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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"We need to talk" vol 3.342

Amazing that even coming from a girl I am not dating, those words cause shivers to run up my spine.

Can anyone name or even spot any member of the Pussy Cat Dolls other than the lead singer Nicole S? Has there ever been a more disposable top flight group. Nothing against them some of their stuff is very catchy and I like it. But, if they swapped out anyone other than the lead singer...would anyone notice?

I mean damn, I just saw a clip of them singing and realized..."I have no idea who these girls are" They consistently have top 10 hits, have millions of fans, platinum sales and I suspect the 2nd blonde girl could be standing next to me and I would not even know that she was not just the typical SoCal girl.

Hell the Spice Girls were manufactured, all the Making the Band groups are manufactured, most pop groups etc the list goes on, but for most of those groups swap out a member and you will notice. I am not even sure that the girls who started the music video ended the music video!!!!

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