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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Maybe it's because I am not American...

But I told my friend my menu plans for today’s game watching: Wine, beer, wings, pizza and maybe some pot stickers, and the reaction was…”WINE WITH GAMES” “Wine does not mix with sports” I ask why? After all we enjoy beer with sports and a rum and coke with sports why not sip, sip, sip some of the tasty beverage that originates from grapes “Mmm grapey good”

So it’s an open invite to my peeps, there will be food and beverages at the cali-j’s crib and there is even some left over jerk pork.


The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Reading posts like this make me really sad because I do loves me some jerk pork and wine. I think any alcoholic beverage is okay for watching sports. While not a conventional choice, how different is wine from say a margarita? A marg would not be deemed unacceptable.

Lyoness said...

mmm grapey good? you watch too much "half and half"

Dr. D. said...

Lika is lika...once it do de trick!

Dr. D. said...

Word verification for above comment.....lyklr....naw lie!

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