a chance to beat USC…please do so

  • Watching friends break up sucks.

  • They might be cute but I hate having the undergrads back on campus.

  • Even walking past the library is depressing

1 comment:

Shotta M said...

Ahhh...the complexities of life.

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