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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bloody day last part not for the squeamish

So I am in class cracking up and that is bad for a couple reasons: One because it leads to a bloody mouth and second because the professor is talking about slaves and animals.

So let’s recap the day of the cali-J:
Went to the dentist had oral surgery DID NOT CRY.
And thus the story begins, you might ask why I proudly display the words did not cry…but let me tell you that for a few hours last night I kept having this conversation with myself…
“Aaron you are a grown man you cannot cry at the dentist”
To which I responded “But damn it Aaron, that crap is going to hurt” Which led to the response “Aaron, seriously how is it going to look if you cry at the dentist” So at that moment I realized that I am so damn cocky that when I have conversations with myself I actually talk in the 3rd person to myself {an aside: Pierre did you see that, did you see what she just did in class Cot Damn that was Hot} So I being the none afraid able to handle anything pumped up person that I was at that point took my vicodin, took my penicillin, took a vitamin, swallowed some ibuprofen threw the sleeping pills across the room and went to bed. Woke up in the morning timed my arrival at the dentist office for exactly the time of my appt because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit there and listen to other peeps come in. Kids crying at the dentist just freaks me out.

Let me take a moment to let y’all know that I am not scared of normal medical procedures. But something about the dental process freaks me out…actually I know what it is the anesthesia never fully works on me I always feel some of the pain (and not imagined pain like others but actual pain) and when I was a kid the damn dentist pulled the wrong tooth so I had to go back in to get my tooth pulled again because of the dentists fault So forgive me if I have moments of fear

Anyway I get tired of typing rather quickly so let me cut this short…if you are squeamish do not read the rest of this.
So the doc gave me 3 shots of whatever that crap is that is supposed to numb you plus the application of the local anesthetic. Then attacked my tooth, shards of pain attacked my brain but since it was half way in I refused to complain but I did make an “Oh” exclamation. Then I heard the sound I had dreaded…CRACK…the bloody tooth broke at the root. Nothing like hearing your dentist say (though to his credit he kept his voice calm) “Oh no, it broke at the root get me an x-ray and lets see if we have to dig it out” Of course being my luck the x-ray showed that they needed to dig it out so of course they proceeded to do just that. And finally got it but it took me 2 more shots because I was actually feeling too much pain (It’s Novocain right?). So my day started with 5 injections one broken tooth, a sore gum and puffy lips and cheeks. And of course now I cant eat solid food, and I cannot drink…it’s like I am a baby all over again without the joy of being able to spit up whenever I want and be carried everywhere I need to go. Told you if you were squeamish to stop reading.


Pierre said...

A further aside... all Aaron and I do in class is look at girly pics on his computer, IM each other, and hold back laughter... oh yeah, I've also declared jihad on him and he's declared whatever Jamaicans do against people they hate (I assume it involves pot but he emphatically denies this).
But, today, the jihad has the upper hand. All I have to do is slap him and he'll be CRYING like a baby.... sorry, dude, you tryint to be a man isn't going to stop that shower of pain!

aarond said...

Rassclaut die, anyone who even brushes my jaw today will have dinner with the Lord or the devil tonight!

Anonymous said...

i am declaring jihad on myself during the period of 221-357 tuesday wednesday and thursday because i actually come to class, sit here looking all cute...and thats it. i dont have any idea what prof is saying, it is all jibberish to me, so i sit and sit and get more confused and more angry at myself for coming, and all I've learned is that the dark ages has a capital D capital A...

Pierre said...


Dr. D. said...

Rassclaut die....etc...had me laughing nuh rass still.

Hope you mout heal up soon. Yeah, me nuh too love dentist fact I'm well overdue for a checkup.

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