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Friday, October 10, 2008

Punch a CEO in the face and some other fun links like Jamie Lynn Spears preggers again?

Jay Leno schooled me to this. Apparently the CEO of Lehman Brothers took a huge hit to the face and got KTFO!

For many of my friends, SA I am thinking of you, this comes too late. But it is definitely needed. I do not get drunk but I certainly do become melancholic while suffering from insomnia and sometimes send the 'wrong' email. So I actually think this would be amusing to use: Google now has an email program that is supposed to help you avoid shooting off drunk emails. To prevent you from making the drunk email mistake, the program requires that you do some math problems in a specific amount of time before you are allowed to shoot of an email. If you fail at the problems the program suggests that you go to bed instead. The link tells you how to set it up..

Ford has set up a car system where you can set how fast anyone can ever drive your car
. The idea is that it is designed to slow down teenagers on the road. It also regulates the volume of the radio (which really is JUST CRUEL, what is the point of being a teen if you cannot risk you ear drums?) I would love to get it, lend my car out to someone and then restrict the speed to 50...then again, I am cruel like that.

I love that peeps are questioning if Kendra (the chick from Hef's Girl Next door aka Playboy aka I date an old man along with 3 other chicks and a hundred other random 'garden tools') upgraded now that she is leaving Hef for Hank Baskett (Eagles widereceiver). To me the bigger question is Did Baskett downgrade? I know he is not even in the top 2 receivers on his team, but come on man, you are a decent looking dude, you play in the NFL and girls will LOVE you, why on earth would you want to take Hef's table scraps? And when those scraps were the 3rd girl in a 3 girl rotation, come on man. Read up on the Hef dating structure (the lack of condoms, the girl on girl, the {ugh sorry I just puked at the he is an ancient old man stage}) you should never touch any girl that he has 'shuffled' through. Rumor here

Ok, I know major newspapers are reporting this, but really can it be true
? Could Jamie Lynn Spears (for some reason it seems hard to not call her all 3 names) really be pregnant again? I mean come on, you just popped out a kid FOUR months ago!!! A rumor has it that she thought she could not get pregnant while she was breast-feeding. So for all you other peeps out there who secretly think the same....WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Instant blog update, E online says there is no bun in the oven
, man I hope they are right

And remember, you cannot get pregnant if you shower immediately afterwards or if you really really hope you are not!

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