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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Something to lighten the mood, plus as a fan of Jamaican track I cannot help taking shots at Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis was shocked that peeps suspected he was gay? Look I think a man can act feminine and not be gay, after is that not why we have the term effeminate? Of course though, at the same time that is too often a means of trying to demean a man. I think the big issue was that peeps just did not like Carl and looked for any means to discredit him. And back then (sadly even now) throwing the gay card is a strong means of bringing down a celebrity.

Peeps are too quick to throw out the gay tag, but this vid could not have helped his 'standing'. Trust me watch the whole video, it will make you laugh. Whomever did his makeup was definitely an enemy of his!

Carl Sings the US National Anthem
This moment was great, because it was actually before a Bulls game and Jordan is openly laughing at Carl and shaking his head. Look at players trying to hide their faces!

I guess if I am clowning National Anthem performances this has to be it was done in SD


Crankyputz said...

oh your funny, a nice selection of clips.

I like the new format has a very summery feel to it..

Yes Summery is a word...

Stunner said...

LOL! Those clips were funny!

jt said...

Aaaand latent is the word of the day.

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