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Friday, September 09, 2005

Laura Bush v Kanye West! Round 2 to Laura

Laura Bush described as "disgusting" comments by rapper Kanye West. Good for her, nice to see her sticking up for her husband.

So I got accused earlier by a commenter about dropping the race card when responding to their post about white people having more money than black people…well so be it, if the race card is dropped what of it? How can someone throw out a racial claim like that (which is true by the way white peeps have more money than black peeps) when arguing about the misguided comments of one black man (Kanye) and then try to hide behind the veil of “When black people use race it’s the race card but when white people use it, it’s a social comment”?

When I posted the Kanye comment I posted it because I thought it was the funniest tv moment I had seen in a long damn time especially with all the hurricane coverage. Of course I was very, very naïve to think that I could post that and a racial issue not spark. Guess this hurricane tragedy just shows that we are not as harmonious as we may have thought we were, or well as some of you thought: I went to school in Texas, coming from a foreign country, trust me, I knew race relations were more tenuous than Hollywood would have you believe.

By the way in terms of Laura Bush v Kanye I am picking Laura…strong southern woman and we already know that she can kill a man (it was an accident).

Sorry to the SBA for my comments earlier, I am just frustrated by the tragedy.

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