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Friday, November 20, 2009

Eating my sorrows away vol 232.2342

May post pix later if I feel like.

Just a pat on the back, how cool am I type blog today.

Expected company, but my company was so busy that when they called and sounded dead tired on the phone I told them to not drive into town, even though I really wanted to see them (back pat)

I was asked if it was no big deal and I assured it was not (back pat)

But really I am torn up inside since I actually put in some serious effort today to try to impress since I have not been the best person the last few weeks (back pat for effort, knife in back for being a bad person)

I cleaned house, vacuumed everything in sight and purchased booze that was liked by friend (back pat)

Then I cooked. (back pat and that is before I even get to what I did)

I bought a fresh pineapple and peeled it so that the meal would be filled with fresh ingredients (back pat)

I deboned then cut up 3 whole chicken breasts into slivers no larger than 2 inches in length and no thicker than 2 mms so that they can flash fry in less than a minute (back pat)

I peeled and deveined 1.25lbs of shrimp and marinated it in a home made sauce (back pat)

Then here comes the labour intensive portion, I took 2 carrots and used the finest setting on the grater and shaved them so that I basically had carrot mush and flakes and anyone who ever does fine grating knows...look out for fingers (back pat)

Then and we can lump this all together, I chopped fresh herbs from the herb garden, fine chopped green onions, garlic, ginger etc and made an amazing stir fry with the chicken slivers, the shrimp and the fine carrot with a special red sauce (chilies, sugar, worchestershire, cane sugar, lemon juice (fresh sqeezed), sea salt, and some jamaican seasonings (boiled then simmered to thicken). All served on a bed of coconut rice yup u guessed it: BACK PAT

I know I know, you wonder why I post all this...well its cathartic, I am boasting and damn it, if I grated a piece of my thumb nail (hahah not really) you can read this post. Now seriously...envy me because the meal was bloody good.

Oh and I finished it off with FRIED ICE CREAM (back pat

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kemarias said...

love the recipe. im going to try it. i hope you continue to post..keep it coming.

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