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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Does Carlos Mencia steal?

Now I believe in any talent/performance endeavour there is going to be some level of copying...cause there is "nothing new under the sun", but damn it looks like Carlos Mencia aka Ned Holness is outright stealing material. I am not the biggest Joe Rogan fan but I gotta love the way he called out Mencia on this.

You have to be crazy to steal from a legend like Bill Cosby, a million peeps will remember the bit and definitely 98% of comedians. Just does not seem wise...I loved this old Bill Cosby joke, he even has something similar in his book and you steal THIS ONE???? Cosby did his better!

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Anonymous said...

It seems kinda clear Carlos is ripping off jokes. The question though is "Is it legal". Copyright, trademark, etc.

Problem with copyright is that he changes the jokes; maybe someone could argue some kinda derivative of the original?

Trademark has the problem of associating the joke to the artist. Unless the joke is the calling card of the artist (like if Carlos started doing "You might be a redneck"), the association of source isn't present, and he'll probably avoid that one....

So what are artist suppose to do?
It seems wrong to rip off their jokes, but is there a legal recourse, if he is altering and retelling their jokes?


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