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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Talked to my ex for 1hour and 28 minutes and country music was illuminating. I actually enjoyed the conversation and it made me realize we do not talk enough...which of course is part of why we are exes. Anyway on to the Hodge-podge:

- I have been working out like a fiend, I discovered that I have gained 42lbs since last July. Everyone who hears it says "That is because you were comfortable" that is just an overly nice way of saying "You let yourself go". The fault is mine, it is nice to blame others but the fault is mine, just because others do not like the gym, does not mean I can then sit on my butt knowing that since I do not diet, I have to work out.

- Because of the weight gain, I have been busting my ass in the gym, and I am paying for it. I now have a horrible case of plantar fasciitis. It is so bad, that stepping out of bed causes severe pain. I cannot run, I cannot even walk on the treadmill, no elliptical, the only thing I can do cardio wise is spinning which leads me to:

- 3 Out of 4 of my spinning instructors this week played COUNTRY MUSIC...look I like maybe even love country music in small doses and I know it is bloody popular, but it was extraordinary to me to hear it so often used in a situation where I am used to hearing pop music, rap, or techno.

One of the instructors more than half the music was country, it really is hard to work up a lather when hearing about a girl leaving someone (yup I am generalizing the music).

The one however that cracked me up the most, played country music, then followed it with Justin Bieber (hope I got that right, I am too lazy to look it up), the thing is I was so damn happy to not hear country any more, I found myself bobbing along and enjoying the song, whereas normally when I hear that song, I put it out of my mind.

- It is summer time in Hermosa, yup, I know in the rest of the world it is still Spring, but for is SUMMER and I am loving it!

- Of course now that I am 42lbs over-weight, maybe I should not enjoy the summer so much.

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Niki said...

Don't worry it's summer in J.A. too so you're not alone

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