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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oakland Seethes Over Police Shooting

Oakland Seethes Over Police Shooting

Whew what a way to return to blogging, I was going to make my first blog of the new year my rant against my mistreatment by Air Jamaica ( I will still get to that) but this is more important.

Strange to me that you never seem to hear about 'accidental' shootings of white men. The accompanying videos are graphic, and even for those desensitized by video game violence you might have a 'gasp moment'

As noted by Shehryar (thanks for letting me know the updates) if there had not been video for this, it might have been just "another average story no one hears about"

I do not know why the cop found it necessary to draw a piece, (some say he thought it was a Tazer, I thought he might have drawn the gun to intimidate) what I do know is that once you draw a weapon of any sort you better be damn careful with it...he was not!
The link shows the video from one angle. They seemed to have the guy under control, there does not seem to be a reason for the gun/taser (if he thought he was pulling that).

Let me address the Taser v Gun thing...Do you not know the difference between a gun and a Taser? Do they not have different handles, look, feel and Safeties?

I thought that cops were supposed to be more and more reluctant to reach for Tasers? And are you supposed to Taser someone who is face down with another cops knee on their neck?

A 22 year old man, face down shot in the back, sounds like a damn execution...if one did not know that the cops were involved you would think it were a gang style killing!

Note that one of the persons who took the video wants to remain anonymous...think he fears reprisals from the cops?

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Yes, this was definitely an execution.Gang style!!

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