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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kelly Hu

Cot damn she is hot! And Jane Seymour is still getting it done and throw in Lori Loughlin and the not that well written "In case of Emergency" is bloody enjoyable to watch. There is something to be said about stocking your show with eye candy. It is definitely one of those shows that when intially watching I go "Why am I watching this?" and then one of the ladies appears on the screen and my brain goes silent and much of the blood in my body becomes sluggish...great show, check it out if you like to stare


Leon said...

Why didn't you provide any pics?

scratchie said...

Why yuh making me go do google searches for these people?

aarond said...

Hahah my bad I was strapped for she is worth it looking her up just means you get to see more and more pictures of her.

Abeni said...

Cmon pics

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