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Monday, September 19, 2005

Yeah I watched Clueless so what?

So I caught a cold this weekend, so hopped up on the drugs and the lack of vicodin (trying to not take it) I have consumed; a lot of television, 2 tubs of ice cream, a bag of popcorn, 6 cups of pudding, 5 cinabons (damn that crap is so good), and that is only the junk food. So clearly the body has been abused this weekend. Amusing that I am healthier when drinking! So anyway in my somewhat weakened state I caught some of clueless. I have only seen the full movie once and I confess that I liked it. Not liked it in the sense that “Damn this is a good movie” but more like “Huh this is amusing and a decent waste of a couple of hours”.

So watching it today I remembered how back then Alicia Silverstone was the next “it” actress. She was supposed to blow up and then…nothing. What happened to her? Her career tanked faster than Bush’s approval rating. <An aside and I will probably ask this again: Is it an approval rating if it drops below 50% isn’t it then a disapproval rating?> But anyway back to Clueless amazing that Brittany Murphy currently has the best career of the ladies from that movie. I guarantee that in 1995: 9/10 peeps would have picked Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash or Elisa Donovan (damn she was snotty on Sabrina the teenage witch [type-cast]) to have the bigger careers, but not the girl who had a difficult time dancing to “Rolling with the Homies”

So though I know it’s not the most macho movie to watch (In my defense I also watched Demolition Man this wknd not a great movie but definitely macho and who didn’t like the Peroxide hair of Wesley Snipes) and guys always laugh at the guy that brings it up some how guys always know scenes from that movie. If you don’t believe me test out your boys (unless of course they read the blog and will then lie to save face), most guys have watched and liked Clueless. Hell many guys can even quote from that movie, though that is not the best thing to do if trying to show that you are a man among boys etc.

Plus we all know that, that movie gives you a true insight into the lives of California kids!


Anonymous said...

Here is a list of the other movies aaron rented this weekend but forgot to mention:
Dude, Where's my dildo?
Big trouble in little vagina
Teabagger vance
Moulin Splooge
One fell into the poo-poo's nest
Lord of the G-Strings

Lyoness said...

Cinnannabon? Cimonunabun? Cinanabon?

Angry Dog said...

Yow, I never said I didn't like Clueless still rude bwoy...the movie sucked, but the catty dem did hot still--bredrin of mine tell me that the movie mek perfect sense if u smoke some hi-grade @ the time of viewing...dunno bout dat still, but it worth a try :D

spreadlove said...

clueless rocks!! you're such a MAN for admitting it...NOT! men should just admit they like some "girl" movies 'cause if you love girls you gotta love some girl movies. and why would you call it a "disapproval rating" if it drops below 50? it's STILL the percentage of people who APPROVE of the president...i not being one of those...

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