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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vicodin Dreams!

Read at your own peril, I wrote this one because I am bored in class. So I fell asleep shortly after reading some Cal Civ Pro and I think that plus the Vicodin accounted for my dream…nothing major, just not the type of dream that I would expect. So in the middle of what I can only imagine was initially restful sleep since I delayed taking the vicodin till the last possible minute since GW screamed at me when I asked if it would be cool to take it with a sleeping pill sorry I digress…In the middle of just normal crappy dreams I suddenly found myself in a court room. I was looking damn good though nice dark suit had the fro in rows and the beard all trimmed up, sorry back to the story.

So I was representing someone bringing a suit of some kind I think it was a personal injury claim. We filed the suit with just one day left to get in under the statute of limitations but then the bastards raised a demurer, something about we missed the day because we filed late or some crap like that (it was dream so hard to lock down specifics).

Then out of nowhere in the dream my client snapped and screamed “I have your demurer right here” (even in my dreams I don’t curse) and charged the defendant and slapped the defendant square in the face. Then all of a sudden the bloody keebler elves swooped in and began kicking my ass and my client’s ass (that part I know occurred because I kept referencing the family guy line “Those freaking elves man, they came out of nowhere” so it was on my mind). Then all of a sudden the courtroom turned into a dentist’s office and my tooth was yanked out with some rusty ass pliers…then with a bloody mouth and a prominent gap I tried to hit on the nurse (that took care of me a the doctors office on Monday – had to get a shot…no one needs to worry about for what – it’s all good) because I thought she was cute and I thought she was feeling me but then she kissed me, bloody gap toothed mouth and all and it freaked me out so much that I woke up sweating and freaked out of my mind. Damn I thought blogging this would help the time pass in class but it only took me 3 minutes to type this crap damn it.


PB said...

It took me less time to read it. Damn it! Crap! Hell! Friggin Francophile going off about making baby love in castles!

aarond said...

To those not in our class let me clarify that PB is talking about our professor and a story he told in class...not about the actions of myself or any other members of the class or the professor. I do agree though that story started off as if he were talking about the lady and her vibrators and ended with her loving babies, it was a bit weird.

PB said...

and to clarify some more... he started talking about "a man's house is his castle." Hence the "making baby love in castles" comment...
And now he's going off about some weird Latin word -- which he spends about 2 minutes defining -- and could have just been subsituted with "plains."

Shotta M said...

Damn is this the kinda stuff I'll be dreaming by my 3 year. What have I gotten myself into?

Dr. D. said...

What weird stuff....careful wid dem sleeping pills.

I can think of dreams that are far more 'uplifting'! ;-)

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