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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What the hell WNBA?

Look I know you are a new league, that no one really pays attention to, but, that does not mean you have to hand down crap for suspensions. And just because you are a female-league does not mean you should punish a male coach unnecessarily harshly, and harder than a girl who SUCKER PUNCHED HIM!!!

Look, the video and most peeps at the event say he was not trying to push Lisa Leslie, she was rushing at him, he had his hands up she ran into a massive man, she fell backwards, and you suspend him for 2 games??? Meanwhile the chick that sucker punched him in his back, receives only a 1 game suspension?? Wow, way to show you are a true crap league.

If he had actually attacked one of the girls I would have said throw the book at him, give him 15 games, but people who threw punches like Candace Parker one of the INSTIGATORS got single game suspensions.

You are a stupid league (there I said it, tired of being PC), a league that thrives at the mercy of the NBA. Most peeps only support you because everyone feels guilty if they do not show at least a modicum of support for womens' athletics. 9 out of 10 fans (made up stat) would prefer to watch womens' college basketball before your 'professional' league. So while you are handing down crap suspensions, how about you just suspend the whole damn league and leave more time for baseball on my tv?

And if anyone doubts my view that you are a crap league: A 50 year old was just signed to a contract! Nancy Lieberman was just signed by the Shock!

Now of course I have brought down the value of the blog, WNBA posts more than once in a single month...uh oh.

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