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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Women Tell All, and Jubilee shines!

Some of my coworkers have been very fake recently, that will happen in any competitive environment…except…we are not supposed to be competing. This will be tonight’s Women Tell All, they have already passed the competition stage but they will still be throwing each other under the bus for just that little bit more of screen time.

We start as has become the norm with OMCH (Obvious Man Chris Harrison) and the Bachelor dropping in on various homes to see Bachelor fans. The door to the first home just happens to be open, cause that is completely safe and normal. And of course every house is crowded. Where are the clips of the guy on his couch watching via his DVR while he types on his ridiculously large laptop and plays Words with Friends? Where is the clip of the guy asking “What the hell are you doing in my house?”

Okay finally time to meet the ladies and Tiara has a chicken with her…moments like this make me really question why I watch. Jubilee gets a huge roar from the crowd, so does Becca, Amanda and Caila.

The attacks on Olivia start immediately and the chicken interrupts by trying to fly away. Leah gets booed when OMCH mentions her and she still tries to cover up her lying, as if we do not all have TVs she says “I didn’t intentionally lie.”

Uh oh Jubilee is being attacked for saying she would be the first ‘real’ black girl to make it far, Amber and Jami the 2 bi-racial girls go after her…it is black on black crime. For me even if she said that…so what? She would be right! And that is not taking out the bi-racial girls that is including them, even half black girls get dumped so quickly on this show it makes sense that a black girl would notice and point it out if she seems to be going far. (My coworker K when she finally watched it sent this “Jami is trying so hard to be relevant.”)

I do not think that Amber and Jami realize where Jubilee is coming from, she was not taking shots at them for being half black she was not diminishing their blackness she was pointing out the ludicrousness of the shows lack of diversity that it is a visible thing that a black girl is moving from episode to episode.

OMCH plays pop psychologist with Jubilee and the most important thing to come out of Jubilee’s time on the hot seat is that she is still in the military and just made Sergeant! I have chosen on purpose not to write too much about this moment because it ticked me off and felt like OMCH was just trying to get Jubes to break down and cry, he kept acting as if Jubes needed Ben for validation and to certify her place as a woman.

Lace is next, she is so much calmer now than on the show, which I think has got to disappoint the producers. And then some guy shows up with Lace’s face tattooed on him, I have got to think he is a plant - he got all the way up to the stage and interrupts the show with “I don’t think you are crazy, I think you are crazy beautiful” so that he can get a picture of Lace posing beside his tattoo of Lace? And it works?!?

Olivia, come on down; Olivia is taking a very calm tone, but the ladies are not buying it. Amanda tells her “being a mom is something I am so proud of, being a mom is my jam” that gets applause…this audience will applaud anything – who isn’t proud of being a mom? The twins attack in unison, while I hate the twinning thing, I like this, yup I am a hypocrite. Olivia tries the “I was bullied as a child, severely bullied” play for sympathy – it does not work, the audience does not look empathetic and the girls attack her for bullying them as a former victim of bullying. Apparently Olivia is getting attacked via social media, I never get that, why do peeps do that? I don’t mean jokes, that stuff can be petty but fine, but to personally attack, to threaten, to wish harm, that is the stuff of idiots.

Caila comes down to a tonne of cheers. Caila points out that it was hard to tell Ben she loved him and not have him say it back. She wants closure; I doubt she will get it.

Ben comes out and he is as fake as ever. Maybe that is not fair to him, but I do not trust him, I think he says just what he thinks peeps wanna hear. Jubilee calls him out for telling her one thing and Caila another. Becca finally gets some mic time and it was just as big a waste of time as when she was on the show. Ben proves to us that he can still tell the twins apart…I think he just guessed and got lucky.

The bloopers were pretty fun especially when Becca used the name of the wrong Bachelor and caught herself with “#$#% wrong season” glad she knows she is living her life season to season on this show.

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