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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going to see Prince this Thursday!

Of Course you know I am going to include a clip of Dave Chapelle playing Prince, playing Charlie Murphy in a game of Basketball.

But before I get to that. I really thought about getting my ex tickets to Prince, she is into music and I think she would enjoy the concert. Then reality hit me and I realize that we talk so infrequently I cannot call her to find out if she would want to go so I do not even know if it is even cool to take her to a concert (I know she went to a show with one of her exes while we were 'dating' and she does not know I know, but I know and I was not happy, though not really angry) since she has a dude.

I also know that I would rather eat a bullet than get her tickets for both her and her current boyfriend and I would never be so callous as to just get her a solo ticket and go "here stand by yourself".

Ah well the perils of being exes: What is funny is that I got my boy and his 'possible' a pair of tickets which I think might actually be better than my own tickets! Yau...I hope it gets you more than a 'possible'. So even though I am not going as a couple I still ended up getting 'couple tickets'

I expect this concert to be bloody amazing. So far no one I know who has gone has had a single complaint and if you knew LA crowds/peeps you would know that is bloody unusual. This tour has already taken on legen(wait for it)dary status with peeps telling me crazy things like Alicia Keys and Mint Condition appearing on stage...yes I said Mint Condition, no I did not realize they were still together either (focus damn it we are talking about Prince here, Sorry 'Id and Ego' may have just taken over or a second). I have heard stories of 1 hour encores and even activities after the lights come up! I am really trying NOT to drive so I can just be care-free and party like its 199...ok I cannot finish that I refuse to be that guy.

Anyway it is time for the Prince sketch, it is a classic and seriously if your do not already know this sketch you really need to get the box Set of Chappelle Show and I would really love to know who jacked mine.



Anonymous said...

yeah i thought about getting u tickets but we hadn't talked in awhile. i went last thursday, sheila e was there. it was amazing, you're gonna love it. also, the crowd that shows up is hilariously insane.

Cali J said...

If this is who I think it is...I thought u never came up to LA on Weekdays? I was supposed to go last thursday then work interfered, then Saturday and a birthday interfered. Hoping tomorrow stays safe.

Glad u enjoyed the show

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