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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Presidential jokes and how to hunt a cougar!

“Now on to the blouse: The cougar displays maximum cleavage possible to captivate her prey, if you’re watching them bounce, she is about to pounce.” Barney from HIMYM Link shows the cougar hunt and as a bonus he taps a law professor as hs prey. I love the cans of redbull, takes me back to law school, and no I did not tag a law professor.

I actually love when the president makes jokes…granted this one came at the expense of my profession but still a good one.

On the controversy over the Justice Department's firing of eight federal prosecutors, Bush said: "I have to admit we really blew the way we let those attorneys go. You know you've botched it when people sympathize with lawyers."


Leon said...

Hey. He needs some way to get people to like him.

Steve Wawruck said...

its almost stupid he is joking around, and my brothers are in Iraq serving his policy. WTF

aarond said...

If you think of it that way it makes it difficult to share in his laughter...but if I think about it that way it also makes it difficult for me to laugh at anything. One sometimes just has to appreciate something for what it is in the moment and then in the morrow think about troubles.

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