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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hopefully closer to Clippers v Lakers!

There is no doubt that I dislike/hate/loathe the Lakers and have a rather mild dislike of the Suns but their series is the best series in the Playoffs right now! I had planned to study during the game but that thought was abandoned about 6 minutes into the game. Bloody Kobe is sick with it!

This is what I need...I have just listened to this song about 10 straight times!

Etta James
A Sunday Kind Of Love

"I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I'd like to know that it's more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh, yeah yeah

Oh, I'm hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the way

And my arms need someone
Someone to enfold
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
Love for all my life to have and to hold

I don't want a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, Friday or Saturday

I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh, yeah
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
I want a Sunday kind of love"

Ah they do not make good music like this any more: You may have heard this song in the Docker’s SF ad but damn no one sings it like Etta James, God I just wish to have what she is singing about in my life.

More than meets the eye

So there is supposed to be a Michael Bay directed ‘Transformers’ movie in early 2007: I loved watching the cartoon as a kid and I hope the movie does it justice.

I just checked out my “Movie Trailers on Demand” channel, I figured I might as well since nowadays when I go to the movies (when I can afford to) all I keep seeing are the same crappy commercials I can see at home. It is a bit weird though, to just sit at home and watch movie trailers!

Still encouraging peeps to listen to the Chamillionaire’ album The Sound of Revenge “Oh no there's some trouble in town…Chamillitary man”
“I don't know who you are
But you seem very nice
So will you talk to me?
Shall I tell you a story?
Shall I tell you a dream?
They think I'm crazy
They don't know how I feel” -- Think I’m Crazy by Chamillionaire feat Natalie

I have got to work on my Tekken 5 skills, because I am getting beat on like a drum!

I love the fact that T.J. Ford had a great game tonight (15 assists): HOOK ‘EM HORNS! The kid has come back from so much!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico has just boosted its Tourism!

By legalizing drugs they are guaranteed more visitors! It is basically Amsterdam just across the border - without the European history, wealth etc...Amazing that they will allow you to carry even yay and H!

Friday, April 28, 2006


I have done something that I do not like to do. But I did it because, though it helped me to write out my feelings and air them out it prompted too many questions and theories as to who I was talking about and, I do not want others to be affected, just because I have decided to air out my own issues. I did however save the document so who knows later on I may repost it but for now it remains saved on my pc.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The reason sleeping pills and rap music do not mix!

This is the result of listening to rap music after taking sleeping pills and not falling asleep: it is a mixture of lyrics or adapted lyrics from current songs and some of my own random thoughts: I wasn’t going to post this and then I told a friend about it and now I know I have to…if you can’t laugh at yourself you shouldn’t laugh at others and without that I would die!

If you must pick a song to put it to, pick the beat in the Young Juc track “Itz going down” that is obscure enough that I don’t think most peeps will be able to find a song to sing along to…though I do have the fear that for some reason “Mary had a little lamb” was on my brain at the time! Could be because it was one of the first I learned on the piano!
15 years of learning classical piano led to this…

Please forgive me for all that I have said
Part of me wants to leave you alone,
And part of me says that I am over you
Give me a chance to be a better man,
Because I know I can change just for you
Phil Collins sang of the air tonight
But I feel like expressing my fear tonight
Can it be love if I don’t trust the feeling?

Not everybody loves me, but I’m still fly
But you should be my girl, my baby girl
Hit your ex with that wood grain
Just watch that red stuff flow and swirl
<Editor’s note: Apparently at this point gangsta rap must have come on since the lyrics have become all about the removal of rivals>
Let him wonder the meaning of insane in the membrane
It’s all about survival
So I eliminate any rival
This aint no smack a bitch slap a ho rhyme
For that no man should have time
I am one of the kings of Day-go

<I think this was the hook>
Why, oh why, oh why, oh, oh, oh, why?
Because it’s the pain you must feel
In order to be the one to heal

I know it was more than love at first sight
Because your flesh I still want to bite
It has been 2 + 1 years too long
Waiting for you this Cali J has been true
So I grabbed a pen and wrote this song
<apparently my brain ignored the fact that I was on my laptop and that I have not voluntarily held a pen in ages>
For you the left side has stayed warm
There have been others but none quite like you
So I drop this rhyme because you have to stay my girl true

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fresh in class blogging

Ok today’s in class blogging is so bad and in some cases graphic that all participants will be listed by an X just for safety

Re our prof’s cleavage
X3 (2:45:36 PM): I have a question
X2(2:45:40 PM): shoot
X3 (2:45:50 PM): how many buttons is a law prof allowed to openX2(2:46:14 PM): i can't see her midriff... who's closest?
X1 (2:46:41 PM): i think she is rocking old person i just got back from riding horsee high ass waist pants
X3 (2:46:59 PM): from X: yeah i'm looking. Does CH know wut cleavage is?
X2(2:47:52 PM): leaning againt the podium... woo!
C25 (2:49:28 PM): dude, she skipped me, this is not good
X1 (2:49:42 PM): i dont think she is racktackular enough to have cleavage
X3 (2:50:55 PM): that kid ALWAYS volunteers does he know that it’s anonymous grading?
X2(2:51:18 PM): he's working on push points the suck up brown noser!
X3 (2:51:29 PM): is that camel toe
X1 (2:51:37 PM): booyeah
X3 (2:52:29 PM): she keeps playing with her collar
X1 (2:52:36 PM): she wants to pop it
X3 (2:52:45 PM): she is looking right at me
X1 (2:52:50 PM): no way she is looking at me
X2(2:52:59 PM): no, at me!
X1 (2:53:02 PM): she loves tall lanky white kids
X2(2:53:03 PM): i'm the tall dark and handsome one! <editor’s note: though I know this is supposed to protect anonymity I must note that I am not the one who made this statement though some of y’all might say that the handsome part made it obvious>
X3 (2:53:11 PM): lean over
X3 (2:53:12 PM): DO IT
X2(2:53:16 PM): she's so close she wants to so badly
X1 (2:53:41 PM): you should just go up and hug her after class
X3 (2:55:26 PM): (Friend X: r u guys still mekkin fun of her): do we ever stop?
X1 (2:58:48 PM): Am i the only one who was offered sex in the stacks by 2 different ladies in this law school in a 2 day timespan?

Click here to Read More!

Of Sopranos, Babi Kecap and 'lifestyles of Reggie Bush'

Finally the Sopranos has stepped up its game though sadly rather than tying up loose ends it seems to be creating more and more…It was crazy to see Lauren Bacall, Wilmer Vallderama and Sir Ben Kingsley on the show and even crazier to see Lauren Bacall get knocked the hell out – that is a screen icon taking a punch to the jaw!

So I tried making Babi Kecap for the first time ever tonight, the talker seemed to enjoy it in between her phone calls while my roomie was a bit wary of the taste.

It is no secret my hatred of USC (despite UT taking care of them in the Rosebowl) but I would hate to see the Reggie Bush issue cause them to have to forfeit games etc. Sportscenter is reporting that there is even talk of vacating his school records and possibly even taking back the Heismann trophy (I hope that is just talk)! To the Texas fans sending emails saying Vince should now get the trophy SHUT THE HELL UP this is no way to win a trophy. Though I felt Vince should have won the Heismann out right this is not the way to now get it! I would like to think that those fans are persons who never attended UT!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rare that I agree with you but...

Good Job Skip!!!!

I should a wear a suit to the bar more often…

So I love my new favorite bar tender Hannah who after this exchange
Me: “Hannah I love this glass and I am going to take it home what do I need to do to make this happen?”
H: “Just don’t let me see it leave”
Me: “thanks Hannah”
H: “Well if you are going to take that one you might as well take this one [hands me a second glass] so that you have the pair”
…gave me fancy bar glasses and allowed me to take a bottle of Tabasco home. I have never purchased a bottle of Tabasco though I have never been without a bottle in my home the 7 years that I have lived in America!

Big ups to BLSA, SALSA, APALSA, PALSA and LA RAZA the diversity formal was a successful event, I enjoyed it tremendously and applaud the effort!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Exes – God’s way of keeping us honest

So every time that I think that I have become a better person, I talk to my ex and find out that I am as bad or worse than I was before.

Apparently it is the worst thing on earth for a guy to ask a young lady shortly after she has made a joke about having a baby in 9 months these words
me: do u want to get pregnant by anyone
me: and if not now
me: anytime soon?”
in an IM conversation.  I know that I say a lot of inappropriate things (mainly because I am so tired of the fa├žade that the normal niceties of polite conversation demand) but I was still a bit surprised to be reprimanded for showing curiosity as to when a friend would want to have a baby! But I accept that I was ‘dead wrong’

“Maybe you, maybe me, maybe we could fall in love”

Registration material

Last night was a super-bowl night: that is coming home after a night of partying, and drinking a bowl of soup and then eating a bowl of ice cream. Always a crazy night when one goes out and hears about their reputation…denied tongue boxing (a term I was introduced to tonight) because one supposedly has too many options for that activity? “The streets are talking”
So nothing like telling one professor that you will be living at their house at the end of summer while taking a shot with another professor while planning to watch football in Texas with another. I love our school!

“The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac”—you have to love that title

I was told that there was a rumor that I am not going to the spring party: though I disagree with the allocation of funding for this event and have not been shy about that; I will definitely be going to the spring party! Look for me in pink

“Explanation is the midway point between excuse and reason”

God Save the Queen she turns 80 today! I may live in America now but she is still my sovereign…

Look out for the Dallas Stars to win it all in the NHL and the Spurs to take it in the NBA

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Guilty pleasures...

So as I see the ad for the movie ‘Stick it’ from the writers of ‘Bring it On’ while I watch ‘Parental Control’ it made me think back on some of the things that I as a guy like and know that other guys like too but most just cannot or will not admit. Most guys I know loved ‘Bring it On’ despite the fact that it was a “Cheerleader chick flick” but most do not want to admit it in public! Like I recently got busted watching ‘Charmed’ in my defense my ex loved that show and because I was a GREAT boyfriend I watched it with my arm around her and slowly very slowly got hooked; when we broke up I occasionally caught myself watching episodes then I went 2 years without watching it then I got DVR and damn it, it made it so easy to watch; just let the system record it and then watch it all in 40 minutes that I started doing it again but never when my roomie was around or anyone else for that matter till I got busted.

Other guilty pleasures: I have to have to have to have at least one tub of ice cream in the freezer; I have been known to have 6 tubs in the freezer – harder to do now that we keep restocking the meat at Costco.
  • Stocking multiple varieties of Rum

  • The fact that I secretly plan ways to trip my friends as they try to walk at graduation

  • That I check the web for American Idol results

  • I am addicted to Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy

  • I cannot fall asleep without the TV

  • I occasionally stop breathing when asleep but the rush I get upon waking up and realizing that I made it…while it freaks me out for a sec makes me feel extra alive in the morning

  • I sometimes like to run the air condition in the car so cold that my eye lids start to feel like they are freezing shut

  • I watch American politics with the same amount of dispassionate interest that I watch an NFL game that I have no special team to root for

  • Staring at my friend in class

  • I HATE yet cannot stop using it

  • I love to watch Fox News: Bill O’Reilly is a comedian because he takes himself so damn seriously, I love the fact that he never lets a guest finish a sentence that he disagrees with!

Registration aid or at least I hope so...

So it is that time of the year again: Last year I did a blog and I thank those who contributed…but I want/need your help again: Click on comments and add your 2 cents to the material that I have already added. This is the link to last year’s blog so that you can see additional comments
Some of my classes that I care to comment on
  • Crim pro with Dripps was a great class and he really forces you to try and form an opinion and by doing so teaches you material that you need to know

  • Evidence with Devitt is a fun and energetic class: D’s teaching style is not for the faint of heart. No section of the class room is safe from his roving eye and the usual trick of not locking eyes with the professor does not work when trying to avoid being called on

  • Wills and Trust with Lilly: his teach style tends to be more in line with the flow of molasses but he is a great/awesome grader: class attendance is not mandatory or even encouraged

  • Tax with Burke: She was a fun professor – but come on it’s tax

  • Lawyering Skills II with Hartwell: In my mind it is THE MUST take class in law school – if you do not like speaking in public its perfect for you because it will force you to do that and if you like to hear the sound of your voice, well its tailor made

  • Cal Civ Pro with Heiser: it is a practical course and will be added to the bar next year so good to have it under your belt. He makes the material flow and keeps the class very organized

  • Community Property with Wesley: (currently in that class) it appears to be rather chill will know more after the final attendance is taken via a paper handed round for initials. He is one of the most relaxed professors I have ever seen and he tries to make the class relevant to every day life

  • Employment Law with Lobel: Judgment still being formed – powerpoints are available for all the material which is a bonus

  • PR with Murr: She loves and the Cali J means LOVES stories and analogies so if you like that teaching style you will be very comfortable in this class – it flows along nicely and she encourages class participation – which does sometimes lead to ridiculous situations of students raising their hands to spout nonsense

  • Paper requirement w/ no one: I resolved the writing requirement by doing an independent research which was great because it allowed me to work on my own with a Professor as an advisor and removed from the stricture of the class room environment (Can be taken for 1 or 2 credits and the choice is YOURS)

Please add any questions or comments that you have (and no u do not have to register for a blog to comment – just click on other[the web page portion is optional]) and hopefully we can all help each other!

While I do enjoy a good slam page now and again this page was meant to be for help and constructive criticism so let’s please avoid the personal shots at professors at least for this page!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of lock up and sunny days...

So before I dissolve into what will turn into another round of random musings and rants the REGISTRATION help blog can be found by clicking this LINK!
A guy in Massachusetts was convicted of 7 counts of child molestation only received 5 years? While 21 U.S.C. 844(a) requires “… a person convicted under this subsection for the possession of a mixture or substance which contains cocaine base shall be imprisoned not less than 5 years and not more than 20 years, and fined a minimum of $1,000, if the conviction is a first conviction under this subsection and the amount of the mixture or substance exceeds 5 grams,” In case you do not realize that substance they are talking about is Crack and it’s a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years for possession of the item while a guy ruins the lives of SEVEN kids and serves FIVE years the same amount of time that someone who might have been holding has to get while the abuser’s jail time was discretionary!
My dear I am really sorry about what you had to go through: It is amazing that sometimes the thing you think you most want, once it happens you feel no joy in it!

In about a month I graduate and yet my main concern right now is trying to figure out ways to keep my parents away from meeting ALL of my friends…(and yes I do not care if you say it will be rude if you don’t get to say hi)

Having classes on a clear day is nothing short of Criminal…this Thursday is the 20th day of the 4th month of the year and it is expected to be a clear day, I suspect there will be a ton of peeps on the beach getting baked. (I will never understand the American fascination with 4/20)

Happy Birthday...


Wow the Sopranos are heating up – Vito’s days are numbered…sorry about the news X

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not leaving without a fight!

My final article is out this week in Motions, pick up your copy now…and yes I did become a little weepy towards the end. Aaron D can admit it, (I will miss school) can you?

Diversity Formal!

So since many of us have never been to a Barrister’s ball at our school this Friday’s Diversity Formal is going to be the closest thing that we will have. You can get more info from your BLSA, APALSA or La Raza rep!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What kind of father are you?

So a kid in church today looked a lot like Derrick Zoolander’s kid, halfway through the sermon I think he shot me BLUE STEEL!

Am I wrong (probably) to think that the parents on Parental Control (MTV show where parents who do not like their child’s significant other pick 2 dates for them to go on in the hope that at the end of the dates she/he will pick their candidate and dump the current bf/gf) are basically WHORING their kids out and creating the future sluts of America…such a bad concept! Plus no real parent would sit there and let these kids trash talk them the way they do; someone must have sedated these fathers before they let their daughter’s bfs talk about how much a slut their daughter is!

Looking at the Bar Review pics for this week either I was having the best day of my life; or I have finally learned to smile in pictures (ok truth be told I have been practicing laughing right at the moment of the picture so as to stop my [now] natural inclination to mean mug in the pic)

Happy Easter


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let's hug it out!

You know when you know a low blow is really bad? When you are watching a repeat broadcast of a fight, you know the low blow is coming; you expect it, you (think) are prepared for it and yet when the blow lands you jump in your seat and feel sympathy pain in your nether regions. The low blow that Judah landed on Mayweather was so bad that you can see Mayweather’s cup shift. That was just foul…almost as bad as me betting a friend on the outcome of the fight…

“What it is what it do?”
“Let’s hug it out bitch!” DAMN YOU HBO for premiering Entourage June 11th smack in the middle of my bar studies.

Exes, bars and New Drugs!

Best thing about hitting a bar and seeing the ex that no one knows you dated is that you can talk to her for a bit and everyone just thinks your hitting on a new girl and leaves u alone!

So any regular Cali-J reader knows that I routinely make fun of or am appalled by commercials that I observe. The newest one to creep me out is for Cymbalta (targets both serotonin and norepinephrine though the ad does not mention that) which uses the tag line “Because depression hurts”: The ad goes on to note that if you start to have thoughts of suicide stop taking immediately????? What the hell? Your anti-depression drug could lead you to suicide? What is the bloody point of taking it (though I guess killing yourself does end depression)?

Other things to consider from “In February 2004 a college student taking part in a study of Cymbalta hanged herself in a company research facility. Lilly assures us that there's no evidence that Cymbalta was to blame. FDA studies seem to support this. The research reportedly found that there were no difference in the rate between users of the drug and those given a placebo.”

An ad I love: “Get that money man

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fresh round of in class blogging

Dominoes and drinks
PB (2:38:07 PM): bones?
CJ (2:39:25 PM): one sec
CJ (2:39:32 PM): let me get adjusted to being indoors
PB (2:39:38 PM): ha
PB (2:40:31 PM): OF COURSE it's going to rain during the beach party!
PB (2:41:58 PM): i can't believe they're charging us for it
PB (2:42:12 PM): it's possible it won't rain... 10 days is an eternity in weather prediction
CJ (2:43:46 PM): dude it sucks that since we have it catered
CJ (2:43:51 PM): we can’t take beer and go home
PB (2:44:04 PM): WE can't???
CJ (2:44:37 PM): how can we
CJ (2:44:42 PM): caterers never let u take it
PB (2:45:12 PM): bury the caterers in the sand
PB (2:48:14 PM): how was the talk with X?
CJ (2:48:35 PM): eh
CJ (2:48:41 PM): mildly amusing
CJ (2:48:44 PM): and non productive
PB (2:49:25 PM): most talks with girls are merely mildly amusing
CJ (2:49:34 PM): true

Whose ass?
TG (2:43:53 PM): i'm noncommittal
CJ (2:44:03 PM): so I have heard
TG (2:44:08 PM): no you haven't
TG (2:44:10 PM): don't make up rumors
CJ (2:47:46 PM): I would never
CJ (2:47:50 PM): I just read the walls
TG (2:47:54 PM): oh nice
TG (2:47:55 PM): i'm famous
TG (2:47:56 PM): splendid
CJ (2:48:05 PM): y is T relaying messages through you (image placeholder)
CJ (2:48:08 PM): r u psychic?
TG (2:48:16 PM): she is right next to me
CJ (2:48:30 PM): slap her on the ass for me
TG (2:48:42 PM): i can't she's sitting
TG (2:48:45 PM): maybe when she gets up
CJ (2:48:51 PM): nice
CJ (2:48:52 PM): thats hot
TG (2:48:53 PM): shit she saw
TG (2:48:55 PM): now i can't
TG (2:48:56 PM): damnit
CJ (2:49:47 PM): U have failed me
TG (2:49:53 PM): i'll try
TG (2:49:56 PM): i'm sly with assslapping

Re Adam Morrison
CJ (2:42:27 PM): if u guys draft him
CJ (2:42:35 PM): say goodbye to the play offs for 4 years
13 (2:42:41 PM): longer than that
13 (2:42:57 PM): not like we are going to the playoffs until we get a new front office anyways
13 (2:43:10 PM): wally walker and rick sundd are terrible
13 (2:47:42 PM): rudy gay i assume
CJ (2:50:47 PM): yeh
CJ (2:51:00 PM): unless he pulls a Lendale and acts like the workout dont matter
13 (2:51:20 PM): which would hurt his bank account
CJ (2:51:43 PM): yup
CJ (2:51:47 PM): Lendale is such a dope
CJ (2:51:53 PM): everyone is concerned about your weight
CJ (2:51:57 PM): and u get FATTER?
13 (2:52:16 PM): its like when shawn kemp inexplicably gained wait on ocke
13 (2:52:19 PM): coke
13 (2:52:30 PM): who does that?  i didnt even think that was possible
CJ (2:52:32 PM): kemp is a special case
CJ (2:52:39 PM): who fathers that many kids?
13 (2:52:48 PM): a very fertile man
13 (2:52:58 PM): who doesnt understand the principal of condoms
13 (2:53:01 PM): or pulling out
CJ (2:53:09 PM): that’s why he gained weight
CJ (2:53:13 PM): all those kid bday parties
13 (2:53:32 PM): lots of cake and ice cream
CJ (2:55:43 PM): Y R we here again
13 (2:56:21 PM): no shit
13 (2:56:32 PM): i just want to go fade some beers
CJ (2:58:39 PM): When I get bored I volunteer
CJ (2:58:42 PM): its a failing of mine
13 (2:58:50 PM): i just phase out
13 (2:58:54 PM): did you just talk?
CJ (2:59:06 PM): plus I know she hates me
CJ (2:59:14 PM): so its better when she has to pause to listen to me
13 (2:59:30 PM): Good times
13 (2:59:40 PM): i would do the same, but i just don't care enough
13 (3:00:02 PM): i should bring some beers to class next week

Another beautiful day in San Diego! Suck it East Coast!

Too nice a day to be in class plus peeps were getting to me. Only rational response&#45;walk out, hence the mobile blog.

Congrats on the win!

“Stand behind Martin Luther King, but I'm more like Malcolm X” Whoa by lil Kim

So as the older wiser figure in your life I have to say…“you were a bad girl for beating yo roomies ass!” But as a young male raised in the hip hop generation “Damn girl that’s awesome that you whooped dat ass, you a yardie and yu haffi rep ‘if a fassy hole nuh like wi, suck yuh mumma’” I should have you come through and deal with a fassy here that will not stop talking about me; at least against you it’s a fair fight!

So I tried a Heineken lite today and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all a nice pick me up before I headed to the bar (where I did not have a single drink) and then the gym.

This makes no sense!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Y am I here again?

Ok so it’s the return of in class blog-along: This is where I take comments from my IM with the permission of the imers and create a blog.

25 (2:51:35 PM): If she asks for my opinion, I will say " I am very happy that the exam is graded anonymously, and that in my opinion I think this is more of a joke than a Pheonix Cardinals Football game and that in my humble opinioin you could not teach your way ouot of a paper bag and if I had to choose you or my 7th grade PE teacher to represent me in any legal proceeding it would be the PE teacher in a landslide

13 (3:37:32 PM): she might as well have the voice of the teacher from charlie brown for all i pay attention to her mindless blathering

13 (2:46:14 PM): abooyeah
13 (2:49:16 PM): i think She [prof] is into this weirdo
13 (2:49:21 PM): she is stuttering and nervous
13 (2:49:34 PM): she wants to get harassed by the creepy bald guy
CJ (2:49:46 PM): hahah
CJ (2:49:47 PM): here we go
Cj (2:49:57 PM): oh man thought he might slap her on the ass as he passed
13 (2:50:15 PM): i am sure he gave her a gentle tap
13 (2:50:22 PM): maybe he whispered sweet nothings in her ear
CJ (2:50:35 PM): hahahah
13 (2:51:10 PM): too bad she is not wearing her pj's

RE a photographer suddenly appearing in our classroom
13 (2:40:34 PM): how much do you wanna bet that this guy isnt at all affiliated with the school
13 (2:40:48 PM): but is just some creepy bastard who gets off on taking pics of students
13 (2:40:58 PM): he has developed quite the taste for [prof]
CJ (2:41:02 PM): hahahahah
13 (2:41:15 PM): look at that fucking hair..
CJ (2:41:35 PM): he is here for THE black guy
13 (2:41:53 PM): gotta make the school look diverse
CJ (2:43:02 PM): they think we are typing notes
CJ (2:43:05 PM): thats the best part
13 (2:43:17 PM): which adds to the comedy
13 (2:43:24 PM): who would take notes in this class?
13 (2:43:28 PM): seriously?
13 (2:43:37 PM): i love the slides
13 (2:43:48 PM): she seems to have an oral fiaxation

CJ (3:01:56 PM): damn has creepy bald guy gone?
13 (3:02:08 PM): apparently
13 (3:02:22 PM): i was looking for the video of adam west killing the noid in family guy
13 (3:02:36 PM): [photographer] he is under the podium
CJ (3:03:54 PM): hahahah
CJ (3:04:14 PM): the noid thing was just weird
13 (3:04:40 PM): yeah it came out of nowhere

PB  (2:38:47 PM): you're in the wrong room
CJ (2:39:18 PM): I told u sacrum u douche

Sweat it out, then pay barbri and cry it out

No one can tell me that paying out for barbri (almost $3,000) does not give you a bit of a moment of shock no matter how rich you are. It’s a bloody 6 week course!

Man clearly I have not been working out enough because I left the gym so fatigued tonight and while I was lifting I was sweating like a pig it is about time I start working harder I have let myself off the hook for too long!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Too lazy to care, too mad to just let it go w/o a comment!

We have become an institution satisfied with mediocrity and sameness. We are satisfied with the road that is easiest and are too often afraid to step out and comment and critique…I had planned on ripping the new SBA a new one after sitting in the meeting because numbers like $6500 spent for 100 persons hoping to recoup $500 (by the way its not a typo that’s $5hundred not $5thousand) just made me livid and then I realized that like much of the new executive board I just didn’t care enough to type it all out. Will I rant and rave if you come to me and ask me? Prolly!

But on to happier things…It probably was not a good idea for me to walk into Bank of America with my hoodie on growling the lyrics from Lumbajacs ‘2Gs’ “Get the money man, get the money man, yo I gotta get that money man!” That track is also the same one used in the new Avis ad with the 3 white guys rocking out to their satellite radio (similar to the Office Space scene) – funny ad!

Vien Dong had shrimp on sale at $3 a lb so I had to of course get some for the fried rice and then saw that Chinese sausage was also on special so had to scoop the maximum that they would allow me to purchase and then stand in line blatantly looking like an outcast…loved it!

Eye candy, fried rice and weight loss

So what it do? Well Sunday dinner has been converted to Monday dinner, which means that the meat gets to marinate even longer so you know it will be popping in the rice. Plus for lunch I get to have AZN bbq; it is looking like a Monday of gastronomical delights, which I could use after the horrors of Thurs and Friday. I lost five bloody pounds in 48 hours. Don’t worry I am putting in over time trying to put that back on – damn I’m a fat ass.

So couldn’t do Sunday dinner because the D-Geezy swooped me up (congrats on the dual subs in the truck – when my ears stop bleeding I will tell you how it sounded) and we cruised to Stingaree for lunch and a 944 Magazine party then we had to hit up the Wavehouse and Da Beachcomber/Penannt for more drinks and observations that’s all! Today is just another little slice of why I love So-Cal it was a great day out weather was fine especially on the roof top of Stingaree and the eye-candy was popping.


Monday from 11-1 (I think)infront of the UC

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The gov ruins my diet, lesbians and Sunday dinner

They need to stop running those ads that are supposed to warn parents about child hood obesity, the message might be important but damn the ads are ruining my diet: Bloody ad comes on and starts talking about Soda, doughnuts, cake, cookies, ice cream, chips damn it, is this an ad or a temptation brought to life? Every time I see the bloody ad I start to snack! Can I sue someone over this…the money I get from that would hire a chef and cure my obesity!

What is it about guys and our egos that if we can’t get someone she must be a lesbian and if we think we have a shot at someone even if she looks and acts 100% like a lesbian she must be bi-sexual? It is amazing to watch and observe. I have not yet played the” oh she didn’t like me so she must be a lesbian” card but I fear that it is coming, I have seen too many of my fellow man play it to be overly confident that I will never play it. So sometimes I enter a bar and all I can do is people watch. Those nights usually happen when I am ill; not that in the mood to party; playing wingman; or just plain in the mood to people watch.
     So I am slowly watching a colleague of mine evolve into a pimp/mac/slut whatever term you would like to use, and it is bloody funny!

So I have seen on a preview that the kids on American idol will be singing the songs of Queen next week – way to keep it relevant to the young folks, but beyond that aren’t Queen’s songs better suited to loud screaming vocals than solo artists? ‘Crazy little thing called love’ might be the best suited for a soloist, but what of the persons who get ‘Another one bites the dust’ or ‘We are the champions’ (or will that be saved for a group sing along). Guess this means Queen has an album coming out!

Today’s Sunday dinner menu:
Keeping it basic; Special fried rice (chicken, pork, Chinese sausage and shrimp) and jerk pork. I may if not feeling too lazy make some apple tarts or turnovers, I don’t think I have enough apples for a pie. And have to finish it all off with a milk shake! I dare say I enjoy Sundays!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Feeling like I want to die!

So this is one of those moments when it really sucks. I am suffering from food poisoning and this blows, all the usual symptoms plus a mild fever! I must apologize to my peeps at Bar Dynamite it was a fun time I was just not physically up for it, sorry we had to leave early (though granted bitching at me for leaving at 1.30am from a bar when I was sick is a little harsh). But I handled it like a man and didn’t bitch and moan while there; it’s amazing that while driving adrenaline kicks in and I can handle bad feelings but once I got home it all hit me like a blow to the stomach and now I am one step away from the fetal position.

Assassin thank your lucky stars that we were w/ cool peeps; after burning that bridge I was quite willing to drive off and leave you. Remember the rule: Secure your ride before ditching your original!  

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday...

Jessica and Lanelle: Lanelle a nice person would let you win dominoes on your birthday…so I guess that means that we cannot play today!

Cali-J excited about class?

You know what…I am honored that my professor Orly Lobel trusts me enough that she has given me the most non PC member of her class an assignment to make a presentation on an article written by an anti-feminist female regarding sex in the work place…I had planned to just loaf off this assignment but of course that thought immediately disappeared when I read the material. So now I have power points and hand outs ready for class later today…should be damn fun!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Any excuse in a pinch

So I love living in So Cal though it cracks me up that Assassin and I will find any excuse to skip class: Case in point; today we skipped class because it was raining and of course since no one in Socal can drive in the rain it was safer for us not to risk crossing the street to get to class – you know safety first! I do love that the decision was made by us (or at least me) about 2 hours before class while it was still just light rain. I looked up and saw clouds and made the decision I could not risk walking in the rain I might get wet. Plus with strange sonic booms that shook the apartment earlier in the day it was best to just lay low.

“Yo momma teeth so yellow when she close her mouth her stomach lights up”

Hickory dickory dock your girl was on my cock!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

24 isn't the only thing with a cool countdown!

Just a cool thing to take note of…this morning(04/05/06) at 1am or this afternoon a bit of a cool phenomenon occurs if you are staring at a digital clock with a full read out at 2 minutes and 3 seconds past one it should read 01:02:03, 04/05/06. Who says you never hear any cool stuff on AM radio.

Damn I need some gym motivation.

Some rambling...

It’s another 5 am post so I cannot be held 100% responsible for what I say.

  • Damn Toccara is looking decent on the cover of King Magazine!

  • Watching Flavor of Love with other peeps is so damn funny. Being able to comment on what each crazy heifer is going to do or should do or did just adds even more joy to the experience. I can’t believe they are thinking of a sequel and I am ashamed of myself because I know that I am going to watch it.

  • NY should have slapped that bitch: when she pulled the swim move if she had just swung a little faster she would have connected…If you are going to spit on someone you better step up and be ready to throw some bows.

  • Wonder if Russell Simmons and Kimora are breaking up now that she is an established commodity?

  • Can you feel proud to call O.D.B. your baby’s daddy?

  • I know peeps are saying Mariah looks big in the Centrino ad, but so what? I still love that chic and would sling mad…

  • I think Natasha Bedingfield is cute or am I just drawn in by the accent?

  • Finally got back into the gym; the barest minimum of cardio since the knee is still not stable enough, over worked the chest since I was trying to make up for the weeks that I just felt too unmotivated to go to the gym (hate walking around with a knee brace) and now I am so sore I can barely lift my arms (guess I can’t do any reading for class – sweet I love built in excuses)

  • Hard to believe that Delay is stepping down from congress; he always seemed like the type that would be too stubborn to ever retire

  • Praise to the father!

  • Should I take an ambien and just ignore the fact that I have classes today?

  • DVR has ruined my life – I do not have it in my bedroom and every few minutes I look up at the TV and try to rewind something or pause something: LIVE TV SUCKS!

  • It’s probably sad but ever since I read the reports about alcohol + ambien = comas or possible sleep walking and or sleep eating I have really, really wanted to see the effects. I do not want to do it myself – I have I think mixed enough sleeping pills in my life but I am willing to watch and monitor anyone who would like to take a healthy ( I guess its actually unhealthy) amount of alcohol and then use it to chase an ambien pill or 2.

  • Could I be held for murder if something went wrong? Hmm! Chance I am willing to take for the pursuit of science.

  • Flavor Flav should be banned from TV if only to preserve my sanity and my belief in humanity.

  • Infomercials have gone downhill…it’s rare that I find myself drawn to watch them anymore

Monday, April 03, 2006

NCAA finals game watching...

At the Cali-j’s crib: I think I will do a baked rigatoni and all are welcome!

Just one of the fun things we did in Mexico. Viva la raza!

"When you are a kid you do it, just because you like it!"

The definition of classy…

You may be confused like the people from and define classy as “elegant and fashionable” but you would be wrong. Because the true definition of classy is to be found by watching ‘The Flavor of Love Reunion show’ a program that some how managed to roll the first 4 years of the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ (you know the fun time with all the fights, baby mommas, klan members and transvestites) into a one hour program of cat fights and bitchiness. New York’s words to pumpkin “I aint gone spit in yo face cuz I am too classy for that but…I am going to slap the sh#t out yo ass” THAT’S CLASSY!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Maybe it's because I am not American...

But I told my friend my menu plans for today’s game watching: Wine, beer, wings, pizza and maybe some pot stickers, and the reaction was…”WINE WITH GAMES” “Wine does not mix with sports” I ask why? After all we enjoy beer with sports and a rum and coke with sports why not sip, sip, sip some of the tasty beverage that originates from grapes “Mmm grapey good”

So it’s an open invite to my peeps, there will be food and beverages at the cali-j’s crib and there is even some left over jerk pork.

Sean Paul performances

Since haffi support di yardie bredda dem when dem pon tour (Hail Capleton). So to my Cali peeps Sean Paul will be at the House of Blues in West Hollywood April 10th and 11th.

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