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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor week 2, the lazy review

The first date has Sean go out with the girl with one arm and the cynic in me just makes me think it was set up to tug at our heart strings. They do a physical activity that one would not normally think could be accomplished by someone missing a limb, but of course love will overcome all challenges. Her story about being barred from ziplining, ugh just so sad and yet...set up for the camera?

The group dates always amuse me: the cattiness of the girls, the shock at how amazing the date is? Have you not seen the show? They always make the dates amazing ladies...the sensible ones will know that these are made for TV dates and this is NOT NOT NOT something that you would normally do, unless you normally go on dates with 5 other girls, and if so, give me a shout. I cannot help laughing at Kacie (I think I have that right), who now counts as the wise sage because she was on one of these shows before. Her ability to game Sean into giving her an early rose was masterful, and her nudging that girl with Lion hair to leave the show early was Jedi mind-trick like.

When they were planning to prank that girl I was pretty worried that Sean would not be able to pull it off, because so far to me, he has the personality of a wet dish rag; then they pull him out of the room and it makes sense, it removes the chance of him spoiling it which makes me think they did not trust him.

My thoughts on his wet rag personality are further confirmed by his behind the scene reactions to the hidden camera stress the pranked girl is facing.

This stupid show has such a hold over me, its 3am and I am actually watching it, even though since I have it recorded I could in theory watch it at any time. Instead I spend my insomniac moments watching this drivel. Then again, I also watched wrestling earlier in the night, so maybe I shouldn't pretend that my tv choices are the greatest.

All these girls have cutesy stories and I do not believe a single one, they all sound too rehearsed. It is 37 degrees this is not SoCal weather, my friend whose house I stopped by an hour ago thought I was insane because I walked in wearing flip flops and shorts (and no it was not a booty call).

When you wear a wedding dress to the first meeting and worry that it made you look like a crazy person, you probably should not lead with that on the 2nd meeting.

The Amanda girl that everyone proclaimed crazy, I sometimes wonder if those girls are as crazy as the girls intimate or if the editors just cut the tape so well to make her seem like she should be in a Hitchcock movie.

I guess I learned a little the end of typing this I will have unlearned any Farsi I just learned.

I am so glad he kept the 'crazy' chick. I know I know there was more to the rose ceremony etc, but after watching more than an hour of this even with the DVR aid, I am burned out!

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