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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some rambling...

It’s another 5 am post so I cannot be held 100% responsible for what I say.

  • Damn Toccara is looking decent on the cover of King Magazine!

  • Watching Flavor of Love with other peeps is so damn funny. Being able to comment on what each crazy heifer is going to do or should do or did just adds even more joy to the experience. I can’t believe they are thinking of a sequel and I am ashamed of myself because I know that I am going to watch it.

  • NY should have slapped that bitch: when she pulled the swim move if she had just swung a little faster she would have connected…If you are going to spit on someone you better step up and be ready to throw some bows.

  • Wonder if Russell Simmons and Kimora are breaking up now that she is an established commodity?

  • Can you feel proud to call O.D.B. your baby’s daddy?

  • I know peeps are saying Mariah looks big in the Centrino ad, but so what? I still love that chic and would sling mad…

  • I think Natasha Bedingfield is cute or am I just drawn in by the accent?

  • Finally got back into the gym; the barest minimum of cardio since the knee is still not stable enough, over worked the chest since I was trying to make up for the weeks that I just felt too unmotivated to go to the gym (hate walking around with a knee brace) and now I am so sore I can barely lift my arms (guess I can’t do any reading for class – sweet I love built in excuses)

  • Hard to believe that Delay is stepping down from congress; he always seemed like the type that would be too stubborn to ever retire

  • Praise to the father!

  • Should I take an ambien and just ignore the fact that I have classes today?

  • DVR has ruined my life – I do not have it in my bedroom and every few minutes I look up at the TV and try to rewind something or pause something: LIVE TV SUCKS!

  • It’s probably sad but ever since I read the reports about alcohol + ambien = comas or possible sleep walking and or sleep eating I have really, really wanted to see the effects. I do not want to do it myself – I have I think mixed enough sleeping pills in my life but I am willing to watch and monitor anyone who would like to take a healthy ( I guess its actually unhealthy) amount of alcohol and then use it to chase an ambien pill or 2.

  • Could I be held for murder if something went wrong? Hmm! Chance I am willing to take for the pursuit of science.

  • Flavor Flav should be banned from TV if only to preserve my sanity and my belief in humanity.

  • Infomercials have gone downhill…it’s rare that I find myself drawn to watch them anymore

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it is a sad day when someone is proud to call ODB baby daddy.

and, it's the accent. it's always the accent.

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