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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Exes, birthdays, oysters and suits

Whew have not blogged in awhile. Went to ex-gf’s birthday party tonight and it was bloody funny seeing who was there and who more significantly was NOT there.

I love my ex and I think we get along well, which I think sometimes leads me to teasing her unmercifully. I think I get along well with most of her friends (the ones that ‘may’ not like me are just plain evil) and so while they all tend to be doctors and invariably tend to fall into the habit of talking about work, I enjoy myself.

Part of what I really enjoyed tonight was watching the dynamic of the group. There were some girls there that football announcers would in their best hype-voice announce as “THESE GIRLS PLAIN DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER”. To their credit, everyone was very respectful of each other…I felt a momentary flash of guilt for wanting to see a cat-fight: Hope that does not make me sexist/misogynistic. A great part of my night was talking to one girl that clearly did not like the next girl, then immediately talk to the next girl. I felt like I was both Federer and Nadal, serving and volleying with ease. If I did not respect my ex so much I might have tried to stoke the fires, but as it was I was content with just playful teasing of her friends.

I am kind of like that horrible movie (I think the name is Good Luck Chuck,) girls would get with the lead character and immediately afterwards get with the guy of their dreams. I have been checking up on my exes and they are ALL locked down. Of course we are also of the age where many tend to get locked down but I still am shocked when peeps come out to dinner and they are married. I still do not look for rings, but I am noticing them more… Anyway kind of the point of this is, I went on a pseudo-date with a young lady, whom I thought was ‘single’ and the very next day, actually later that night, I saw her Facebook post exalting the fact that her hubby was back…uh OH? Hahahah, this is how guys who are being gentlemen (nice treatment etc) can get themselves in trouble. Oh well, at least we had a fun time.
Ladies, please do not use me to make your boyfriend’s jealous. In fact, let us narrow it down more, do not use my voice to make your bf’s jealous. DO NOT have me talk in the background while you are on the phone with him to make him realize that other guys will take you out. I am on vacation, I am here to have fun, of course if you call me I will go out with you, it is your responsibility to warn me in advance that you have a man.

Why are oysters so bloody cheap here, and so bloody expensive in the States? A dozen for the equivalent of $2.25US should worry me…instead I cannot get enough of them. You would think that with tourists dying here of food poisoning I would slow down on speculative food choices, but instead I am devouring fish, peppa-shrimp, lobster, oysters, sushi, and having all my beef products cooked medium rare. Maybe subconsciously I am just hoping to get just slightly sick enough to lose some weight the hard but fast way – I have to fit the 2 damn suits that I stupidly had taken in just before coming on vacation (one of my dumbest clothing choices ever). I am going to a wedding in Vegas 1 bloody day after I come back in from Vegas; I should probably just budget for buying a new suit in that single day and having it rush tailored.

Oh speaking of suits, bought a pretty decent grey suit while here…actually my Dad presented me with the suit, but I love the connections, English tailor, selling me an Italian suit, which is mass marketed in China, sold to me in Jamaica and on its way to America.

Since this blog has exes involved; to another ex…sorry re your friends. Anger makes me mean; thank goodness they were not in front of me!

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