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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Football begins...

I know Thursday was the official start but this is when the REAL season I care about begins. My family loyalties are as fractured as any family that grew up in the states (we are all American College educated...I held out for as long as possible). All the teams that I care about play today: TEXAS, CAL, USC, MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA...I need the first team to win (guaranteed) would like the 2nd to win would love USC to lose to HI (a man can dream) UM and NC are peripheral, when they are not playing UT or challenging our poll position I can cheer for them. I am tired of my bro (a USC grad) calling me to recap games, this is the year of the F.U.S.C. chants Go Cal! GO HORNS GO! Now onto a solid 14 hours of drinking...I love College football.


Shotta M said...

I think I going to follow Football more closely ths year. I went to a Badgers game and it was a lot of fun.

Zandra said...

Texas won 60-3, OU lost.....Saturday was a good day!

Josh said...

The Golden Domers are BACK! Weis is a genius!!!!!!!!!

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