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Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick blurbs

Shotta thanks for the love…I need to book a ticket to Jamaica wi a guh run di place dis year! Last free xmas fi bruk wild backa yard. Weh dem seh? “Fashion ova style”

This man is probably the world’s worst shot. Why would you shoot people just because you got fired?

Lets not forget to continue to give to the Katrina relief effort!

Just read that CBS’ made for TV movie “Martha Behind Bars” was a big bust last night. Really? Who would have thought that a movie about an over privileged woman whom most of the population cannot relate to and whom became richer while not doing hard time in prison would be a bust? After all Cybill Shepard was the lead that alone should have guaranteed at least 10 or 20 viewers.

Seems like one of the more dangerous jobs in sports currently is to be the starting QB for Memphis: That school is having the worst luck…losing 2 starting QBs to broken legs. That is rough on any program but it’s rougher on the kids: I always feel bad for college kids when they get injured no matter what program they are from (even OU).

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