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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bachelorette Promo 2 yawns up

I have shared this story or some version of it before; I got into the Bachelor/ette/Paradise world because of my friend Elizabeth (E). The ads for the show were routinely on during sporting events which are often (though not always because I will sometimes tape delay) the only shows I still watch live and I am thus subject to their commercials. I was talking to E about how “I keep seeing these ads for a show with just a bunch of girls bawling their eyes out and it looks funny but I can never remember what it is for” she immediately went “It is the Bachelor you have to watch” at this point the show was I think in its 16th season! Imagine that, a show that I am now a fan and blogger of was in its 16th season and I didn’t at that point care enough to register what the promo of crying girls was about.

So E tells me I have to watch while we are both at a Texas game watching party (we won that game by the way, so I can blame some of the euphoria of that game on making me so susceptible to suggestions) and wouldn’t you know just as we are talking about it an Ad for the show comes on and it is enhanced by the bar speakers because we were again there for a game watching so all through the bar you just hear loud sobbing and plaintive “why (sniffle) why (sniffle) why doesn’t he love me” and then a pause and “that bitch [with editing to make it not sound like bitch but we all know a ‘bitch’ when we hear it].” I was enthralled by this show that seemingly centered around just making women cry and was somehow a legit television experience, against my better judgment I agreed to tune in to give it a shot because I love E and figured with the funny promos and her rabid endorsement I would like it…I did.
ALL OF THAT RAMBLING PREAMBLE TO SAY…the current promos have sucked. If I were not already a fan of the franchise nothing in these promos would bring me into the fold. As my coworker, friend and part-time antagonist Kim points out “they always pick the blandest girls” which is true (except for Kaitlyn [who became so bland thanks to the show that I just had to look her name up]) but even with this desire for super bland they then find a way to mold them into a product that is worth watching. BUT, if even the promos cannot show me some excitement in the person, what am I tuning in for?

Now rumors are flying that JoJo was crazy, the producers had a difficult time blah blah blah “JoJo Fletcher Pushing ‘Bachelorette’ Producers Too Far? Her Over-The-Top Group Dates Revealed
”. I believe none of it, I think these are just being fed out there because there is concern that this season will just be more of the same especially after we were teased with the long awaited appearance of a minority Bachelorette. At this point I would be happy with the baby steps of a minority not being treated like a curiosity and a sure thing to go home by week 4…but that is just me. The franchises biggest push for diversity always seems to be “are we going to Mexico or Asia for this next set of dates?”

Another rumor I have seen is “plenty of familiar faces” expected in upcoming season, yeah, yeah fine just load it up with guest stars because at this point the only way to sell JoJo is hoping her aggressive brothers show up and the guys ‘fighting’ for her affection actually begin fighting.

All that said I will be tuning in Monday May 23rd and hating myself…as always.


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