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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jersey Shore recap, come on no way do I know what episode # DVR says "The great Depression"

So I heard a good theory on the 'BS report' which attempted to explain why it seemed like the kids on JS can be so angry with each other one day and super happy with each other the next; almost as if they were seeing something that we were not able to see. The theory is that they are actually watching the Miami season as the 3rd season is being filmed. I do not think they are watching, I think they all just watched it heading into the new season and as their booze addled brains float in and out of consciousness they realize their feelings.

So the Epi starts with Ron crying actually crying is mild he is weeping, look I know some men cry, but these are the kind of tears that you usually see reserved for death. "Some days doctor situation, chef situation...bang your girl situation" Hahah Ron immediately realizes how ridiculous it is to listen to the S(n)itchuation talk about relationships.

"Mentally I feel like I have been abused" that is what Sam says, funny cause that is how I feel when watching this damn show. And nope not making light of abuse, I really feel like that relationship is bloody abusive, and I am usually hesitant to throw around that word. Heck NT for ages has called him Rapey and abusive and I stuck up for him, but damn the last few weeks of epis, has looked extreme.

Ron going to the girls looking for sympathy just strikes me as odd. That is like wearing fur to a PETA board meeting. And now he goes to the boys and Vinnie immediately makes a joke...maybe this is why he went to the girls first.

"1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a prank war" So announces Pauly D. If it was not for the rhyming nature of the sentence I would think that, that is as far as he could count. I know I was not the only one shocked that the girls could fit UNDER the beds. While the prank war is going on, I notice that the Sitch is sleeping...he really has lost his MVP status this season.

Snooks looking for her Crocodile pillow reminds me of an ex that would always sleep with a body pillow that was long and cylindrical...I am not saying I'm just saying...weird huh? So we already have Mike Snitchuating again. Oh damn it: Vinnie just called the Situation, Snitchuation not like I thought I was new with this or anything, but anytime the JS kids come up with something that I have come up with also...a little piece of me dies inside.

And there we go a Skins ad, with its ratings I actually thought it might have been cancelled.

Ron claims that Sam is the one he loves the most. OK NT, you are right, "he is the Ike Turner of the Jersey Shore". Did they really blame Ron for clogging not 1 but 3 toilets? That is scary and impressive. Damn it Ron man up, you cannot be crying in the bathroom. You really know Snooks has to go because she called him Ronaldo [Damn another week, and I just find out a real name? I need to quit this show].

The girls are supposedly hurrying to remove Sam's stuff from her room so Ron does not see it and get depressed. Yet they look like they are moving backwards. And how do you bloody forget a huge bag in the closet? I do not care how metro they might think Ron is, that purse was never going to be his. If I was in that house and ever wanted to know anything I would immediately just ask the Snitch. Come on Ron, if you want to know who moved Sam's stuff just ask him.

I think it is smart of that T-shirt store to give them Uniforms that have the stores name on front and the kids name on back...great promotion and I bed those damn shirts sell like hot cakes. Hmm now I want cake, I think I will make a cake or at least giant chocolate chip cookies today. Guess I have to hit the gym for a couple hours today.

Sorry to quote the 'BS report' again but they brought up a great point; If Tiger Woods had Ronnie's skills Elin would not only have stayed with him she would have thought all his cheating was her fault.

Ok so Paulie finds a disgusting pair of undies in the bathroom and instead of hmm I don't know, leaving them there, or throwing them away he instead takes them to the living room and puts them on a bean bag...but Deena adds to that disgusting level and PICKS THEM UP! I think Ron with his immense logic might be right, she touched them, they must be hers.

Damn it, I need to see single Ronnie. Hmm really convenient that a 'Friend' that just happens to be Paulie's ex just conveniently shows up. Mike's way of dancing with her kind of feels Rapey (shout out to NT).

Ron declares that he will get her back (Sam) because "I get what I want". Sounds creepy when he says it. But, I often think like that. mini M.O.T. here, I think like that all the time, in fact I recently admitted to 2 girls that I ended up dating that when I first saw them I turned to my homies and said I would date them. Even though at the time, both had bfs at the time. BUT I never ever have taken another man's girl: not my move.

"I wanna meet hot guerilla juice heads" but instead Snooks meets a "Mario Brother". I find that the guys Snooks really likes are pretty much the opposite of what most of my friends like. "Deena turns into the Sloppapotamus a combination of a Slop tart and a Hippopotamus put together" so says the Sitch, then tries to repeat the word and stutters his way through his second attempt...but he still keeps the Poet Laureate throne.

Ronnie comforting a girl, just seems crazy...but then he demands that she go get him supplies and things feel right.

Really kid, you 'cock blocked' someone and then go back to that house to tap one of the roomies? Suspiciously stupid, like you just want to be on camera stupid. Vinnie's girl just hangs on his arm like a limpet. She is like an adornment like a Fur stole. Wow kid actually asks in the middle of the Smush "what's my name?" then finds out that Snooks does not know his name...dumb move because he is clearly not going to stop the smush, and then finds out that his name is unnecessary to the operation.

No way Ron cannot really be thinking of leaving! I demand to see single Ronnie, none of this moping despondent beast.

Ok I am off to hit the gym. I figure 5 miles on the Elliptical, 1 hour lifting will allow me to eat Spicy chicken crispers and chocolate chip cookies.

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