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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WNBA brawl = relevancy for 15 minutes.

First things first, I had no idea the WNBA season had even started! I know I say this every year, but unless something happens to let me see a game on TV (like accidentally stumbling on a game) I never know when the damn season is on (not that I am ever looking for it).

Anyway, there was a huge brawl in the WNBA tonight...and of course all of a sudden the WNBA is mentioned on Sports radio. Thing is, no one mentions any highlights or about any of the other games that were played, the brawl was the last 5 seconds of the game and that is all anyone cares about.

Let us be honest, if the NBA itself was not so insanely successful, the WNBA would be DEAD! That league cannot sustain itself! I can pretty much name the starting 5 of any team in the NBA, I cannot name 5 girls total in the WNBA, and this is a league that sports TEXAS players and I still cannot name them.

Anyway, peeps are over-reacting that one of the male coaches may or may not have shoved one of the 'ladies' during the brawl. What is clear, is that he was trying to protect one of his players who was in the melee, if he did shove Lisa Leslie, so be it. I do not think he was trying to 'attack' a woman and I do not think he was intentionally at any point trying to hurt a woman. I believe that he was doing the rational thing which is trying to defend himself in a natural manner (Without throwing a punch) because she THREW A PUNCH AT HIM! Look if she is going to attack him as if she is a man, he has every right to defend himself to the best of his ability. I am just so happy he did not punch her (because that would be harder to defend) because even if he were in the right he would 'forever be in the wrong'.

--Pushing someone backwards in a brawl is natural, whether they are male or female

Bloody funny that this fight occurred in Detroit, the sight of the last major Bball brawl, and that Rick Mahorn is again involved as a 'peacemaker'

Crappy video for now, I am sure someone will upload a better one but as a commenter on youtube said "Who the hell DVRs a WNBA game?"

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