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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pic from New Orleans thanks to my sis!

I just posted these to share the horror with y'all. At the same time it's cool how we can bounce back and move on. Oh and the picture of the school buses tripped me out, without the caption (which doesn't show up here)I wouldn't have recognized them but you will figure what they are now that I told you.


Jess said...

That is so horrible....My friend Felicia lives in New Orleans and she lost everything! My prayers are with her and any other person who is suffering due to this horrible disaster.

False Data said...


The problem's not just in N.O., either. I got e-mail today from a friend in Houston about refugees that'd run out of hotel money and could no longer afford food. The aid agencies can take time to react to stuff like that, so the police put out the call for locals to help. (I've blogged a copy. You can read it here if you want.) That idea of putting stuff on a truck and driving it over is sounding pretty good, but at this point how do you know where to send the truck?

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