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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Suicide Jumper Pushed...awesome?

Suicide Jumper Pushed

When you get a chance look at the photos, after the guy pushed him she saluted...that is pretty crazy. I know this is not PC to say, but I completely understand why the guy pushed him. I would not do it, but I understand. Traffic in SD was once snarled for 3 hours because some guy wanted to jump off the bridge...What if I had had a job interview, what if I was rushing my wife to the hospital? Because of your selfishness everyone else's life has to be troubled?

Why must there have to be some showy suicide? If you are just killing yourself to free yourself from debt, why the need for others to see your path/progression?

Again, I do not agree with the guy pushing him off the bridge but wow, can I empathize.

What is funny is that the guy is still badly in debt and now probably has to pay a mint in fines, restitution and hospital bills, almost makes you want to kill yourself...oh oops!

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