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Monday, December 27, 2004

I must be losing my mind!

Did I really call from Jamaica on my Sprint cell phone? Can anyone tell me what the roaming charges on such a call is? Oh well I got love for my peeps: Jamaica is crazy the parties are off the hook the pics I am getting are amazing and so far I have not gotten shot. The fassy dem did tief mi sister car on christmas eve so more on that when I have time and the use of my own internet connection but till den I hope a hollow point finds dem fassy.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Fire bun di fassy dem!

So in my rush to pack I threw a gift for my mom in a bag and then at the airport ended up checking in that bag, and the fassy dem tek the gift outta mi bag. They had the audacity to leave the packaging of the gift but removed the actual gift, thankfully my other gifts were not removed and I have another gift for mom but seriously if you robbing people during xmas time you are begging to get a shot inna yu batty. Worst part of it was that on the drive home an Air J ad came over the radio telling people to make sure to pack their jewelry in their check in luggage...are you serious?

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Actually in JAMAICA! Have fun this XMAS everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Gucci, Fendi and Prada bags

Guess it means the undergrads have finals and have decided to invade our library once again. I think I missed the memo that makes running shorts and a tank top the outfit of choice at 2am in winter for jogging. Forget the fact that back to back nights, at school I have seen single women jogging, but to do so in clothes that look like they would be cold mid summer is just crazy. Do those lil plastic shorts actually have a heater in them that I cant see cause I don’t care how fast u run that bloody fog is COLD.

Am I mean?

I have been told recently by 2 different sources that I can be mean. Could this be true, is making fun of someone directly to their face mean or just an expression of the love that u have for your friends? Oh well, that being said come on seriously undergrad using the law library did you really need FOUR cushions for your chair? I can understand the one for the back but 3 for the bootie? C'mon now I saw what you were working with, you did not need more than one cushion.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Middle of the exam!

Yeh so Im in the middle of an exam and all I can think is WOW...I know nothing. Help someone it's 2.40pm and I need an answer to EVERYTHING. Cant wait to finish the rest of this exam. And for my boy Greg where is Hot girl in the back row. HG in the BR!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ah yes, classic lyrics.

"Donkey donkey, donkey everywhere, she cant even fit all of it in the chair" Ah I love late night rap music: 'They wanna chew me, they just love the ghetto booty' How can u beat that?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Cal is good...?

So is it any coincidence that BALCO was located in the bay area and a school from that area suddenly had a resurgence of their football program? I know, I know, I’m just being facetious so don’t get mad. But its kind of funny that California sports has had a bit of an upswing the last few years. USC was down and now back on top, the Dodgers got decent, the Giants made a charge at the world series, and the Angels won a worlds series. I mean come on the ANGELS; the rally monkey alone couldn’t have done that. Clearly of course the Clip joint, Stanford and 49ers are not on the juice. Not sure about the Chargers they are pretty good this year could they have gotten the last batch?
- So weird to think that the original boy band (New Edition) is now a part of the Bad Boy record label. Puffy lost Da Band and got N.E. Oh yeah and don’t forget Bad Boy also had Jodeci.
- And just a reminder; just cause Dylan from Da Band sings reggae and has an accent does not make him Jamaican; He is from Grenada, let them claim him.

Friday, December 10, 2004

I hate Tax...paying it that is!

Tis the season for giving, but receiving’s aite! Sorry that u can’t go to the holiday bowl girl. I guess I will just have to settle for giving u the other crappy gift I have for you. Some quick random musings:
- Why is Time Warner advertising DVR using hockey don’t they know about the strike?
- If tax isn’t on the bar, Y am I forced to do it?
- If your JOB is to play a SPORT should u really be claiming that is a “tremendous sacrifice to take a 24% cut in salary when the average salary is in the millions for a sport that is losing its fan base?
- Y is there not more of a crack down on spyware?
- Can we not make a law that anyone who puts out spyware/viruses should be forcibly separated from their genitals?
- Was anyone really surprised by the baseball steroids issue?
- Could OJ really have done it?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Aww Skeet Skeet!

Amazing how that word has taken over. Peeps are still screaming it and I am certain alot of peeps screaming it still dont even know what they are saying. Like Chappelle said it’s amazing that they allow you to say it on the radio. Why is it that peeps give you some of the ugliest looks when they are passing by your cubicle in the library? If they were giving me looks of amazement that I could understand, because I am always shocked when I am in the library but what’s up with all these mad looks like they are going to step to you if u even dare to say res judicata. For a certain lucky Cal fan who is currently mad at me, if I were you I would clear my calendar for Dec 30th at 2.30pm and make sure that I am in San Diego. Nuff said, back to the books, Santa Clause has to study. Ever seen a grown man cry? Want to? Come see me after IP and tax.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Shout out...

Happy Birthday Johanna and congrats on the new addition to the family.

Why must you lie to ME!

You know maybe I’m weird but I can forgive a liar. I can forgive a liar, maybe because I joke around so much that to me a lie is often just a joke w/o a punch line. What I cant forgive is those who after the lie has been discovered stretch it out. Like currently someone is playing a prank on one of my boys and myself and u know what that one while not funny, is cool cause neither of us has discovered the culprit; so, though the joke is wearing a bit thin now, I am fine with it because it’s a joke and we have not caught the person performing it. But when I have caught you in a lie and I give you opportunities to come clean, don’t use double speak. Don’t try to answer select portions of questions and then claim that you answered the entire question. There are so many beautiful features to you, but apparently honesty isn’t one. But how could u help it? Your in law school isn’t that what we are taught? Evade every question and lie your ass off for the client. “If you aint cheating you aint trying” huh? Where did I go wrong with you, did I not give you an open and clear atmosphere for you to tell me things? Maybe next time I will just read your mind that might be easier. And damn it it's almost 4am and I cant sleep!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Life isn't a bed of Roses!

At least not for Cal! So it sucks for Cal, I understand that: But please don’t give me the “we deserve it more than Texas” line. Its hard to say that either of us deserves it more than another. The ones you should be irate at are teams like Pitt, Va Tech and Michigan. Be mad that the BCS has so many dumb rules that allow a team ranked #21 in the BCS to slip ahead of a team ranked #5; there should be no tie in Bowls. Winning a weak conference like the Big East should not give u an auto bid. I have said from the beginning that I think Cal is a good team, I don’t think they are a better team than Texas. I have told many of you, my dream match-ups have been OU v USC, AU v Utah and TX V Cal. Let the un-defeated rumble and let the 2 best one loss teams in the nation duke it out for supremacy.

Do I think TX can beat Cal? YES. Am I sure? No. It’s impossible to tell. For all those saying oh Cal almost beat USC, well almost doesn’t count. UCLA almost beat USC (if the ref knew what a fumble looked like) does that mean UCLA is as good as Cal? Maybe USC had a bad game when they played Cal while Cal had to play their ass off to match up with them on a bad day. There are so many what ifs. So if you don’t win u cant tell me u were better than they are and u cant use that as your consolation, because consolation gets you the holiday bowl as I well know as a TX fan. We have suffered for 3 years what Cal is now suffering, lose to your rival and it breaks your heart and your season. I am not gloating though well I should after all the grief yall have given me week after week every time the BCS came out and Cal was ahead of us. My heart aches for you because I know what its like to just miss out. But don’t look for love when it comes to the Rose bowl. Tradition is over: The Pac 10 no longer is guaranteed the Rose Bowl and no one should be. The system is flawed but don’t blame Texas for doing what it had to do. Hopefully next year its Cal v TEXAS for the national championship: the 2 flagship schools of the 2 big football states going at it…now that’s a dream match-up. Till then sorry Cal and HOOK ‘EM HORNS!

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Just wish they would stop fronting and drop the C out of those 3 letters. So tommorrow at 2pm pacific the results come out and determine which school gets that at large bid. I am biased, but I believe Texas should get it, if as the Cal coach said today its about consistency then we should get it, we have had 4 straight 10 win seasons and this was another good one. Sucks that a weak conference can have 2 good teams trounce it and inflate numbers and have that help their poll positions. Nothing against Cal or USC because u cannot dictate your conference but, I feel that many of their numbers are inflated. Beating southern miss proved nothing in terms of Cals power; if they are as good as the claim is, in a game that had so many eyes on it and had so much riding on it and was against a weak team there whould have been a stomping not a scrape through. Plus it would be so funny if the Rose bowl had 2teams whose fans travel in such massive numbers like Texas' and Michigan's, while the Cal fans would have to drive past them on their way to San Diego for the Holiday bowl. The only team with blue and gold in Pasadena should be Michigan. Though thats another issue; weak conference winners like Pitt, Mich, V-Tech, should not be getting automatic bids while a team like either Cal or Texas and Louisville have to scrap for an at large. Take the C out and lets call the thing what it really is.

Gets better with Age?

No G it nah go so! You cant mack with a woman whose older than our combined ages and expect me not to call u out. Yeh yeh they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, but if the berry is old enough to make wine what do you do? so you gave her your number and she has a son that is your age, its all good, maybe if you go visit her you and her kid can play xbox while she naps. Hey man its cool every law student wants a sugar momma, now u truly have a momma. Anyway 2nite was fun, great to celebrate my girls B-day sucks that your actually day falls during exams. Luv ya anyway. Nothing like having a bar tab, but damn some of my peeps have expensive tastes. By the way at 4.30 pm on Saturday 12/5/04 F.U.CAL

Friday, December 03, 2004

AIDS was created to erase Black People!

NO. Because it was world AIDS day yesterday I figured I would visit this story. This theory has floated around for many years now and gained significant coverage when Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, claimed that AIDS was a deliberately created biological agent. Her words;
"Some say that AIDS came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys (since) time immemorial, others say it was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that. "Us black people are dying more than any other people in this planet,"
I personally cannot believe that AIDS was created by the white man or any man in an attempt to take out black people. If you’r smart enough to have the bio engineering skills to create such a powerful weapon as AIDS you would not be dumb enough to unleash it w/o a control, to release it and have it spread in such a manner. There is no control for AIDS it is not a direct target and it’s not a fast killer. It affects us all; there was never any chance of it just remaining in Africa it was guaranteed to spread. I refuse to think that anyone was ever so heinous to release a disease that would have the potential to kill so wantonly and would have a chance to backfire like this. But, I might be wrong. I doubt it, but hey I might be. Here is a little clip I took from a website
In 1999, Afrikan-Americans [sic] and Hispanics accounted for almost 70 percent of new HIV infections. On the contrary, it is very ironic, albeit strange, that 'death rates in Europe of people infected with the virus that causes AIDS have fallen 84 percent since 1985'.30 The reality is that whereas two-thirds of the people in the world infected with AIDS are in sub-Saharan Afrika,[sic] only about 2 percent is in Western Europe.” Hmm makes conspiracy theories look more plausible?
“How is it in a 10 min span late at night I can make 3 persons mad at me while the rest of the world peacefully sleeps?” Calijamaican at 1am.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Drink with Professors

So drinking with a professor is a trip; you get to hear personal stories about other profs and info about the best things to do to make money off of other people. Please yall cut and paste this link into your browser u will enjoy what u see;

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Big ups DAD!

Wow, I now have to research my own father online, after I was told that he now has the #3 rated radio program in Jamaica. That’s awesome ole man but like you always used to say to me when I brought grades home “ok, so you are #3, why did u let 2 others get ahead of you?” Anyway this is part of his bio I pulled from the radio stations website:
About the Host: For over 25 years psychologist Dr Dumas has been offering advice to numerous Jamaicans …his column…is now the most widely read column in any of the island's newspapers… He is also the island's first government appointed marriage counselor.
There is some other stuff that I don’t want public. Anyway once again congrats DAD, now give me a shout out on the radio.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Only ugly women from now on!

Strictly ugly women with unfit bodies for me from now on: No I am not crazy I swear it’s just that recently I got that fever. Some of you might know what I am talking about. I find myself missing attractive women intensely. No one in all honesty looks back in their life and misses an ugly woman for aesthetic purposes (you might miss her personality) but I cant parade personality around on my arm can I. Am I shallow? Definitely…is this how I always am? No, but, recently I have been in conversations with some very attractive females and I find that I miss them. Women to me are the most prized thing that I can acquire, a good woman is to be prized more than an Olympic gold. I say acquire, not because I think of women as objects (except of course when we go out, I need to know that my girl looks good on my arm) but acquire because, I want to hold on to her, to have something tangible that I can enjoy. Too often what we have is fleeting girl! I cannot compete with so many of the southern cal guys in the fact that I have no money that is no secret: what I run with is potential. Course potential does not put food in a woman’s mouth or baguettes on her wrist but it does put me in the maybe pile, but I digress. Recently I have been fiending for a good woman a woman, who has the body, the looks and the attitude. Yes attitude is important, I am sarcastic and I cant have u mad at me every time I say something. Please don’t cry too often either, because tears are my kryptonite. I cannot fight with a woman who is crying. So back to the first line, I need to stick to ugly women, they at least I can handle and at least when its all over I will not be looking back with fond memories and wonder if I’m missing her, at least with an ugly woman when I get the fever I will know its not for her.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Wake up

I was so tempted to sign my friends up for the target wake up call to shop: after all Im up when the shopping frenzy starts other peeps should be too.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

You know u want the clap!

I really need to get a clapper, every year they advertise it around thanksgiving and every year I think man that will save me walking 3 feet to turn a light of, so this year I have to get it.


I say turkeyday since for most peeps its just a day to gorge themselves, plus I dont have that traditional attachment that other peeps might have. That was a really nice thing u did for that guy tonight Jess, kindness is always rewarded. If the FCC is so bloody concerned with keeping us safe and cleaning up our TV programming, Y cant they get rid of all the old navy ads about sweaters and the new set of Levi's ads? Once again I'm taking on all DDR challengers.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I am the KING OF DDR

Anyone who thinks differently is either a liar or actually saw my performance on the mat last night. I will take on all challengers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I was holding off on posting this since the official letter has not been sent out, but, I cant hold it in any longer. WHAT? How can OUR law school not have alcohol? It is what makes so many miserable functions bearable. Its the reason to go to a Dean's kegger. Its what makes certain classes better. Its what makes talking to some of those lame asses from other sections better. If they are not drunk half the peeps in this law school annoy me, and another 1/4 amuse me. Im not saying lawyers are alcoholics, but without us budweiser would be a mom and pop shop. We built this country on alcohol. DO you think some of our countries great documents were written sober? If you ever want to see how removing alcohol affects the law go look at historical accounts of Prohibition, that worked out really well for us. Yes I know I may be running into the crowd and throwing punches wildly on this one, but I am passionate about my libations!

Ah the joys of thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for? For health, strength, blah blah blah blah blah. Lets keep it real. Im thankful that I despite my best efforts I still manage to remain in law school. I am thankful that I know good peeps and most of all I am thankful for the after thanksgiving day sales. I am a poor law student so let me keep it real...If you expect a gift from me this year, I hope you like Walmart because thats my store of choice, let other rich suckers go to the mall, this country boy from Texas (and the ghettos of suburbia) will be going cheap this year. I love yall, I just cant afford yall. SO for the story du jour: the guy who went nuts in the deer stand in Wisconsin and killed 6 claims that he was shot at and responded in kind. The whole story seems weird to main thing on this is that I am shocked this sort of thing has not happened before. How comes more peeps have not shot each other while hunting. I remember some of my friends from Texas who used to go drinking and hunting, if I had heard that one of them had shot someone I would never have expressed shock. Oh well maybe Im just a cynic.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Desperate Housewives!

So, I have to say that this show is pretty damn funny/interesting and one step away from destroying the family fabric. According to the peeps who do TV stats the shows audience is 40% male which is an extremely high percentage for a show of that type but the show is funny and well written and there is at least one or 2 characters on that show that most peeps know someone like. Anyway, the promo for the show last week on MNF generated massive controversy and would prolly still be talked about on ESPN if the brawl had not occured. So if you dont know; the promo featured a star from the show in a towel in the eagles locker room seducing T.O. the spot ends with her dropping the towel and jumping into T.O.'s arms. All that can be seen of her nudity is her back, not even the 3/4s of the buttocks that the FCC allows you to show. There was massive uproar that the spot was inappropriate and that kids would be harmed etc. Hogwash, no kids were harmed by that spot; kids that would have been harmed should not have been up anyway to be watching MNF and to be honest most kids would not have understood the promo anyway. The ad was no worse than the beer ads that can be seen on a regular basis with women rolling around in bras and panties fighting over the taste of beer (isnt that a worse message to send).
Now Tony Dungy (Coach of the colts) said that he found the ad to be racially offensive and taking us back to the bad days when black men were seen as sexual predators who made no committments and seduced women etc. Correction coach in the ad the WHITE woman seduced the BLACK man. I loved the ad, the radial implications of it did not hit me till u said them, and u know what I still dont see yours what I do see is an improvement, I saw something that 35 years ago when MNF debuted would never have been shown on TV, I saw a society that has evolved enough to allow a black man to be seen on TV hugging a naked white woman. I saw a funny ad and I never at any point saw it as a black man w/ a white woman thing until u dragged that out of no where and completely destroyed what was just a fun cross promotion. The name of the show is Desperate Housewives, the ladies are sex crazed hence she jumps a man in a locker room, relax and enjoy a new America. We have evolved.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My bad

Sorry my dear: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY wishes Zandra!

Early on one belated on the other

Happy Birthday Sonia, and Happy Birthday Brian.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Fans got their just deserts!

So The Palace at Auburn Hills tonight became amateur fight night and you know what? It was beautiful. I love the fact that the NBA players cold clocked some of those obnoxious fans. Anyone who tells me that the players were wrong for jumping into the stands is not thinking rationally. You play basketball for two hours in a hostile arena with adrenalin pumping and then get hit by a beer and not react? Those fans were idiots and deserve every punch they received. You do not ever throw a drink in another persons face and expect to walk away without repurcussions - I dont care if its water or beer. Hell that fan that ran onto the court near the end of the fight and tried to square with Ron Artest is lucky that he is still alive, your chubby ass looks like your 5ft,2inches facing up with a man that is paid to be an enforcer on the court and is over 6ft 8 in tall I almost wish he had put your dumb ass in a coma (thought that would have been more trouble than its worth). Seriously though it was so damn satisfying to see some of those "fans" take solid punches right to the face. If your a fan then treat the players with at least some respect, if you cant do that much sit your stupid ass at home and watch on TV.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random Musings

- Francesca is not hot enough to ruin a room-mate friendship
- Ice cream is more addictive than crack
- Careful what u tell a girlfriend she may someday be an ex-girlfriend
- If you’re a superstar with body-guards and an entourage you an idiot for carrying a knife with you to an awards show.
- I disagree with you my friend: just jumping in, in defense of Dr. Dre will not get him off on a ‘defense of others’ defense, you cant meet a punch with a knife stab.
- Ads on TV have deteriorated into mind numbing drivel – what happened to the day when Jack in the Box guaranteed good ads
- Ok, ok Beer ads are still funny, but they need to run more spots featuring Leon
- Just cause a ho don’t charge don’t mean she aint a ho- If you are giving shout outs to a jail not even to an inmate but to the whole jail you are seriously wrapped up in the prison mentality.
- What’s so wrong with clubbing baby seals? Why is that the standard for cruelty and wickedness: If the adults are fair game Y not catch them while they are young? Is it so much better to let the same object of your attention take up resources only for u to club it later in life?
- If you bomb an abortion clinic and kill doctors because your an anti abortionist, you are even worse than the people you despise. It would have been better you were not born.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Birthday girls...

To my young cousin (you cant drink yet but hang in there) and Maryam, the package is in the mail box (guard it with your life on the trip - praise Allah).

Ol D. B. is Dead!

Another musician taken from us at a young age. O.D.B. was famous for the great line "Me and Mariah, go back like babies with pacifiers" But dont forget classics like "Baby I got your money" Was Ol DB crazy? Clearly! But the man could make u laugh and dance and forget the dozen illegitimate children he had or the fact that he went to pick up a welfare check while riding in a limo with MTV cameras. The man had flavour and that was special. Course since he died in a record studio I expect him to join the long list of artists that have released hits after death: Biggie, Pac, Big L, Elvis, Aliyah, Roy Orbison and the great Robert Nesta Marley. Nothing like death to help a singer go platinum.


Thats right! So it was close and we scored with only 11 seconds left but we did it and thats all that matters. BCS contenders and if you dont like us CHOKE ON THAT!

Friday, November 12, 2004

A weird night in the club

So Thurs nite bar review was a lil weird so in keeping with the weirdness of the whole thing I will transmit how the night went using song lyrics. And since Im a good lil law student I will give attribution for the lyrics to the singers. (I have no clue who the writers were.)
“And if you don’t know now you know” Biggie
“What have you done to me, I can’t eat, I cannot sleep and I’m not the same anymore” Anita Baker
“Now everybody in the club getting tipsy JKwon
“Yup that Bia is fine, damn that Bia is fine” Jackie-O
“Mija I love the way your ass looks in them Levis” Guerilla Black
“Tell your friend to get their friends and we can all be friends” Biggie (prompts a really ugly look)
“That love to get her _licked, by another chic cause I aint drunk enough to do that” Petey Pablo (clean)
“Turn me on turn me on” Kevin Lyttle
“Bend over to the front touch your toes back that ass up and down and get low” Lil jon
“Bitch shut the f- up” Camron
“Knuck if you buck” Crime mob
“The more drinks in the system the harder the fight” Ludacris
(On the phone) “You can’t deny it” Fabulous
“She's callin me on my phone Tellin me, she's feelin freaky” Play-n-Skillz (response to a question)
“Cocky is something that I just cant help” Clipse
“Your all I need to get by” Method Man
“You down with OPP? Yeh you know me!” Naughty by nature
“Baby can you stand the rain?” New Edition
(watching the cops pull a kid over) Fu@k the police NWA

Thursday, November 11, 2004


I have got to fight my urges, I told a friend about some of my urges and it spurred a no comment and when that friend has nothing to say that is an amazing occurence, am I such a bad person? Just saw another anti smoking ad: I dont smoke but I dont know anyone that those ads have put off smoking. In fact those ads appear so annoying to me that if I were ever intrigued by smoking I would take a puff or 2 just because those ads hit me the wrong way. Everyone who smokes nowadays knows the danger of smoking its just a waste of funds and a break of my viewing pleasure to run these ads, put that money to good purposes like figuring out how to make the ice cream that I love fat free and still taste the same that would be a good use of funds.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My LiveSTRONG yellow wristband broke, right through the letters S &T of strong...this is despite the fact that I cared for it and did not get it wet etc oh well...I need a new one (Hint hint wristband provider). Final bit of irony that occured this morning: as I came up the 80 steps cut into the hill to school from my place I spotted a guy smoking and drinking diet coke as he huffed his way up the was cracking me up to see how winded he appeared to be yet was determined to keep puffing, it was totally hilarious for me until I hit step 67 or so and became winded myself. Those damn steps are hellish if I didnt need to lose weight I would drive to school and yes I know its lazy to say that especially since I live 3 mins away via foot.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hook 'em

Someone needs to tell the announcers at TBS that there are 2 halves to a football game: At 35-7 w/ OSU up the announcer prcatically declared the game over and gave it to OSU...good thing the Horns didnt listen to him. Texas ripped off 49 straight points to show the world that there is at least one team from Ok that we can beat. Cedric Benson is a monster 5TDs u cant stop the kid. My bad...I knew you were busy and stressed and yet I still called that was not good of me, sometimes we dont think about what our peeps are up to when we decide that we want to talk to them or give them gifts etc. Crazy weekend: one night at a country bar next night at a surfer bar who knows 2nite I might go to a library. Earlier today was a weird weird moment when I really really missed my ex even though she did me wrong...oh well cant always explain emotions can we?

Thursday, November 04, 2004


DEATH TO THAT SKANK HO: I dont believe in hitting women but my roomie and I agree this is a case where it can and should be done. A woman cut of over 80% of her man's penis and then refused to tell him where she put it...she is now on the run and cops believe she is heading back to El Salvador (possibly with the penis still in her possession). Here is what makes this story so much worse: she accused him of cheating so she chopped his dick, but she herself while living with this guy is legally married back in El Salvador so she herself is cheating and of the worst kind breaking the sanctity of marriage. But clip all that there is never a reason to chop a man's vital organ; let me be honest I really think that seeing someone come at that part of my anatomy might cause me to hit a woman and let me reiterate I do not believe in hitting women but how can u argue with swinging on her if she tries to chop the legend maker. Its not right if someone is cheating leave them hit them do something but dont cut the lifegiver.
NEVER HIT A WOMAN...and yeah yeah we all know...shake her!

BUSH is Back!

But only in government...(You know what I'm talking about we spoke about this). So I must say I enjoy watching American politics, I know the ads get nasty and I know it divides friends and then after all that peeps tend to not know who their president is for hours but damn its funny as an observer to see. Just finished watching CNN and they are already projecting front runners for 2008 supposedly oddsmakers currently have Hilary at 5-1 and Giuliani is 7-1, McCain is also supposedly a strong canidate as well as Obama and John Edwards, but the shocker is that one of the strongest canidates is a man who cannot even run ARNOLD Schwarzenegger hope I spelt that name right. Will there be a constitutional ammendment soon or at least a push for one? What happened to the youth vote what happened to 20 million strong and VOTE OR DIE: there was so much hype and so little result: The republican strategery was correct go after the old they at least care to vote; some peeps even voted on their death beds.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Even the keyboardist from the Roots knows that I'm Rick James Beeyotch! Wonder who snuck into the pic at the last minute?
pic by soulman

Sunday, October 31, 2004


just a friendly reminder to USD law students.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

An apology for 2nite!

To all my fellow students and those who went to the party I am sorry that the crap happened tonight: It was obviously not something I could control but since my group was in charge I will take as much heat as anyone wants to give me. We will make it up to yall. That kid Mike J if its legit better in my opinion quit our law school ASAP; his actions and the actions of his friends cost almost 700 students a night of fun and cost the SBA a potential outlay of almost $20,000 at present, thankfully some of that money should come back in to us but when how etc? Kid, who goes to a bar and throws cups at the bartender are u retarded or just plain stupid? Damn its 4.30am and I am still mad. This is what makes me know God watches over me; if I had found that kid while I was roaming through the crowd looking for him with a golf club I dont think I would be allowed to type on my laptop in jail. Lets be honest no one there would have been able to talk sense into any of us that had caught that kid immediately. Seriously kid after the honor ct is done with you and the school attaches their comments to the bars professional responsibility questions what are you going to do you would have wasted 3 years of law school just to hear "Your an ass and cant join our profession" Once again to my law school peeps I apologise and hope to take care of you ASAP.

- One night of looking like a superstar plus a round of drinking and clearing an event of 600 disgruntled patients equals a $20,000 headache

Friday, October 29, 2004

R Kelly did it Y not me?

So I got in trouble with the ladies because my origianl costume idea was to go as R Kelly: I had planned to carry a lil doll with me to entice the younguns and a squirt bottle so that every time I saw a girl I could squirt yellow fluid on her but for some reason people thought that, that might be offensive. Whats wrong with dripping all over someone...we are all adults...its just a joke!


So just another night that I am going to bed confused about women: I spoke to different peeps about different things at different times and all I got from 3 different conversations was confusion. From 1 who should know better I got lectured; from one who knew I was too tired for jokes I got played with; and from 1 who knew I didn't want a serious conversation I got a long meaningful discussion. So anyway vote or die? This is an amazing election just based on the mobilization of the youth vote; its something wonderful to see though all the slogans have me scratching my head: VOTE OR DIE? A lil harsh I think but it seems to be effective...Anyway since I cant vote (felons should be able to vote by the way they have seen the world at its worst in prison - they prolly have a good idea on social infrastructure) I will plug something we can all vote on: The most risque (skankiest ho) outfit for halloween. I will be taking suggestions from yall tomorrow night as to who we should pick out for the finalists.
-----Halloween shopping is tough: My outfit requires that I shop for the clothing in the womens section and damn women have small shoulders and narrow hips makes it so hard to find a good selection.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey sometimes power is good...

We have added another category to the halloween party list; there will now be a prize for the most Risque costume...most of yall are smart enough to know what this category essentially boils down to...

Halloween great tradition...

Halloween is fast becoming one of my favorite times of the year: now I did not celebrate it back in the day growing up on the isle. But I must admit hearing all the plans that peeps are throwing down; this years halloween is going to be mad fun. Now my brothers and sisters we should band together and demand that the SBA (and yes I know Im VP) create a skankiest costume award. It could be softened by calling it the most risque or whatever but seriously how can the law school give away 4 categories of prizes and not have one for the skimpiness of a costume? After all isnt that what law school halloween is all about, ladies going as bare as they dare and the gentlemen trying to trip peeps out by being as original as possible? Well I guess its time that the Calijamaican takes a stand: I think I will have to bust out the schools credit card and go shopping for a prize for the outfit that I think is most deserving of our/my approval. I dont normally ask for comments but what do u my people think should we award the "most risque"?
"That isnt in the play book, but it should be!" By the way phones work 2 ways...
I should prolly check this post for errors since Im going on 48 hours w/o sleep but ha whats the point I cant spell on a full night of sleep. Oh and no one tell the treasurer that I took the credit card.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mine doesnt do that!

From Cnet A developer in Tokyo has created an add-on for Vodafone handsets that's meant to be used as a night filter to let people take pictures with their phones in the dark.
- Unfortunately, the night vision camera has an unexpected side effect, according to Japanese developer Yamada Denshi...As well as taking snaps in the dark, the Yamada Denshi infrared filter apparently sees through people's clothes.
- The problem arises because the filter uses the distribution of heat to create its pictures. When attached to a high-end camera, the filter can see though certain kinds of clothing and is reportedly particularly effective on dark bikinis.
The handset most often used with the filter--the V602-SH--is only available in Japan.
Seriously the leon budweiser ads have got to be some of the funniest ads out right now. And in the chicken fight I have my money on SPICY tendercrisp

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The W's

Women, Wonderment, Waste, Wow, Wacky, Wierd, Westside, Word? Weak? Willing? Why?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ding Dong the witch is dead...

So boston finally played David and slayed Goliath...bout damn time. Still rooting for H-town to win it all though but damn as a certified hater of the Yanks I'm just happy to not see them in the World Series. So I'm doing my usual insomniac trip through the TV channels and right now Im watching BET directed videos I have ever seen in my life hahah nothing like soft core in my videos. I think for half of them the choreographer said to the young ladies just act as skanky as u can. And the lyrics are awesome..."Is that your man forget it...Im standing by the bar parrot toed bow-legged so he gone come get it" - lyrical.
I thought I sounded sarcastic when giving warnings in SBA meetings but, the announcer that says the following program is for mature audiences snickers before she says "and contains material that some viewers might find offensive" Practically sounds like, if your going to be offended by these videos go to sleep. Lesson to the general public: songs with the words "ass" "tits" or a deleted word (&*$@) in the title are typically not classic songs that you will sing years from now to your children...Splash waterfalls baby...You got that bomb ass pu@#$

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I hate the Yanks?

Yes its true I hate the yanks. This is a rough series for me, because I'm not that big a fan of the Sox either but I really hate the yanks. Now I know this post season it has become fashionable to jump on the anti yankees band wagon, but my hatred of the yanks is not a fly by night loathing its a deep seated I hate you cause you had David Justice and u beat the Braves in the world series hatred. But now I'm seeing all these faux red sox supporters and all these I hate the yanks attitude from peeps that dont even like baseball. Come on son keep it real. When I ask you why you hate the yanks your response should not be "Just cause" or " I hate carrots" (Chapelle reference) Have a reason and dont quote Ben Affleck. (Dont get me wrong I think the yanks are good for baseball, we all need a team to root against a team to challenge a team that forces other teams to play better.) The team I would love to see win it all right now since my team is out is the Astros. Yes I want to see Boston beat the yanks but after that I would love to see the sox swept. They need that curse to fulfill their fans lives, if Boston wins what else would they have bitter people need bitter pills to swallow and a world series loss is a very big pill...Oh and that new key chain that you can use to turn of any TV, your an asshole if you walk around turning of people's televisions especially at this time of the year, I dont care if the inventor has not owned a TV since 1980 thats his choice to stay out of touch with the world let the rest of us have our fun.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cant hide in plain sight...

"How can I possibly, be inconspicuous
When my flow is just so ridiculous?
That's rite an accent, see Im from the south
Where some of the most beautiful things come out my mouth
And Im on stage just as soon as I come out the house
So I might as well give them somethin' to talk about
Cee-Lo: 'I'll be around'"

To all my peeps if you wanna stay secretive and not bring your conflicts into the public front, bar review is not the spot for you to be. Alcohol + smoking + loud music = confessions that u regret the next day. Must say I love watching the various hookups and lovers quarrels that occur at bar review. Keeping it stone cold...though as my guidance counsellor said long ago should something arise while dancing pull her in close so that she knows whats there between you supposedly women love that?...ah yes I miss high school.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Happy Birthday girls...

Happy birthdays Tiffany and Jeniffer

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Yes I know it looks bad but I'm only saying that they should because I'm concerned about their health...Moderate drinking in older adult women has
positive influence on memory, University of Texas at Austin
nursing researcher says in new study
September 29, 2004
AUSTIN, Texas—Moderate alcohol consumption among older adult women—two or fewer drinks a day—can benefit memory, according to recent findings by a University of Texas at Austin nursing researcher...“Moderate drinkers reported less depression, had higher self-reported health, performed better on instrumental everyday tasks, had stronger memory self-efficacy and improved memory performance,” said McDougall...Women who moderately drank alcohol also performed better on attention, concentration, psychomotor skills, verbal-associative capacities and oral fluency.
Those who drank were more likely to be married than non-drinkers, while the non-drinkers were more likely to be widowed.
The average education of non-drinkers was 13 years compared with 15 years for drinkers.
- Kinnda strange that the non drinkers were more likely to be widowed. Could it be that they didnt drink enough to mellow out so they nagged their men to death? Whatever the case is: to all those women who throughout the years thought I was just trying to get you drunk no baby gurrl I was just trying to keep you healthy.

Can this be right? Say it aint so...

So I just saw a news clip and I had to research it myself online. This study that I will cut and paste in later, flys against all the social studies that I have observed throughout my years of visiting bars and going to parties. Drinkers of the world can this be right? Am I just a sexist and unable to handle a study that I as a male thought would never be released: Here is text from BBC's article "Women 'better at holding drink' - Women are 'more relaxed' after drinking than men
Some men may not want to hear this - but scientists have found women are better at holding their drink.
Kentucky University researchers found men's loss of inhibition was three times greater than women's with the same blood alcohol levels."
Though I do like the end of the article: "A spokeswoman for Alcohol Concern told BBC News Online: "We need to see more evidence to back these conclusions up."" Like tough crowd w/ Colin Quin showed when discussing this a great example to counter the above argument is popping in a girls gone wild tape...Doesnt seem like they are holding their drink that well now huh...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What were u thinking when u came to class like that?
pic by soulman

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Superman dies/Child fondler freed

Wierd day, Christopher Reeves aka Superman died last night. Yes I know its ironic that superman died fairly young (52) and yes I know its ironic that superman could not walk anymore. But, beyond the irony I always thought that it was one of the more depressing things to see, a man who as a child I thought was indestructible and was the epitomy of power and strength, hobbled by a fall from a horse. So many peeps fall from horses and pop right back up but in an ironic twist of faith the man who so many wanted to be like became a man who so many pitied. R.I.P Mr. Reeves you will be missed. (on a side note Reeves was a part of a hilarious comedy movie back in the day sorry i do not know the name but in the movie the spouses wanted to rid themselves of each other through rather hilarious means - find it, watch it, u will like it). Mary K. Letourneau is a free woman today how is it that this woman is receiving sympathy and is on Larry King? I believe in prison rehabilitation etc but rehabilitation does not mean that you instantly come out a saint. She had sex with her 12 year old student had a baby by him when he was 13 this is a filthy woman. She was given a 2nd chance by the judge and went back to the boy this is while she already had 4 older children by another man. How could u do such a thing? She had 2 kids by a 13 year old! Now lets be real there is often sadly a bias against women in this world (and thats sad - we are all equal jokes aside) but if a man had pulled this stunt the world would have called for his head. Think about it a male teacher having sex with a 13 yr old student and getting her pregnant 2xs, hell in some states he might be castrated.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Can U of Co do anything right?

Seriously can the U of Colorado do anything right? Now there is a report that the pledge that was passed out and died had racial and other slurs marked all over him. The frat tied their pledges up and left them in the woods after forcing them to drink large amounts of whiskey and wine. When the 18 yr old was tested in the morning he had a BAC 4 times the limit for driving (an 18yr old). I am a big proponent of tradition in fact I think mild hazing is good, but, forcing young kids to drink tonnes of alcohol and tying them up and placing them in the woods in COLORADO is plain dumb! Something is wrong with that university from football all the way down.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

TEXAS V ou week!

This is our week baybee this is the week that Tx returns to national prominence. National media my friends everyone is rooting again Tx but we all know that this is the year of the HORNS. I miss hearing these sweet cheers:
"Yea Orange! Yea White!
Yea Longhorns! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Texas Fight! Texas Fight,
Yea Texas Fight!"

SCREAM IT YALL: "Give 'em hell, Give 'em hell, OU Sucks!"
At the end of the game all the longhorns for the 1st time in years will be able to rise and sing with victorious pride:
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
All the live long day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
You can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn-
The Eyes of Texas are upon you
'Till Gabriel blows his horn.

Oh and if Tx beats OU I will root my heart out for Cal, but if the heavens cave and we lose its F U CAL

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cell phones need upgrades...

I cant be the only one that this happens to. You save a number and sometimes along with the name at a party or event and then later in the week or sometimes 3 months later u see the person and cant say hi because even though u have their name and number in your phone U have no clue what their name is and u cant call them cause U cant find them. Cell phones should have an option that shows you the last numbers saved and the exact times when they were saved. So If you see a number saved on say Friday 1Am you know what occured when that was added etc. Phones should also have an option to split numbers in your phone book into a guy list and a girl list, it would save so much time when scrolling through looking for someone to call during certain moments of life.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Support cancer research

Just saw an ad that said that top designers will be selling their shoes half off on QVC tomorrow (Wednesday) and sending their proceeds to cancer research. So if u need designer shoes etc it would be great if you could order them from QVC. Sorry I cant tell u what channel QVC is though but Im sure your cable guide will list it.

Finally alot of peeps have been ?tioning the fact that people wear yellow wrist bands and that in many it just seems like a fashion statement. Well as someone who wears the band in honor of a loved one let me say, I'm fine with peeps wearing the yellow band even if its just for fashion, hopefully their wearing it will push the need for funding and support in themselves and others for cancer research.

UN Tennis tournament

So a Jamaican, 2 Iranians and a Chinese man were playing sounds like the start of a joke but its legit it really happened. I would love to play tennis against anyone thats willing to play. 'K' i'm calling you out stop ducking and lets play. Saw today that one of my favourite Kanye West Songs has a video out, "work out plan" really funny video w/ Anna Nicole Smith and Dianna Ross' daughter not sure if I like the F. Bentley remix portion that has been added but otherwise its a great track check it out if u can whenever MTV plays music. Can anyone help me in tax? admin law? corps? and IP? Seriously 2nd year law school seems like a foreign country and its one that I definitely dont speak the language for.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Drugs for all

Has anyone noticed that there is a drug for everything now? Hypo: Do U wake up in the morning...yes! Do you find that you dread going to school at least 2xs a week...yes Do you find that you get bored in TAX class...Yes Do you find that when you get home you dont want to do anythig but watch tv...yes. Then you might be suffering from a disease we just made up and got approved by the FDA: L.B.S. (lazy bastard syndrome)Ask your doctor about...and the new drug hits the market. The funniest parts of the new ads have got to be the endings with the warnings. If you have an erection for more than 4 hours consult your doctor? If you have an erection for more than 4 hours and need to be told to go seek a doctor, U R TOO DUMB TO BE HAVING SEX quit now, we cant take the chance of you reproducing.

Is your kid stoned?

11 MILLION American kids are on drugs; and no they are not on the old school drugs like weed and glue or higlighter pens, no they are on the new drug of choice prozac. How can 11 million kids need prozac, this number does not include the kids that are strung out on Ritalin. What happened to the war on drugs...all the money that is gone into fighting the spread of weed probably should be spent on counseling parents to get their damn kids of the new crack. Now I know some kids will need prozac but not 11 million. By the way to give you an idea of how significant that number is here are some US census figures: 53.3 million children ages 5 to 17 as of July 1, 2003 (see I can do research). So basically 1 in 5 kids are on prozac. Now kids will continue to smoke weed; does anyone know what weed + prozac will do to these lil shorties coming up? I have never been a smoker but lets face it most of my friends are and Im fine with that in fact I love that, I think some of the best peeps on earth are weed smokers and some of the most mellow. Yet those are the same peeps that big governemnt will attack while helping to push crap like prozac down the throats of kids and adults. I would rather see more peeps on weed than on prozac, at least I know the weed is herbal and natural and no one ever has OD on it. Heck if I was hostess cupcakes I would make the cupcake paper out of blunt paper and just corner the market.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Too bloody early!

OK SO Im cool with yalls drunk asses calling me late at night, for me 2am is not that late at night, but what I cant stand is when u decide to call me back early in the morning to apologise. DAMN IT if u messed up late at night DONT make it worse by robbing me of any chance of sleep by calling multiple times in the morning to apologise. Please please please dont make me tell u where to put that phone and how to answer it. Man I need sober friends...then again R they any fun? Sober friends are great to have (gotta add that b4 I get attacked again...)

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Latenight showtime

Woah how bad does a movie have to be to not even get a rating: even bad movies at least get a star; the current movie on at 2 am called well never mind what its called gets 0 stars and damn the acting is bad, and writing and plot and hmm nice scene...

Never said anything about Race

So When I said Jail Martha and mentioned my boys pooky and ray-ray dont jump to the race conclusion: I know its all about money and martha has a tonne of it thats Y she got off and thats Y OJ got off. No one can doubt that, if OJ was poor OJ would be on Death row right now...I just think there is no equality between the rich and the poor. And yes OJ did not do it...he could not have, u cant rush for 2000 yards in a season and then stab 2 peeps to death.... Seriously though Im tired of everyone boiling comments down to race...Martha can rot in jail for all I care. If OJ killed 2 then he should be in jail also...I dont think Tyson raped that girl when I look at the circumstances he was in...when I commented on his case I was commenting on the hate that he had gotten and the love that Martha pulls. I can see now that the comparison might have looked like a race comparison but that was not on my mind at the time. Once again in closing I hope someone gets Martha in jail the gall of that woman thinking she could pick her jail go rot in that West Virginia spot.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Jail Martha?

So Im fed up of the Martha Stewart trial fiasco. If pooky or ray-ray from around the way had done the same foolishness she had, his ass would have been languishing in jail by now. What is with this foolishness when she picked the time when she wants to enter jail and is now also able to request the location of her jail, because she wants to be closer to her home I always thought jail was supposed to be punishment and not a punishment that u could pick and finesse. Hell most peeps on their way to jail lose their jobs, she just had a new multimillion dollar contract handed to her post conviction. Dont waste time waving those free martha signs: where were the free Mike Tyson signs, his ass was convicted on less evidence than martha who pretty much admitted to her crime...its ridiculous. Big ups to my boy M coming through on taking the LSAT law school is fun and I will help u w/ everything I can.

Whats with these women?

"I need a ride or die groupie that can get dirty in Gucci
On the floor or the floor of the hoopty while she loving me up
I'm usually the instigator
But ain't nothing greater
Than a X-rater with a nickname like vibrator"
from Groupie love by 213. I have no clue how to explain or understand women: maybe I should stop laying out my thoughts for yall. I cant have peeps getting to know me, after all I tell no one anything as my boy pointed out to me yesterday when he thought I was dodging questions about a girl. Cmon yall my life is open...STONE COLD...according to some its not by choice.

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Grass is fake!

I received a shock today, what I thought was the lush GREEN fields of USD are fake. The tricky bastards paint the brown grass green giving that healthy well watered look. How shady is that: grass stains are literally grass stains at our school. I feel so cheap and used now. Oh well could be worse they could be charging me $30 grand to sit in a hot un airconditioned room - oh wait they are doing that..

Friday, September 24, 2004


Yeah yeah its my birthday. Gotta love it: age is a blessing I love that Im getting older; even on a happy day like this one must reflect on all the other peeps who didnt make it and take a moment for them. I will miss you all...Now come on out yall and celebrate with ME

Monday, September 20, 2004

Robin has been replaced

So Like the Batman comics I have had to step up to Robin2. Now anyone who read the comics back in the day will remember that Robin 1 was somewhat psychotic due to the lack of parents while Robin 2 was almost too calm to the point where sometimes Batman had to fly solo. Oh well all are welcome to the Batcave this Friday for a cave warming prior to bar review: Ist the 24th!

Crazy fans

So i was honored to get to go to my 1st NFL football game ever it was awesome: Anyway in the 4th quarter in the section over from us a Jets fan started to beat the ass of a Chargers fan; Now too me that was shocking and appalling; not that a charger fan was getting his ass handed to him, but, the fact that the other charger fans there were letting him get his ass beat. So I was the guy one section over screaming kick his ass. HOW THE HELL YALL GONNA LET HIM KICK A CHARGER FAN'S ASS. (Totalling 4getting the presence of lil kids around - I was screaming for them to kill that lil Jet rat)Seriously is there no pride in charger land. I cant imagine a US fan coming to a Jamaican stadium and kicking one of our fans ass. Then again I rarely see Americans in our stadium to begin with. I wonder Y? Hmm so I am going to cut down on drinking...sprite cause something is making me way too aggressive nowadays. It might be law school maybe I should take some more days of?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I hate Sooner bitches

I hate Sooners I hate Sooner red: I hate even the thought of you OU bastards. Yeah punk in the club, your boy should have let you try to fight me last night. (Granted I have been having a crappy week so anything could have set me of) But seriously man I made a basic comment about your school cause you were talking about the TX. If your going to pick a fight dont have your boy drag you out of the bar. If your talking smack about my school and trying to step to me then dont back down when you realise that Im willing to step up. Was it cause my entire damn school was there or was it because your boy had enough sense to grab you, that u backed down. DAMN I hate sooners!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lit will never back down Punks!

Is it bad that the president of LIT and the VP of the SBA has busted knuckles at the end of Bar review. The bar review unfortunately had to end early cause we had a big fight in the lower room. "Im innocent I swear" So I hand my drink to Johanna to hold while I try to break it up since we cant have a LIT party interfered with. I grab a chic to pull her out of the fracas and while I'm doing that some ass swings at me...while Im holding a GIRL I get swung on seriously G does that make u feel like a man? I bet the cracked jaw I left u with makes U feel like a man now though huh? So anyway while Im holding the chic, I get swung on by some drunk fool who completely misses, I then throw the girl to my left while swinging back at the dude, with an upper cut I crack him solid on the jaw, bust my middle knuckle (thankfully the skin is still there so I just folded it over in 2 days it will be golden) and then start pulling peeps out. The craziest part is that the bar got shut down and then the idiot bouncers released the guy that started it and kept the dudes that got jacked up. One of whom is a law review guy from Cal western who has interviews next week. I hope they stitch him up well since my boy Noli told me he was busted up completely. oh well glad to know we can shut a bar down. Next week we go NUTS for the 24th.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Even a hurricane cant take us out

So yeah the family made it through alive and well, thanks for all the well wishes and concerns that peeps shared.
- I have dropped out of the Torts moot ct competition so that I can better enjoy my life and slaughter peeps in mock trial. Now I cant wait to take on a certain kissing bandit in mock trial....kiss your trial future good bye, batman commeth.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Guerilla Black is Biggie back?

If you havent heard the song Compton by Guerilla Black f Beenie man you have to cop it. Its scary how much the cat sounds like Biggie, if you didnt know it was a new track u would swear its BIG. The track is hot they sample the old school Sister Nancy "bam bam" another track that no library is complete w/out. Cop both tracks you will thank me for it.
- Robin whats up holla at yo bwoy?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tax: slow slow decline into old age

Sad when the funniest moments of the class are when peeps ask dumb questions!

Fool dont make me see you

Bd if I see you I will hurt you. You have run your lip for the last time.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Fool U will Die

BD your BITCHASS is DEAD. Just let me catch you anywhere!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Relocation of the bat cave!

Thats right the bat cave has moved, I have finally gotten into my new appt and am doing what I did in my homeless days- Sleeping on a couch. THANK YOU SO MUCH Robin for putting up with me for almost a week. It is time that I now live with the new Robin. Now as everyone who used to read the ole school batman comics; Robin 1 was cool but a lil psychotic, Robin 2 was more even tempered but could be a lil on the overly plain side. Will this occur as my life transitions into living w/ Robin 2 or will the new Robin show the world that law school peeps know how to parteeee. Speaking of teeee: does anyone have a hookup on where I can purcahse good quality tea for cheap? I really am digging tea again after staying of it for so many years.
Holla at yo bwoy: the new secret location of the batcave is 13...whoo nearly gave it away. Aite Im tired of stealing peeps wireless net so Im of for the night to go spy on my neighbors. Peace and chicken grease and once again thanks robin!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Panda Porn

So San Diego really really needs to get better news. One of the big stories 2nite was about a panda giving birth. And yes while sitting on the couch in the bat cave Robin and I heard the reporter with a straight face say that the panda was induced to mate by showing her PANDA PORNOGRAPHY. By the way Robin is about to get b-slapped

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So Im homeless yet still I was able to find a wireless connection. I love technology, and hate being homeless and dependent. Thanks to the frat house and Greg D for allowing me to store my crap. Good looking out, will buy you a drink on friday. LIT Promotions takes care of its own. Thursday will mark the triumphant return of Aaron to tennis. Any dare to challenge?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Street scene...

I enjoyed the acts but the set up was in a word WEAK. Ludacris was crazy so was wyclef. I know alot of you are fans of Jack Johnson, but lets be real his performance could not even hold a flickering candle to Wyclef's performance. Clef had the crowd jumping and he brought some entertainment value. The JJ show was basically like everyother tape he releases. Dont get me wrong he's talented and he can make a record or too but the clef show was the joint. Hell a mini fire in the crowd is always a good thing right?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Bit the bullet

I finally switched my license plates from texas to cali. The decision was made for me when the cop tailed me from my appt complex all the way to USD. Dont you hate that feeling when u have to keep looking back in the mirror but pretending that your being all casual? Oh wait u prolly dont know that feeling.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Bar review is sick

It was awesome, cant believe I sent girls home rather than leave with them, am I ok? Someone help me whats wrong with the D?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kid needs a shaking

Yo I just listened carefully to that JoJO song "Leave get out": The kid needs a shaking and who ever wrote that song for her and let her sing that needs to be strung up: Lyrics such as "late at night I hold on to my pillow tight...never thought that anyone could make me feel this way...cause I know about her...said tha you would treat me right but you were just a waste of time" should NEVER come out of a 13 year old's mouth. Now I grant u my mind was filthy as a 13 yr old but I had the decency to never appear in public and utter what swirled in the dark cauldron that was my mind. Between Jojo and Trading Spouses no wonder people think we are a crazy immoral country. Oh well they are just mad they havent made it here yet!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


My people we need an intervention. One of our friends has acquired himself a friend w/o benefits. Marriage w/o the love. A girlfriend w/o the bonus. We must as a group of super freinds band together and save him before he becomes a wonder-twin.

Class is killing me!

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

Class is killing me

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

Class is killing me

Could I care less about the structure that is behind the legal sructure. What am I doing in this class. I hate red tape and yet Im taking a class about red tape?

School is crazy

"I got a sick reputation for handlin broads
All I need is me a few seconds or more."

"Baby this is what I'm lookin' for:
Sexy, independent, down to spend it type that's gettin' his dough
I'm not bein too dramatic that's the way I gotta have it.
I bet you want the goodies.
Bet you thought about it.
Got you all hot and bothered.
Mayb' cuz I talk about it.
Lookin for the goodies
Keep on lookin' cuz they stay in the jar
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh"

Interesting song...So yo school is mad crazy and the fashion show/parade of honies continues

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Little kids arent the only ones to ask "Why?"

Why do I suddenly want her so much or so badly? Why is it all of a sudden she seems so damn sexy? Why? Why does she mess with my head? Or is it my heart?

Monday, August 16, 2004

I hate flakes

I dont like people who flake, I dont like corn flakes, snow flakes, dandruff flakes, hell I dont like some kind of pastry cause it can flake. Dont make plans if your going to flake. On a happier note, the women in the club are putting smiles on my face. So amusing to get grabbed, tell the person that they have grabbed you and have them grab you again. For those who have kept up u know there is a hottie that I see often in the bar, well I saw her again on friday.
But no matter I have found a new hottie, one that I can actually talk to, she intrigues me. Plus her letting me pinch her didnt hurt my interest.
SORRY ABOUT THE ANKLE MARYAM...hope you heal soon. I feel bad that I hit the ball towards you that took u out. My next game is dedicated to you.

Can I lead...

So much responsibility, the incoming kiddies have already started sending me emails and asking me questions etc. Its crazy to think that peeps are now looking to me for advice. Seriously though some of the stuff that peeps list I really think we are going to have an intriguing class this year. Some of the girls seem positively liberated so the pickings look good.

Wait a min...I cant do that Im the VP I cannot be seen skeezing on the young ladies, oh wait the SBA office has blinds. Hahah maybe I can abuse my power. Will keep you updated.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

East coast baby

Of to philly this should be crazy/fun/sadistic?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Spending time w/ the supreme ct

Is it cos I'm cool? Is it cuz Im hot? So check out my luck: I get to meet my 3rd Supreme Court justice in under a year. Cmon now how cool is that? Often lawyers spend their entire lives just hoping to glimpse a Sup Ct justice I now get to meet 3. Just watch I will prolly never ever be in a sup ct justices presence after this. I have peeked too early. Oh well at least I will look good next week.

Wow my city is tite

So I am watching world's wildest police chases and I think a good 50% are in Cali and 20% in Texas. But damn San Diego has a lot of car chases and I dont remember seeing this many on the news. What have I been missing I am going to start stalking the highways late at night. I love a good chase. (hint to the ladies!)

Bit of Funny news: LONDON - A police sniffer dog died of a suspected overdose whilst out hunting for drugs, British police said on Monday.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Of Boys and Toys

No this is not a Michael Jackson post. I just had to comment on the fact that I was watching a VH1 "I love the 80s" special and saw the Fischer Price toy medical kit that I used to use as a kid. I always wondered if my parents were trying to force me into medicine. Y R there no toys for kids who want to become lawyers?

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Best way 2 forgive? FORGET

I dont know if I can ever forgive it?
Oh well on to the nights escapade: PAJAMA party at Aubergine: It was of the hook. So many beautiful ladies it was insane: I had to stare at some of the outfits. If thats what these ladies wear to bed then they might as well go naked. It was another expensive night though, all my cash is gone, u have to love those nights when u go with almost a hundred in cash and come home with lint in your pocket.

Im growing the beard to be ugly and yet peeps found it cute, I will never understand women.

Conversation I had tonight Me; Hey My boy says you go to USD. Her; Yeah but I dont know your name. Me; Have you ever seen the name Aaron D. Her; Oh my god, ARE YOU AARON D? I love that guy! Wierd huh. My name has become more of a celebrity than I have. Oh well I was able to use it for what I wanted to do and that was hook my boy up. As to myself it was not a wasted night but we all know Aaron D is still the STONE COLD.
Check out tonights pics Its the 7/30/04 pajama party link at Aubergine Im in pics 41-60.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Hustler baby

"Im a hustler baby, I just want you to know. It aint where I been, it's where I'm about to go"

Tonight was fun I took on a pool shark in the bar and actually won...Life; as bleak as my cloud is it has a silver lining even if its a patched rather than solid lining.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I hate peeps who dont honor commitments

Some punk who agreed to sell me a laptop seems to be flaking on the deal; wonder if the punk is trying to hold out for more money.

I think I am losing a friend, things just dont feel the same. It doesnt feel as cool as it used to be. There always seems to be tension between us when we talk. I dont think she is as honest with me as she used to be. Will she be there for me when I need her? That I no longer know. I hate this I hate not knowing what my friends are up to and who my friends are.

If we arent cool anymore just let me know. I want to kick it like we used to; but you dont seem to want that.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Ouch harsh treatment...

Man my friends are cold...yeah yeah, so maybe Im pretty damn cold myself but damn when u get a call respond to let me know whats up. To my Boy DAMN DOG THATS COLD.

I found this funny: 'R&B star R Kelly has developed such a huge fixation with Africa, he's turned his whole recording studio into a virtual jungle.'..."I know people out there might laugh, but we are in the jungle. We're on a serious mission, and just know that Charlie is out there to stop us, and you have to load up your guns. I know this all sounds crazy..." Anymore proof needed that R Kelly is going as mad as Jacko? First of all who wants to pretend to live in an African jungle, 2nd uhmm Mr. R, Mr Kelly sir the charlie were the peeps that the Americans fought in Vietnam, not in a comedian on VH1 said, "no wonder America couldnt win the war in Vietnam, we were fighting the enemy in the wrong damn country" Thanks Mr kelly for telling us what we did wrong.

Damn back to the 4am blogs: Oh well as to u Joe, I beat you in the 1st set and your still talking trash? I dont care if your leading in the 2nd set you will not win a game!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Buddies to play with your balls

So I taught a new person how to play tennis: I love converting people to the joys of tennis...Nothing better than playing tennis against a finely dressed young athletic woman; yes yes I know Im a bad person, but hey Im a politician. So my muscles are aching, maybe lifting and then playing tennis was not the smartest thing I have ever done.

Situps whoo hoo I am now up to 1034 situps...for the entire year ok so that number is exagerated by about 1000. But I swear Im going to start doing situps. Do u know what I read yesterday? Men lose a half inch for every 15 pounds gained over your ideal weight. ARGH. I have for the last 2 years said I had gotten smaller now I have found a scientific study that might prove that I am not crazy.

Nothing like having drunk friends over for drinks, I thought I could talk, but drunk friends that were already talkative can bend your ear...oh and dude when u call me on the phone and say "just a quick question" 5 mins later I shouldnt have to ask you what the question is that u wanted to ask me.

Beard growth going strong; the hair is getting long enough to actually start to feel soft to the kinnda!

I love u girl! Who ever responds to that it was meant for you.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Gym rats and place mats

Once again I had an awesome day of working out then spoiled it by eating enough food to support an african village for a week. Went out again 2nite went to Thrusters for those of you who never seem to be there on a good music night U missed a good one. Didnt travel alone; undergrads are amusing, seriously is that how diff I was 3 years ago.

Domination describes my tennis events: Todays game was awesome thanks Juan for playing. Game score: 4-6, 6-3 and 6-1. I apologise for my poor performance in the 1st set I was not warmed up. If you are going to play Tennis Juan is an awesome opponent he is speedy to no end and can cover a ct like grass on a field. ( like that tennis grass reference?)

Damn USD has a crappy, crowded gym. Can we get a larger space please: Oh by the way Im not saying that peeps should shower before going to the gym, but please shower at least sometime in the week before hitting the gym: seriously yo there was some funk in the gym.

Im still looking for a gym companion, taking applications now.
Its wierd to hear peeps describe me as "...I would like you to meet Aaron the VP of our law school"...and y is it that a dork like that can score such a hottie and take her to the gym seriously we need more hotties like that in law school she is wasted in the school of education. Dont get me wrong we have some bonafied hotties in the lawschool, I can think of one who hates me currently but will still read this post anyway.
--- A cheesy post is a cheesy post no doubt about it.
Damn 4 am once again
-- By the way Aaron D is making apple pie today: "Its like warm apple pie"

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Moments I miss: Granted going out everynight in SD is just as bad
Yardman represent

Day 7 of the beard growth, my new plan is to get as bushy as I can, before I have to get decent again. 2 weeks then its the trip into the dangerous world of companion travelling and meeting family. Thanks again! So let me tell u driving on the highway late at night at 105mph is awesome especially with the window down. So I was the Cat that decided to give blood on only 3 hours sleep and then go shopping and then to top the night of go drinking even though I had less blood than normal to control the alcohol, still didnt get drunk or buzzed; life is wierd. Oh have to big up the bar chic that hooked me up with the VIP wrist band nice of u. Now If I could only screw up courage to talk to the ladies. Oh and the hottie was there again diff bar diff night same girl. Same longing in my mind to step to the plate, same inability to deliver the pitch. Though she did smile at me. Im telling u 4 more meetings like that and I will say hi. Or do i know u or something equally lame like I would like you to snuggle up with me in front of my fireplace. Seriously whats up with fire places in SD; expecting snow?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Late night again

Went out once again though I said I would go to bed early 2nite: It was hilarious to see my peeps Mike, Kelsey, Lovi and Dru hammered to the point of pulverised.
   Memo to the hottie  I saw 2nite but was too shy to step to: It was nice of you to stare at me all night and then only wink at me when my boys are drunk and stumbling out the bar so I have to follow them
 Memo to Jess' roomie: thanks for spotting me in the bar and coming to talk to me right at the moment when it looked like hot girl was going to say hi...couldnt have left the bar alone w/o you.
  Man my tennis game has improved: So my lil Iranian counterpart what was that quote " I cant lose to a black guy"...well its on if you would stop ducking me I would kick your ass on the court.
  Does anyone want to go to the gym with me.  Oh and if anyone wants to run the stadium steps with me I would like the company.
Memo to the bouncers who tried to make us wait in line: The club is empty jackass let people in. No one is fooled by those fake lines that you guys create in Pacific Beach.
Memo to myself have to think of a pickup line so I can overcome this painful shyness
- Oh and when meeting australians its not cool to remind them that though both Jamaica and Australia are part of the common wealth, Jamaica is paradise and Australia is a penal colony. I thought it was funny they didnt.
       Serious topic: Can I screw up my life anymore? Girls have always controlled my hind brain, thankfully I have always had control of the frontal lobe: But now it seems like women are trying to control all aspects of my life. I lust after them, the ones that want me I dont want; the ones I want have difficulty with the ones that I have had, the ones I have had, worry about what we have done (nothing much u know stone cold virgin blah blah blah) and the ones I want to do things to in some cases have put me on hiatus: In so many cases all this is coupled in one girl.
    How can women be such complex creatures: How can yall want us, hate us, play with us, loathe us, set us up, and at the same time smile about it all. WOMAN IS STRESS!

Monday, July 05, 2004

My life is still spinning

So my cousin's wedding is coming up and I just checked her register: DAMN I didnt know sheets could cost that much...I was thinking of shopping at the 99C store for gifts after all is it not enough that Aaron D will be at the wedding + guest.
So cool that I wont be rolling to the wedding alone; this is y I love having friends, even though Im always astounded that peeps can stand me enough to be my friends anyway thanks to all those who have stood by me or at least near me.

If U havent already heard Europe was fun
I know I know my blog is jumbled but screw it so is my mind and my life

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