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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chilean Weightlifter did not know she was pregnant had kid during training

Zoology degree notwithstanding there are some things related to biology I just cannot understand. And this is one of them. How can an Olympic athlete IN TRAINING and competitions not realize she is pregnant, and not only that she gave birth while training!

I have a hard time fathoming how any woman can go so many months without knowing that she is pregnant. My neighbor did it for 7 months (still disturbing) before she finally found out, just in time to get at least some pre-natal care.

Hope fully this girls kid will eventually come around to being fully healthy. I cannot help laughing at what this trainer said "I could see she was a big girl, round and strong. That's all I noticed." –Yeah Buddy understatement right there.

By the way I love the headlines that find it necessary to put this word in their text 'FEMALE' weightlifter.


kemarias said...

Interesting post. Have a happy holiday and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Have you not watched "I did not know I was pregnant" on TLC? Plus a female athlete probably does not have a regular time of the month. It is possible.

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