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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me, and some blogging

So another year has passed and I am grateful to the Father above and the one here on earth. Love to my mom and Bro for as always being there. Props to the sis for keeping me grounded. Hail to the friends who stay around me and yup HAIL TO ME, cause I did it too.

Met the majority of my goals for this year: For once I stuck to my weight goals and actually dropped the weight, overall weight loss this year is 51lbs. It was slow it was up and down but it was finally done.

New goals have been set for the upcoming year, new blogs will be made all the enterprises will continue L.I.T. , Cali J, Id and Ego and AD incorporated, and fun will ensue all on the way to the 30th Birthday celebration! It will be big or it will be intimate but it will definitely be remembered

AARON D, 29 years of ‘some people love me some people hate me, everyone respects me’
Big ups to the massive!

Now on to blogging cause I am too lazy to make separate posts:

I have to thank both the Detroit Lions (finally firing Matt Millen and maybe thus giving Roy Williams a chance to win some games) and Clay Aiken (finally coming out to the words DUH) for taking their cracks at giving me birthday presents.

On Clay Aiken,
has there been a bigger ‘nuh duh’ moment in the last 5 years? I mean come on, this would be like Katie Morgan finally coming out and saying “I am a whore” (she does porn). Look Clay, we all knew, in fact the only thing we did not know is if you knew. This part I find hard to believe “She was obviously somewhat stunned” that is supposedly his mom’s reaction when he told her 4 years ago that he was gay. Now I know that parents often utilize the tools of willful ignorance when dealing with their kids (I know mine do) but could his mom really have been shocked?

Finally while I think the Clay thing is clearly a ‘we all knew it moment’ it still to me highlights a problem with Hollywood and society in general…why must peeps come out? And why are they forced to come out? No one requires me to go around blogging that I am straight or declaring how many girls I am interested in etc. Could Clay not have just gone on living his life and casually mentioned that ‘hey there is this guy I am dating’ etc? Oh well, maybe the time will come when we do not have to know each and every aspect of peeps lives.

Wait a minute who am I kidding, I am old enough to know better than that now :)

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Abeni said...

Clay coulda just said it's true.We would have gotten it.

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