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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Neighbour and I are trying to kill ourselves!

He is trying to cut weight for a tourney and I am just trying to cut weight. Take today for instance. He ran 3 miles in the morning, I ran (really walked) 2 miles, we then both later in the day did an Insanity Dvd workout and played a set of Tennis (which of course includes the warm up.

So you would think that would end it, but noooo, I remembered at about quarter to midnight that I really needed to get groceries that were on special and I had made a pact to myself that I was not driving to the store anymore since it was so close. So I had to put on my plimsolls and set off in a jog so I could make the one mile journey rapidly.

The main problem is that, being the crazy kid I am, with all the working out, I ended up eating, a tonne of ham, steamed veggies, then baked pasta, blueberries, butterscotch cookies, 3 bowls of ice cream, some pumpkin seeds, and then a ham sandwich...yup, you try running with that junk in your stomach. So the trip to the store was agonizingly slow. And since I just jumped up from the couch and set off running I was basically wearing a shirt that should just stay in the house!

Thankfully at midnight, there are not that many people in the grocery store so really my hotness meter did not take too severe a hit. But, on to the reason why I ran to the store, I have a few holiday parties that I am cooking for, so I needed to get chicken and when chicken breasts are $3 off per lb, you kind of want to take advantage of the sale (even if it ends at midnight and it is 15 minutes to).

The problem with not driving to a store and then loading up on products sold by the lb is that you then have to WALK BACK HOME. So at midnight in a shirt that should be hidden, and with 3 grocery bags with 30lbs of chicken (not very evenly distributed) I had to walk home. A cop car pulled up and stopped near me at one point (not for me) but I was sorely tempted to request a lift, but really no smart man enters a cop car unless he has to! Especially when you are my complexion and in Hermosa. For much of the trip I was thinking, "Man I really wish I had worn a jacket" and "Damn, I really wish plastic bags had better handles" those suckers really cut into your hand when carrying heavy objects.

So here is hoping that I will some day learn some portion control but till that day, looks like I will be back to crazy work outs and crazy binges.

At least I know I can look forward to some Amazing Jerk chicken on Sunday

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